Rosegarden Authors Interview

Rosegarden 1.0pre1 has been released. Musicians and tuxedoed noise-makers, please give it a try and help iron out the last few nasty bugs so we can release 1.0 and have a party.
To coincide with this is an interview of its authors on by Howard Wen. We discuss the problems of sound on Linux and the choice to use KDE. "KDE provided us with a development framework that let us concentrate on Rosegarden issues, not KDE ones."

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by raphael (not verified)

After a quick look on the homepage... does rosegarden run under BSD, for examply FreeBSD?

Besides that: looks great (not tested yet), as I'm a musician I will certainly look at it, hopefully enough time during Christmas holidays.

Best wishes!

by Tim Middleton (not verified)
by Hasso Tepper (not verified)

This is old rosegarden, not the new KDE based one. New one requires alsa, which is Linux only. In theory it can be done with arts, but support for arts is broken and unmaintained. It's not "we don't care about other platforms" issue, it's "other platforms don't offer good enough audio/midi support" issue. Hope that it will change though.

by Nobody (not verified)

Sounds a lot like protux, how rosegarden compares to it (pros/cons)?

by Guillaume Laurent (not verified)

I had never heard of protux until today, but apparently it's mostly an audio editor. Rosegarden is a sequencer (with some audio support).

by Nobody (not verified)

co-op/cross-usage/merge/fork features? ;-)

by Guillaume Laurent (not verified)

We probably could collaborate... We'll try to contact them and see if they are interested.

by MuD (not verified)

That would be a great idea! A lot of musicians are looking forward to that.