People Behind KDE: Matthias Elter

In the latest installment of The People Behind KDE, Tink brings us an interview with Matthias Elter, release coordinator for KDE2.0 and everyone's favorite kicker hacker. "I got involved with KDE after reading the "call for help" c't article on KDE AlphaI written by Kalle in 1997. It seems like a large number of todays core developers got attracted by that article. Thanks, Kalle!"


I thought that face belonged to Matthias Ettrich.. at least here it does :)

By ac at Mon, 2000/12/04 - 6:00am

Hey cool, I attended the same school in Erlenbach like Matthias did... what an honour :-)

By Oliver Eichhorn at Mon, 2000/12/04 - 6:00am

When will we see something with Daniel M. Duley (aka Mosfet).

What happend to his web page

By KDE USER at Mon, 2000/12/04 - 6:00am

I asked Daniel for the interview 2 months ago but up till now he didn't reply. I guess he doesn't have time or just doesn't like to have his face on a webpage ;-)

By Tink at Mon, 2000/12/04 - 6:00am

Why is there no sched about Thorsten Rahn, one of our mi graphic designers?

By predator 1710 o... at Mon, 2000/12/04 - 6:00am

Same story as Daniel, I contacted Torsten a couple of times, a few months ago, but got no reply. To me that's a sign people aren't interested. I'm will contact some other designers though.

By Tink at Mon, 2000/12/04 - 6:00am

I'll try to type a few lines before xmas ...


By Torsten Rahn at Tue, 2000/12/05 - 6:00am

Tink, it says on the fram "Last Week" but that is bad grammar and implies you are a superperson that can interview 10 people in a week ;)

Otherwise, cool. Realeasing KDE2 is a "boring job?" Hm, looked more like "hectic" to me :)


By Jason at Tue, 2000/12/05 - 6:00am

Well, I am of course a 'superperson' ;-0. But since it is considered bad taste to show that so obvious, I will change the button ;-)

Thanks for the compliments though!


By Tink at Tue, 2000/12/05 - 6:00am