eWEEK: Alpha Code Shows a Strong KDE 3.2 Ahead

eWEEK's senior analyst Jason Brooks installed the first KDE 3.2 alpha release from source to review its current state. Although he obviously missed the KDE requirements and ended with a build without Xft2 support, he was impressed: "KDE 3.2 impressed us with improvements to its Konqueror Web browser and file manager and with the addition of a handful of new applications, including Kopete, a multiprotocol instant messaging client." He also had a look at Kontact, new wireless networking tools, the improved remote desktop connection and the accessiblity tools. Some crashes he encountered may be already solved in the second alpha expected to be released this week.

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by Sad Eagle (not verified)

That's already been implemented.

by anonon (not verified)

>That's already been implemented.

And it rocks too! :)

ksnapshot is great.

by a.c. (not verified)

That was added to the new 3.2 stuff?
If so, cool.
It sure is not in 3.1

by anon (not verified)

yes, it's in 3.2. not in 3.1.

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

I have no exchange to check it with, but...


Outlook grabber is a Perl script that allows you to download mail from a Microsoft Outlook Web Access server and put it in your mailbox. Its functionality resembles that of Ximian Connector, but this script can be used in combination with any mail program.

Can't this be integrated into kmail like the hotmail downloading script is?

Maybe even see if these things are installed and adda couple of options to the account wizard? ;-)

by anon (not verified)

The problem, as I see it, is that AFAIK, no active kmail contributor actually uses Exchange.

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

Of course the simple solution is:

ONE of those who say "kmail needs Exchange access" has to lend a hand ;-)

If noone does, then maybe KMail didn't need exchange support so badly.