KDE-CVS-Digest for January 24, 2003

The latest KDE CVS Digest is now available. In this week's news, Kaplan is reborn as Kontact (a personal information management application for KDE that integrates KMail, KAddressBook, KOrganizer and other applications), KMail is moved, and a new VCard parser makes an appearance. Also read about
KHTML's continued improvements, thanks to the Apple Safari contributions, and improvements in the KOffice filters. A number of new applications were also added to the CVS repository.

  • WiFi, from kwirelesstools by
    Stefan Winter, was added to kdenetwork. With the application KWiFiManager you can configure
    and monitor your wireless LAN PC-Cards under Linux/KDE.
  • KGamma
    is a KDE Control Center module for gamma calibration/correction of XFree86. With proper gamma
    settings, your display (websites, images, etc.) will look the same on your monitor as on other
  • KMouth is a KDE program
    which enables persons that cannot speak to let their computer speak.
  • KMouseTool is a KDE program
    that clicks the mouse for you.
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by CWoelz (not verified)

The format is very nice, the news also. Nice development this week.

Happy to see such a leap in the development of kde pim and kmail, and even happier to see the high level of discussion in the kmail/kdepim lists. Seems that the problems are over, and we are going to see the best pim suite ever to surface!

Congrats, Derek, your digest is better every week!

PS. I would like to understand more about the icon theme changes. I can see that it was a move towards the draft at freedesktop.org, but what was that move?

by Sam (not verified)

The masses demand 3.1 final.

by sushi (not verified)

Perhaps they're still waiting for RedHat packages to be made ....
... somewhen next year.

by CWoelz (not verified)


by Lovechild (not verified)

That would just be an anti climax... Let's wait another few weeks... :)

I think the KDE team should release KDE as soon as possible, in other words when it's good and ready... in the waiting time I'll just compile a debug build of RC6.

by Moritz Moeller-... (not verified)

I would even settle for KDE-3.1rc6 as nice SuSE RPM packages....

I can't compile KDE in the office...

by Metrol (not verified)

Far as I'm concerned, take another month or more at it if it means we'll be seeing this many performance and memory enhancements. Right today 3.0.5 is working just fine. Nobody will remember the delay down the road, but folks will remember a really solid upgrade.

Thanks to Derek's efforts we can at least see what all is going on while we wait. All good stuff!

by John (not verified)

I couldn't agree more, the KHTML merges that result from Apple's work on Safari are worth waiting for alone.

by goosnarh (not verified)

They can release 3.1.1 (or if they want to two weeks after 3.1. Neither lack of some new features nor non-critical bugs should hold a release this long.

by IR (not verified)

nah.. let's go for another release canidate

by IR (not verified)

note: that was a joke

by As patient as I... (not verified)

A text message as to why 3.1 has not been released on the 3.1 info page would be nice. I tried to compile 3.1rc6 last night, and khtml errors out when it looks for htmlpageinfo.cc, which never gets created. I will assume this an issue having to do with the Safari merges, but one never knows...

I've just installed a brand new lfs system on my new desktop, and now I'm just waiting for 3.1...

by m (not verified)

make fails with error 139: this means uic, which is supposed to create htmlpageinfo.cc segfaults.

But I have no idea how to fix this. I'm just as stuck as you are.

by As patient as I... (not verified)

1) What distro are you using?
2) What are your CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS?

I'm running lfs cvs (which means the latest binutils/glibc/gcc), and my CFLAGS are '-Os -march=i686 -mcpu=pentium3'

I'm going to try omitting optimizations as well as attempt to compile earlier release candidates to get to the bottom of this. I've compiled 3.1rc3 without a hitch running lfs cvs from about a month or two ago on this same machine. I've tried with and without -j (parallel) builds (I run a dual cpu).

Here are my (mostly) relevant package version numbers:
bison 1.875
gcc 3.2.1
glibc 2.3.1
xfree86 4.2.1
qt 3.1.0

I hope when I try compiling without options as well as earlier versions I can figure out whether or not this is an issue with rc6 or with a new package that breaks something (all of the above mentioned packages are really new, with the exception of x).

by Johan Veenstra (not verified)

I've got bad news for you. You build system is broken :(

The gcc configure script doesn't recognize the w.x.y.z ( version number of binutils. So you gcc is broken. I guess that the price you pay for living on the edge.


