Observations from KDE Trunk and Qt 4

Since KDE migrated to Subversion, I have been creating semi-weekly development builds in the hopes of finding bugs to report. Notable new features include Konqueror's new adblocking mechanism and Kicker's new applet manager. Since everyone likes screenshots, I created two articles with screenshots from my observational usage: previews of KDE's trunk code and Trolltech's Qt 4 alongside brief documentation of what one is looking at.


You are right. But how much qt4 really sucks you will know only if you try to build a real world application. I'm trying to get a working tree view for very large data sets - the Troll versions tend to break down with a o(n**2) behavior or other insanities. And the sophisticated model/view pattern is ... bullshit! The documentation is worthless; without looking at the source code you wont ever understand how things should work.

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By cornelius sohn at Thu, 2007/08/23 - 5:00am