BugSquad turns its attention to Amarok this Sunday!

This coming Sunday, June 15, BugSquad is hosting a BugDay to go triaging through old Amarok bugs. Come join #kde-bugs anytime to get training and help out! No prior experience is necessary, and you don't need any programming knowledge.

If you are a Kubuntu user, there is a nightly build called Project Neon that you can use.

Joining Bug Days is a great way to help the KDE project. The only things you need to take part are a computer running a recent KDE 4 with Amarok 2 and a KDE 3 version of Amarok, and an internet connection. You can join at any point during the day, and stay for as long or short a time as you like. If you are a KDE user and have been wondering how to contribute, then this is a great way to get started - there will be plenty of experienced Bugsquad members on hand to answer any questions you might have. To get involved, join our IRC channel anytime, #kde-bugs on irc.freenode.net, where we will help you get underway. The day will begin at 0:00 UTC (other timezones) on Sunday and continue until the day is over throughout the world, although people tend to stay later!


After this operation, 292MB of additional disk space will be used.
Möchten Sie fortfahren [J/n]? j
WARNUNG: Die folgenden Pakete können nicht authentifiziert werden!
amarok-nightly-qt amarok-nightly-strigi amarok-nightly-kdelibs
amarok-nightly-kdebase-runtime amarok-nightly-taglib amarok-nightly-tools
Diese Pakete ohne Überprüfung installieren [j/N]?

By andy at Wed, 2008/06/11 - 5:00am

Diese Pakete ohne Überprüfung installieren [j/N]? j


ok, that was lame... but fun :P

By Jakob Petsovits at Wed, 2008/06/11 - 5:00am

Yea this is a problem with Launchpad. PPAs can not be authenticated yet. We are sorry about that but there is not much we can do about it for now.

By Lydia Pintscher at Thu, 2008/06/12 - 5:00am