Johan Veenstra

by Mike Hernandez (not verified)

I happen to have just build an lfs system from cvs as well. What I find confusing is that if my system is "broken" why has every thing else thus far compiled with no problem? I've got gnome completely installed (1.4, and 2) not to mention a mail server and QT-3.1, and the arts package (which according to the BLFS book have to be installed prior to kdelibs). Wouldn't the system being broken imply that none of this could happen? It sucks so much to watch my old box compile beasts like java and mozilla from scratch (which took a total of a little over 12 hours total) only to die now.

by Alistair (not verified)

Even more mysterious is to *get* kde3.1 completely built, up functional including the wonderful addon kplayer, and after the box gets whacked by a power hit, have *everything* in /opt/kde/bin/ segfault ... period.
THEN go back and have *exactly* the error listed in this thread occur when trying to rebuild kde3.1 ....
Fortunately I've still got 3.0.5a installed and working. In the meantime I'd like to know *what* happened at reboot to b0rk the install ... and have this result....
-No it was NOT QTDIR being mis-set ... by default I set QTDIR by running /opt/kde/bin/kde-config|grep Qt|awk -F : '{ print $2 }'|cut -d \ -f 2 -- So QTDIR is set by KDE -- /opt/bin/kde is a softlink in this case...
which I can flip from install to install.

If anyone has even the slightest hint ......

by Alistair (not verified)

*thwack* .....

That was a head on a desk ...
nasty nasty install routines that put soft links in /usr/bin can
make you seem so *very* silly.

by Alistair (not verified)

Well -- now after thoroughly cleaning up some old links into older directories, and STILL having the problem I got serious.
gdb uic and run in the kdelibs/khtml dir with the parameters that make passes to it generates the segfault ... and backtrace (lo and behold) points to /opt/kde/lib/libkio.so.4
--- libkio from This Very Tree..... Hmmmm ... ldd on libkio shows nothing unusual .. SOooo Make clean in the kdelibs source dir, mv /opt/kde/lib/libkio.so.4 (and all references) to /opt/kde/hold and ... remake kdelibs.. make SUCCEEDS!! (cheers)

What happened?? the backtrace indicated a function for construction/destruction of objects ( I have it tucked away) ... and I suspect that the old softlinks in /usr/bin that pointed to an older QT are to blame for the initial libkio being incorrectly built. --- thus I have nowagain a wonderful working kde3.1 build ... now ... if I could only get noatun to start without the 'loop on one song' affect... *grin*

by Charles-Edouard... (not verified)

Hello guys,

i'm trying to compile KDE 3.1 from sources and i'm also experiencing uic segfaulting in a few places ( while compiling kdenetwork for example )
Running gdb on the offending instruction ( /opt/qt-x11-free-3.1.1/bin/uic -o newconnectiondialog.h ./newconnectiondialog.ui ) yields the following :

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread 8192 (LWP 26276)]
0x0805da5d in QMapPrivate::QMapPrivate() ()
a backtrace gives the following:

#0 0x0805da5d in QMapPrivate::QMapPrivate() ()
#1 0x40489441 in QSettingsGroup::QSettingsGroup() () from /opt/qt-x11-free-3.1.1/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#2 0x40493345 in QMapPrivate::QMapPrivate() () from /opt/qt-x11-free-3.1.1/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#3 0x40493170 in QMapPrivate::QMapPrivate() () from /opt/qt-x11-free-3.1.1/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#4 0x4048a1a8 in QSettingsPrivate::QSettingsPrivate(QSettings::Format) () from /opt/qt-x11-free-3.1.1/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#5 0x4048c88b in QSettings::QSettings() () from /opt/qt-x11-free-3.1.1/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#6 0x401a8a91 in qt_init_internal(int*, char**, _XDisplay*, unsigned long, unsigned long) () from /opt/qt-x11-free-3.1.1/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#7 0x401a8fdc in qt_init(int*, char**, QApplication::Type) () from /opt/qt-x11-free-3.1.1/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#8 0x401f9031 in QApplication::construct(int&, char**, QApplication::Type) () from /opt/qt-x11-free-3.1.1/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#9 0x401f8e84 in QApplication::QApplication(int&, char**, bool) () from /opt/qt-x11-free-3.1.1/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#10 0x0804e064 in main ()
#11 0x420158d4 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/i686/libc.so.6

has anyone seen this ? i don't feel like debugging the QT code :-((
Thanks for your help !

by Ramon Medina (not verified)

