Diamond Rio Konquered

hetz wrote us with the news that Charles Samuels has hacked together a kioslave for the Diamond Rio MP3 player. In other words, you can now reorder songs and soon upload to and download from the Rio, all within Konqueror. Check out the screenshot. Rumor has it Charles' next project is a Napster ioslave!

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by Manuel Román (not verified)

it's great

thanks to all

by reihal (not verified)

Isn't it a little late for Napster?

What is really needed is a kioslave for Windows CE! I want to browse downloaded websites offline.
Well, ok, for iPac at least, which can run Linux. (I hope we will see embedded Qt on it some time)

by Anonymous Coward (not verified)

I think there is a GREAT need for IO-slaves. The whole architecture with those IO-slaves shows KDE's technical maturity, because with little plugins, you can extend the functionality of all KDE apps at the same time. There are so many IO-slaves I could think of:

  • Windows CE / Palm (for KOrganizer, Magellan...)
  • Gnutella
  • Freenet ?
  • Napster
  • LDAP (Bigfoot adress search etc.)
  • A *WORKING* SMB slave
  • ...

Then again, I don't know whether this is possible, because for all the IO-slaves *I* know, they have to get a straight URL, and having something like "napster://Metallica-Nothing else matters" is not a unique address. I mean, it would have to show a list of possible downloads, not just get the next best file. This would mean you can just as well write KNapster, because it wouldn't make too much sense embedding it in Konqueror...

by hoshy (not verified)

I think it absolutely makes sense to embed as many slaves into konqueror as possible (like your example of Napster). IO-slaves have two big advantages that come to my mind: fist, if the core of kde gets an update every "protocol" or "application" who uses IO-slaves is automatically updated and second: after all, the information which is being accessed to through IO-slaves is very "database-like". That means that it's sortable and everything is an object (=a file), whether it's an LDAP entry or a MP3-file on your Rio. The user benefits from a _single_ user interface and he can use sort functions of konqueror or link or drag'n'drop or whatever cool stuff konqueror does, too!

Instead of reinventing the wheel and create own GUIs for applications like Napster or Diamond RIO (which deal with about the same objects, more or less) why not use a very functional and stable base? It's like with templates in your word processor: you wouldn't write your company's address onto every letter you write. Instead, you create _one_ "base" (= the template") and with every new letter you automatically get the newest header / footer.

All in all: very cool stuff. I've been waiting for this kind of thing for a long time!

by Charles Samuels (not verified)

of course it makes sense to look for
napster://Metallica Nothing Else Matters

because the kio-napster would then search the database, return a list of matches, and "Metallica Nothing Else Matters" would appear as a directory, containing a list of files that match that.


I also think it's funny that we talk about Metallica and napster after that little lawsuit ;)

And the kio-napster is no more than rumor, I'm not doing one. Someone else can :)

by David Ankers (not verified)

Great work!! I like my rio BUT I *hate* the shit windows software that have to use with it, I know there are a few tools for Linux availible but nothing I really like. Just using Konqy is the perfect solution...

Are there any more details availible? Kernel version and other requirments

I would also like to see a working SMB slave else, take it out before KDE2 is released. Were going to get a hugh amount of bug reports if KDE2 ships with it.

Anyway, great work, shame the CVS is frozen.

by Rikard Anglerud (not verified)

I think Corel linux ships with a pretty good smb browser, so it shouldn't be impossible to do. (The corel code is OSS AFAIK)

by Rikard Anglerud (not verified)

I think Corel linux ships with a pretty good smb browser, so it shouldn't be impossible to do. (The corel code is OSS AFAIK)

by Charles Samuels (not verified)

If you've used krio, this will work as well. All it requires is a working /dev/io (which we should all have).

It has a setuid "server" for handling this, so any user can access their rio without being root, without having to type in a password.

by Federico Cozzi (not verified)

I would like to suggest a SSH io-slave, similar to the FTP one but using scp instead of ftp.
That would be great for security-conscious network users :)
We already have a free OpenSSH: is it possible to merge OpenSSH and io-slave technology or there are some licensing issue?
I'm not a programmer myself, so I'm not able to write a scp io-slave, but _please_ let somebody write it!! :)

by Left my login i... (not verified)

scp has no way to enumerate files and directories.

It could be done with some seriously eviul hackery, but it'll never be done nicely. Not until someone improves scp.

by netpig (not verified)

Hmmm....I quess there is sftp thing in 2.0

~ file `which sftp`
/usr/local/bin/sftp: symbolic link to sftp2


How about that? I never tried it, but
could be worth of investigating.

by Federico Cozzi (not verified)

Well, you always have ssh :)
You connect via ssh to the remote host; you send commands to the remote shell (ls -l etc...); you parse the output.
This way, you could list directories, create/remove directories, rename/delete/move files using ssh, but transfer them using scp.

Regarding sftp, it's included only in SSH2 from www.ssh.fi (the non-free version). So you can't use it easily.

by jarno (not verified)

At least 'kio_fish' package works like that.

See: http://ich.bin.kein.hoschi.de/fish/
(or package 'kio-fish' if you happen to use Debian)



(You probably knew this already as the message is quite old but let's record this to the message archive anyway - in case someone finds this through a search engine.)

by Jelmer Feenstra (not verified)

A working SMB slave !

Yeah that's too bad :( The current SMB implementation will probably not be fixed before the release of KDE 2.0

Perhaps you could think about writing a better SMB slave ? :)

by tom (not verified)

the kioslaves idea was already implemented
in kernel space at the GNU/Hurd as a translator
before one could think of kioslaves.

so if the hurd would be a real alternative one day
one cloud write a translator for things you have
mentioned. then all apps would benefit and not only kde. at the hurd stuff like filesystems or devices such as /dev/null are implemented as
translators and could loaded at runtime by the
user. take a look at:


by Bernard Parent (not verified)

Does anyone know if a kioslave exists for
personal (non-public) ftp connections? I know
there are ftp clients that do that, like kbear,
but wouldn't it be much simpler and much more
elegant to implement this as a kioslave?
I'm thinking something along the lines of:


which would automatically ask you for a username,
password for the site blah.com (instead of
defaulting to an anonymous connection like
ftp:/blah.com would do), and ask whether you
wish this info to be saved for the next time you
login. I just think this would be really handy.

by Charles Samuels (not verified)

ftp://[email protected]

then it prompts for a password.

by Bernard Parent (not verified)

awesome! It even remembers the password.

by Martijn Klingens (not verified)

Is there already an I/O slave for the KDE Control center? I just can't understand why the control center isn't using Konqueror by default.

Another feature that I'm really missing is the ability to have nested I/O slaves. Now it is not possible to open tar files on an FTP link from Konqueror - I'd have to download the tar file first :(
Of course the URL convention doesn't natively support this because http://ftp:// or something similar would be nonsense, but tar://http:// would definitely make sense. It only requires a few adjustments in the URL parser and a recursive approach for opening the actual content, I think.

Can somebody who knows more about this tell me if I'm thinking wrong or if it's actually possible?

by miha (not verified)

Tis not necesary if ftp ioslave has tha ability to recognize tar file and make a link that uses tar ioslave...