KDE 3.1.2: The Even More Stable Release

The KDE Project has released KDE 3.1.2, the second maintenance release of the KDE 3.1 release series. It features more and much improved translations and many problem corrections. Read the Changelog or jump directly to the download links. Those of you who wish to compile from source can use Konstruct for near automatic compilation.

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by Sad Eagle (not verified)

It's actually not preloading either, more like not-unloading -- i.e. a few instance of Konqueror can be told to hang around on exit, and to popup their windows when a user wants a new instance, instead of starting an entirely new copy.

by Joseph (not verified)

I've noticed that the unofficial binaries are available. Did anyone upgrade to 3.1.2 ? Problems ? KDE apps that do not run anymore after the upgrade ?

Thank you for your answers,


I happened to see some screenshots of the new KDE destop in a magazine and was very impressed. I had a spare computer sitting around and thought what the hell, I'll install linux on it so I can try and get this KDE desktop thing and see how it really is. After doing some googling I decided I wanted to try debian (because of the apt-get thing) and a couple of frustrating hours later I finally was able to download and install KDE.

I got to say...I was blown away, it was even better than the screenshots I seen. I suppose I'm just another sheltered windows user (or was anyways!) that was unaware of the alternatives out there. I mean I had heard of linux before but never imagined that it could be as good a desktop solution as it is...but with kde I think it's better than my XP desktop now.

I am very eager to make the transition from windows to linux and I am preaching it to my friends and family now. Now that my eyes are open to the fact that there are alternatives and IMHO they are superior alternatives as well, I want to thank KDE and all the hard working people that make it happen. KDE rocks :-)