KVim 0.1 announced

The first developer release of KVim is out, thanks to Thomas Capricelli. In case you've been living under a rock, VIM is one of the most popular Vi variants out there, and KVim is evidently the KDE port of that worthy editor. A screenshot or two are available. KVim will shortly be ported to KParts, so it won't be long before you can embed it in Konqi... (As an aside, rumor has it that progress on a KDE/Qt port of XEmacs may not be too far off either.)

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by johanw (not verified)

Rumors about XEmacs in KDE? Wonderful! At last. Please say it's true!

We need to hear more about this. Especially after the VI people are getting theirs :-)


by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

You're the first poster! It's a relief to know it works. ;) Was getting a bit worried when we were getting all those hits but no posts.

As for the rumors, well I'm afraid we need to be a little bit more patient... What I can add though is that reportedly the author of the GTK port originally preferred Qt/KDE for technical reasons but didn't go through with the idea for license reasons. Now that Qt is GPL, there's nothing stopping anyone...


by Richard Moore (not verified)

That's very interesting Navin - I downloaded the GTK port to have a look at how hard a KDE version would be a couple of weeks back. I came to the conclusion that while it isn't trivial it isn't too hard either.

by Arnd Bergmann (not verified)

I'm not sure about the licensing problem. It might be even worse, because the vim license is definately not GPL compatible (GTK is LGPL not GPL), so you cannot link vim to a GPL'ed Qt.
It should be compatible with the QPL though. IANAL, but I think you still cannot link
Vim + Qt + (Anything with GPL'ed code).

Arnd <><

by Mats Eriksson (not verified)

What about a KDE/Qt port of the Nirvana editor? (www.nedit.org)

by Bill Soudan (not verified)

Hey, I'd like that too... I've started using nedit almost exclusively at work, it's very clean and functional. Default syntax highlighting looks good, too.

by Robert (not verified)

I love this editor too. I hope they make a native Qt/KDE version. It's heavy reliance on LessTif makes it doubtful but who knows.

It would be great though.

by Martin Uhl (not verified)

[20020126: Added text. Long standing bug that killed cataloguing. --NU]

by Martin Uhl (not verified)

Ups, Konqueror lost the Text, when I clicked back in the Preview page... )-:

Here it is:

Yes, a port of Nedit to KDE/QT would be a real benefit to KDE. I'd really like to see such a port. Then you could choose if you'd like to use kwrite oder such a new knedit.

Keep up the good work!

Greetings Martin

-- The gui in Penguin is pronounced K-D-E

by Thomas Philpot (not verified)

This is great! Maybe I'll take the time to really learn Vi now (seriously). Gvim is pretty good, but it's just not a KDE app. (No offense, I just like all my apps to look the same).

And since there is no font configuration in Kwrite in KDE2 like there was in KDE 1.x, I might need to find a new text editor w/ syntax highlighting... Then again, vi doesn't exactly have font configuration either... :)

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

Editor for a programmer, with syntax highligting? Look at kfte and be saved!

Ok, so I did the KDE port, but it *is* nice ;-)

by Robert (not verified)

Ok...you did the port...now clean up the code and improve it! : )

by FranzBE (not verified)


Maybe you should take a 2nd look at kwrite...in fact it's got font configuration. Only that it's a bit hidden under "configure highlighting" :(

Franz (who also was a little puzzled about font config in kwrite 2)

by Moshe Vainer (not verified)

Great news, however, the programmers editor
i use and like most - KFTE, seems to be a dead project. Wouldn't it be nice if it was continued and ported to KDE 2.0, since it now is the only qt1.44 & kde1.0 application i use.
All other programmer editors i tried are either under-featured, or ugly, or extremely slow (like code-commander). vi is nice, but kfte is so much better for my needs...

by raphinou (not verified)

Is there a homepage of kfte? I didn't know this text editor (or I forgot it....)
A kpart of nedit would not be bad either ;-)

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

KFTE once had something akin to a homepage, but I switched jobs and lost access to the server.

Anyway, you can get KFTE for KDE1 from ftp.kde.org, and KFTE for KDE2 from cvs, module kfte.

Here's a (old) screenshot: http://www.conectiva.com.ar/kfte.gif

The toolbar should look more KDE2 now, but it should also be broken ;-)

Anyway, the toolbar was never useful.

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

In fact, if you want a KDE2 version that works, just get it from CVS, module kfte!

I regularly make sure it at least builds.

It's not really dead, more like finished, since development of FTE itself seems to have stopped, and I can't understand the code ;-)

I might write a config GUI for it someday, but it's a large project.

Also, making KFTE into a real KPart is something I can't even imagine myself doing. KFTE's guts are scaryly overengineered :-)

by Moshe Vainer (not verified)

Great news, but if it's in CVS, why is it not on Beta & in RPMS?

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

Because CVS has a whole lot of stuff that is not beta or in RPMs :-)

I'd say that after KDE2 is officially out I will just package what's in CVS and release it so people will build packages from it.

KFTE is not beta, it's just... well, finished, kinda :-)

by Jargon (not verified)

My Icons in the toolbar ( menubar? ) are the exact same ones you get with gvim. But I didn't have vim on my system and compiled the full ( heavy ) version and not the reduced on. How do I get my icons from kde to appear instead? Nice work though.