Advances in Alpha-Blending

Icon alpha-blending has taken some big steps forward today. First, Antonio Larrosa introduced alpha blending to the HEAD branch in CVS. Here's a screenshot showing one icon blended into another. A few hours later, Carsten Pfeiffer shot back with this tasty screenshot of Konqueror previewing text files with the mimetype icon blended in. Oh, I can't wait for 2.1 -- time to hit CVS! (screenshots below)

Thought I'd put the screenshots right inline for ya'll:

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by Spark (not verified)

yes, but the plan to include antialiasing in X is years old :(
why does it take so long?
it looks like it would be already working fine on the screenshots. whats the problem? does anyone know more?

by LOL (not verified)

This article has been Slashdotted!

You won't believe how many trolls and flamebaits you'll find there!

by jpmfan (not verified)

I had a look at this, just to see... not very pleasant reading. Didn't have much to do with KDE either, it just seemed to be a forum for people to have a go at GNU, Linuxm, homosexuals and so on...

Fortunately, this site is a lot more grown up and 99% on topic...

by Mike (not verified)

pretty cool screenshots on

by pos (not verified)

I just thought everyone would like to know that windows developers are already envious:

Codeproject Post

You saw it here first folks! =P


by KraftBoy (not verified)

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Since we all like to point out how stupid Windows is, Windows developers being envious is almost a sign you've made a mistake, not an advance :)

Also, from a usability point of view, I concurr with the text file contents comments. Icons are far more useful. After 15 years of recognizing files by their icons and names, its a step backward to try to identify files by the first 10 lines. Alpha blending is far more useful for terminals, disabled icons, cursors (I personally think the whole cursor should be blended ~ 80% with what's behind it.)

At any rate, its also a huge CPU suck until X supports alpha blending at a lower level, isn't it?