KOrganizer: Website Update and New Features

The KOrganizer website has a new section covering information about sharing and exchanging iCal calendars. First, we have an overview of calendar sites, websites offering calendars in iCal format. These sites have a huge offering of downloadable iCal calendars covering arts, culture, economics, finance, government, science, sports and many more. The second page offers the so called hot new stuff calendars that are available via the new 'Get Hot New Stuff' feature in KOrganizer. Users of KOrganizer can import these calendars from the 'Help' menu in KOrganizer but we also offer these calendars for download in iCal format. If you feel that something is missing in this new section, feel free to contact Cornelius Schumacher or Klaus Stärk. You're also very welcome to provide us with more iCal calendars to put up on the KOrganizer webserver.

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by tuxo (not verified)

Check out this site http://www.OpenGroupware.org
Seems like it could be made to work (or already works?) with korganizer too!