KDE 2.0.1, Now Ready for Download

The KDE Team has just announced the release of KDE 2.0.1. While the release is primarily for updated translations and documentation and for the addition of Japanese as a supported language, it also fixes many of the very annoying bugs in 2.0. A summary of the fixes and a KDE 2.0.1 Info Page are also available. As always, enjoy!

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by Nicolas (not verified)

I have some issue to download "qt-x11-2.2.2.tar.gz" from "ftp://ftp.trolltech.com/qt/source". Would it be possible to place a copy of this file in "2.0.1/distribution/tar/generic/src/" like previous 2.0.0 release?


by Jim Ermis (not verified)


by Nicolas (not verified)

Ok, now I have it. And... thanks for KDE team. Champagne for all of you!

by Henrik (not verified)

Quick Q for you ppl already running 2.0.1:
Is it possible to drag and drop links in konqueror now? ie - drag a link from a page to another window, that loads it. It's pretty much the only feature from netscape 4.x/Mozilla that i miss.


by Aaron Seigo (not verified)

i'm not using 2.0.1 but a version from CVS of about a week ago and yes, DND links works just fine...

by Doug Keller (not verified)

Really, I just grabbed the Mandrake 2.0.1 RPMs and
I couldn't drag html links into another window.


by Juju (not verified)

Could it have to do with the wm? Some don't support KDE's DND...

He said he was using CVS, not 2.0.1.

by Doug Keller (not verified)

Really, I just grabbed the Mandrake 2.0.1 RPMs and
I couldn't drag html links into another window.


by Ill Logik (not verified)

Really? I can't find Mandrake RPMs, and am d/ling RedHat 6.x src.rpm's...

by predator 1710 o... (not verified)

I installed Suse 7.0 rpms - works fine though but while installing kdebase-2*.rpm there is a failed dep called "icons".
I simply cant find a package which makes me think that it could fulfill this dep. So which one is it?

by Adrian (not verified)

Your CD package contains this package. But you can also install with rpm -Uvh --nodeps kdebase*. It will work also usually.


by Adrian (not verified)

Your CD package contains this package. But you can also install with rpm -Uvh --nodeps kdebase*. It will work also usually.


by Adrian (not verified)

Your CD package contains this package. But you can also install with rpm -Uvh --nodeps kdebase*. It will work also usually.


by predator 1710 o... (not verified)

What is "my CD package"? Simply say it s package
xxx.rpm on suse 7.0 or you can d/l it at
http://.... which would be better

by Adrian (not verified)

By testing the deps (rpm -Uhv --test *.rpm) I also encountered this unsatisfied one (SuSE 6.4). But I've found a icons.rpm on rpmfind.net, which satisfies it! It should also exist on the SuSE CD in xwm1 folder, because rpmfind structure is similar to Suse's own. Or download it simply,
here is the adress of the package on rpmfind:


by predator 1710 o... (not verified)


by Smári P. McCarthy (not verified)

Congratulations on yet annother triumph! KDE is _THE_ desktop environment, and I for one am drooling over the idea of it...
A few ideas:
Add the window decoration thingymagjig to KControl... I don't know wether it's happening everywhere, but in KDE 2.0 on my box it was missing..
Anyways and anyhow, I'm realy liking what's happening, and look forward to seeing the further development of this beauty.
Rock on!!

by dys (not verified)

I'm gonna like those kcontrol bugfixes.
After trying KDE2 for a while I had this feeling kcontrol became more stable after a week, on which it crashes every time no matter what user or what config files exist.

After I used Kicker for a while and got _used_ to it, I really felt in love with it :-)

by Brendan (not verified)

Argh, the error message I keep getting upon trying to kick off startkde look beautiful.

"Cannot find octet stream/binary"
"No MIME types loaded!"

I know it's just missing something.
I uninstalled all of my previous KDE stuff with rpm -e, installed QT 2.2.1, kdesupport, kdelibs, kdebase and then the rest.with rpm -ivh. I'm booting into run level 3, and kicking it off with a 'startx' with /usr/local/kde/bin/startkde in my .xinitrc . Can't think of anything I missed. Ideas?

by wim bakker (not verified)

I'm not sure if this will help , but I seem to remember that it sometimes makes a difference when you
rm -rf ~/.kde and ~/.kderc too.

by Richard Stevens (not verified)

I also have the following lines in my .xinitrc

export KDEDIR=
export QTDIR=
export PATH=:$PATH

The first two are not really neccessary but the missing PATH could cause a problem. If this wasn't it, I have no idea either ;)

Good Luck,


by Charles (not verified)

I had this problem with Caldera and KDE2.0. The fix was as follows:

cd /opt/kde/lib
rm libmimelib.so
rm libmimelib.so.1
ln -s /usr/lib/libmimelib.1.0.1 libmimelib.so
ln -s /usr/lib/libmimelib.1.0.1 libmimelib.so.1

In Caldera, KDE installs under the /opt directory. You may prefer to rename the libraries instead of removing them. Likewise, check for libmimelib.1.0.1 .


by Charles (not verified)

Oops, make that



by James (not verified)

Way to introduce new depenendencies into a BugFix release, guys. I'm tripping out a little that I'd be expected to upgrate libstdc++, and libc for a minor-fix release. These dependencies should have been held-off 'til KDE2.1.

by Carbon (not verified)

Using more recent base libs is always a good idea, since the bug fixes in them often apply to huge amounts of apps! Also, unlike in Windoze, updates to very base libraries are free! Thanks to progs like mandrake update and urpmi, things like this are even easier! I love doing stuff like "ln -s /usr/bin/myupdatescript.sh /etc/cron.monthly"

by James (not verified)

In most cases, I would agree with you. In this case, however, To install 2.0.1, I would have to upgrade my entire system.

