People Behind KDE: David Faure

This week's installment of The People Behind KDE, interviews David Faure of Konqueror fame. David has done some amazing programming for KDE and continues to impress. What is David's current role in KDE?
"Doing the dirty job :). Fixing bugs everywhere I can, helping users and developers that have problems. I also work on some Mandrake-specific KDE stuff. Oh, and when I have time after all this, I work on improving konqueror and I plan to do more on koffice in the future."

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by ac (not verified)

I don't sing in the shower. Does everyone else really do, as implies the question? I play the piano though

a. How on earth did you manage to fit your piano there?
b. Doesn't it get wet?

by Borg (not verified)

Come on the man's a programer. How could he not have the absolute latest technology at his disposal ?

by David Faure (not verified)

Nah, the man can't speak English properly.

I meant that I don't sing usually, but if I play the piano BEFORE the shower, then it puts songs
in my head :)

But I like the idea of a waterproof piano, yeah,
that'd be cool !

by ac (not verified)