I have the same problem with uic segfoulting on htmlpageinfo, but I looked at the output of uic and I think it's actually complete before it segfaults. I modified the Makefile to ignore the return value and assume uic finished correctly. The rest of khtml compiled successfully. We'll see how well it functions, but I think it will work. If someone knows how to fix this properly though, I'd like to know.

by Ramon Medina (not verified)

I found out the problem has to do with a broken binutils. I got a new binutils from cvs and compiled it, along with gcc, glibc, and Qt. uic no longer segfaults and now I just have to recompile kde properly so everything doesn't crash on exit like uic was.

by Anon (not verified)

It will be out today(Friday)

by Iuri Fiedoruk (not verified)

too bad, it didn't :(

by fletch (not verified)

A guy from suse said that 3.1 is being packaged right now, he said it on the [email protected] mailing list. Im sure there's an archive somewhere if you dont believe me.

by Debian User (not verified)

So there is hope. Maybe this time, as an upside, the Suse packages save settings at logout ;-)

by Mike (not verified)

Ahhhhhh .. damn it . i dont need any stickin bin packages! All i need is the source code to be realeased! The joy of gentoo!

by Johan Veenstra (not verified)

The source is already available.

So you're waiting just like everybody else until your distribution provides you with the means of installing it.

by Micha (not verified)

But where do I get them?
Only via CVS?

by Johan Veenstra (not verified)
by Mooby (not verified)

Very nice work.

by Paul (not verified)

Firstly I agree with others before me, Derek you are doing a fantastic job on this CVS updates. New format a big improvement, imho.

On the down side, still waiting for KDE 3.1, I have been staunch in my support for the fanatstic work that the paid and volunteer KDE developers do. They have my immense respect, even now as some people (understandably) are begining to sound off at the delays.

I firmly believe that 3.1 is going to be an awesome upgrade, and definately worth waiting for, that is provided that it is not too buggy. New features = new bugs I know, just keep it low and cease adding (albeit tantalising) features. This release needs, nay must, go final this weekend, or the KDE community may just start to kick up.

There are now far too many apps being released that specify 3.1 as the KDE version required, we don,t all have the resources or time to compile an entire project from CVS.

This release 'now stands upon the edge of a knife, [delay] but a little, and it may fail to the ruin of all [KDE fans]'

by Jens (not verified)

Let them finish and release it when they think it's ready.

Since you cannot wait, why not just compile it from a CVS snapshot?

Stop speaking for others, KDE will never fail, just make a better and better release!

by sushi (not verified)

Apparently, many of those people releasing their apps for 3.1 think its ready.
It will be even more fun running all those apps on a 3.1ish-something-compiled-and-messed-it-up-myself system and reporting loads of funny bugs with the software.
Yes - I enjoy KDE.
Nope - I do not enjoy compiling it myself.

by Paul (not verified)

Sorry Jens

You neither read my message in full, where I stated that like many others I have neither the time or resources to compile KDE from CVS. Also I did not in any way mean that KDE as whole will fail, that would be impossible, it is too significant and advanced for even a fool to think that would happen, I merely meant that the 3.1 release would fail to shake off the memory of all these delays and RC's. Which would be a shame for all the effort that the KDE team has put into it.

Furthermore I take offense at your tone Jens, as (again if you bothered to actually READ my message !!) I stated quite clearly as I have done on a number of previous postings that I staunchly support and respect the developers, so don't come on at me as though I am disrespectful little runt.

Speaking for others - now you really have lost it, I merely stated an obvious trend from users of KDE from around the web, that they are INDEED frustrated at not knowing exactly what is going on, lack of upto date information, rumoured iminent releases that do not materialise etc .... , and in this regard I started my posting by praising Derek Kite for his exemplary work on the CVS updates as without this no one would have a sodding clue what was going on !!!!!

Incidentally this whole site is about people giving their INDIVIDUAL views and slants on issues raised, I stated mine, and you could have merely countered it by saying you are happy to wait (completely devoid of any information), that would have been and is your right and I respect that.

I will concede however that I could have perhaps phrased it better in respect of the community sentiment, but I know for a fact a lot of KDE fans are very frustrated. This does not infer any loss of or lack of respect for the developers themselves or the huge effort they are putting into this, and I CERTAINLY DO NOT think that I am speaking FOR the COMMUNITY, I and no one individual has that right.

In future READ tfm before firing off anoying messages of your own.

*********** PS :: Maybe someone should direct visitors to the KDE 3.1 info pages to Derek's CVS upates, as I appreciate the developers are too busy to be constantly updating the web pages as well. Just a thought ****************

by Josh (not verified)

Boring waste of bandwidth...SELF-centered and TOUCHY

by Debian User (not verified)

The delayed release is because of Suse not having RPMs ready I guess. What should the release manager say?