Let me illustrate my point.

To install the new KDE Libs, I need the new QT libs. Cool. This is not a problem. To install the QT libs, however, I have to upgrade libc (To glibc 2.2), and libstdc++. These are not libraries users should be expected to update. This upgrade will break a number of other applications. Fine, I can recompile. The real kicker in it all, is that to upgrade to glibc2.2, I need the GCC 2.96 development snapshot. Blegh.

- James

by raven667 (not verified)

That seems wrong, I have a RH 6.2 system (VALinux box) with glibc 2.1.3 and QT 2.2.1 (which I compiled from the Source RPM) and I didn't have any problems. I had several KDE 1.9x releases and the 2.0 final installed. I just upgrade to 2.0.1 by "rpm -Uhv --replacefiles k*" in the directory I downloaded the RPMS to. It worked perfectly.

What distro/lib versions do you have that would prevent you from installing QT and KDE?

I could say the same about latest versions of linux2.4testX....
you can't compile 2.4-test12preX since you need latest version of util-linux -> can't install later RPM verisons of util-linux on a rh6-0,1, 2 system since it depends on Glibc 2.2 and can't compile late versions of util-linux either...
Who says you can get off the Windows upgrade death march by switching to Linux? I don't see it.

by Stefan Hellwig (not verified)

Why would you want to update to glibc 2.2? Glibc 2.1.2/3 should be sufficient. I updated my system quite a while ago without any trouble. I was using a SuSE 6.0 based system with glibc 2.0.7 and egcs compiler for quite a while until I discovered a bug in libstdc++ (iostreams not working) and I had to upgrade. I grabbed the sources for gcc 2.95.2, glibc 2.1.2, and the latest libstdc++, read the documentation and started compiling. The installation was not a problem (you have to be careful with glibc installation, of course :-) and the system worked smoothly ever since.

Regards, Stefan.

Looks like you are using something compiled for a different system (an older major version of the distribution, maybe?). Also please note that the KDE team does not compile the release, this is done by the various distributions.

by David Simon (not verified)

If upgrading large amounts of progs is a big problem, then it isn't really that much trouble to simply wait three or four weeks for a new distro to come out with updated libs, and use that! After all, you can buy almost any distro at www.cheapbytes.com for under $20 w/ S&H!

by Greg (not verified)

I just finished compiling qt-2.2 and all of kde2.01 from the source tarballs (with the exception of the games and koffice, just downloaded those) without any problem. I am using gcc-2.95.2 and glibc-2.1.3. It seems that the dependency problems are due to the builder of the rpm's and not kde2.01 itself.

by Manuel Román (not verified)


I love you, I love ALL KDE TEAM!!!!!!!!

by Luis Digital (not verified)

¿A todos, juntos? :-)

by Manuel Román (not verified)

Cuanto tiempo. Hace mucho que no tengo el placer de comunicarme contigo. Y sí, a todos, y sobre todo a ti y GNU_LEO.

by anonimous (not verified)

Ejem, mariconás las precisas :))))

by Manuel Román (not verified)

No te entiendo.
I don't understand you.

by Carbon (not verified)

Yeah, and kudos to the GNOME, Enlightenment, WindowMaker, Sawfish, AfterStep, BlackBox, and other DEs/WMs!

by Manuel Román (not verified)

too, but I love specialy KDE Team. Because KDE is orgasmic for me.

by benoit (not verified)

But where are debian packages ???

by Mike Goodman (not verified)

Add this line to /etc/apt/sources.list

deb http://kde.tdyc.com/ potato main crypto optional qt1apps

Have fun

by ddd (not verified)

Hi, thanks for the great release..
One Question:
I got used to the floating panels, esp. the Taskbar, from the CVS.
Now I've installed the rpms, and: the panels have gone...
What a pity.
Or am I doing anything wrong? At least, there is no Add->Extension in the kicker-menu at all.


by Peter (not verified)

Yes, I'd like to make the same "complaint". The extensions were great. On average I have about 10-20 windows opened and having a child panel dedicated mainly to taskbar was a real blessing.

I tried to patch up the new 2.0.1 code with older CVS source - all in vain (broken library dependencies).

Other than that, KDE 2.x rocks!!!

by sarang (not verified)

The CVS version that you got is 2.1 branch and not 2.0.1.. 2.0.1 only has bug-fixes.. what u were looking at is future 2.1!

I have it installed and loving the extensions etc.. go back to CVS ;)

by Michael O'Henly (not verified)

Congratulations! It's great to see a followup so quickly to KDE 2.0.

Two quick questions about installing KDE 2.01 on a Red Hat 6.2 system using RPMs.

1. To install 2.01 and remove 1.12 in one step, is "rpm -Uvh [rpm_name]" all I need to do?

2. The install README says that it is preferable to use qt-2.2.2 but the 2.01 RPMs posted today contain qt-2.2.1. Using RPMFind, I've located Red Hat's qt-2.2.2 RPMs, so I think I'm all set. Just curious: why wouldn't the RPMs be prepared with 2.2.2 (which was evidently packaged on Nov 17)?

Many thanks.

Michael O'Henly

by Charles Kibue (not verified)

There's the texture example in the qt-2.2.2 examples directory I couldn't compile/make. I removed the $QTDIR/examples/texture directory and proceeded fine, any clues...still looking at the code!

Still waiting for Caldera rpms. I hope it fixes some bugs in knode and kmail that I've been having.

by Michael Haeckel (not verified)

I hope it fixes some bugs in knode and kmail that I've been having.

Don't have to high expectations, this release is mainly for documentation and translations. Only some critical bugs are fixes. Have a look at the changelog.