He DID say, rc7 looked good to him. Then it disappeared (!) from FTP. Probably Suse will have RPMs ready, then we can see a release.

What should he say?

Suse is not ready yet?

Sounds like a bad reason. So there is no official reason. Nothing. Just waiting for Suse.

And yes, it's free Software. I have it installed, nothing is holding THAT back. But somehow, official release from a Free Software project, should not be driven THAT much from company interests, when the company is by far not the only active contributor, although large enough.

I personally hope, this doesn't get out of hand.

Yours, Kay

by CWoelz (not verified)

It is ready.
Will be released soon!
Check http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-cvs&w=2&r=1&s=www&q=b and you will see many, many new comits for 3.1 release pages. (info, changelog, etc...)

This weekend I will have a new KDE.

by nappsoft (not verified)

Kde.org is already to far...

Have a look at http://www.kde.org/info/3.1.html
->You can find links to the 3.1 src packages there... but the files are not already uploaded...

by Adrian (not verified)

seems they removed it again... anyways, I bet 20 bucks that 3.1 is not going to be released till Tuesday. Whos is in?

by Debian User (not verified)

How can we know when Suse will allow it?

Hm, probably check the release schedule on their site....

Yours, Kay

by Anonymous (not verified)

Please stay away from this site. We don't want trolls here.

by Debian User (not verified)

Thanks for the link, great to know what's being announced upfront :)

Yours, Kay

by Dirk Mueller (not verified)

Not sure what you're up to, but the reason that KDE 3.1 is not yet released has nothing to do with waiting for SuSE. In fact, the SuSE packages are ready, for some time already.

Try better conspiracy theories next time, please. ;-)

by Debian User (not verified)

So having that name you have, could you comment on the decision about the release?

Probably not, because then you would have done just that.... or not?

Lets see....

Yours, Kay

by Anonymous (not verified)

My conspiracy theory is that the slow Debian transition to gcc-3.2 delays the KDE release and KDE 3.1 will not be released before it is able to enter Debian Sid the same moment.

by Debian User (not verified)

LOL, wish you were right :)

But honestly, KDE 3.1 cannot enter Debian because of some licence stuff. I am sure it will be found. Maybe KGamma uses non-free colors...

Debian has a tradition to have current excuses why some thing cannot happen. Just look at why Woody cannot be released, why XFree 4.2 cannot enter unstable, why KDE 3.1 cannot enter unstable.

I have too often heared, that will happen soon.

BUT, big difference. With Debian, I know it's because nobody knows better more than one obstacle.

So don't sweat, Debian won't have KDE 3.1 debs, maybe they will wait for 3.1.2....

Yours, Kay

by CAPSLOCK2000 (not verified)

Debian tries not to break things. They go to great lenghts to keep their massive collection of software in a usable state. And they succeed quiet well. It takes some time, but the endusers always have a decent system. If something can't enter for an extended period of time, it's usually available from some other (eg the maintainers) site. This way the software is available to those that can deal with the problems that migh occur. Because of the great apt system, mixing in packages from other sites is almost painless.
KDE 3.1 is a good example. The Debian KDE maintainer knows there will be big problems at the end of the transition to GCC3.2, if KDE3.1 would enter now. However, KDE3.1 packages have been available from various sites, and they work great.

by sushi (not verified)

KDE not in Debian b/o license?
(Yes, that argument was made in the days that QT was neither QPL nor GPL, but that seems to be ages ago.)
Just have a look at Debian - they are just so back in time that they don't carry any new software.


by Debian User (not verified)

You know openssl e.g. ?

It's BSD with advertising which is incompatible with GPL. Meaning you can do that, but not distribute binaries.

Probably Ok by many standards, not by Debian standards.

I believe they have KDE on GNU TLS, some alternative that is GPL compliant.

And that is one example why KDE 3.0 debs were said to be ready (I even installed them), but not in Debian.

You probably should read debian-legal. It's not that I don't take pride of it, but Debian does care about a lot more than others.

The upside is you are safe. The downside is that it makes up for pseudo-execuses. Like why KDE 3.0 debs couldn't enter unstable....

Probably truth is, nobody wants to maintain a released KDE in Debian.... so far only one person has actually _done_ that, and he gave up around 2.2, which is where KDE unstable still stands at...

Maybe one year more?

Yours, Kay