RedHat RPMs for KDE 2.2.1

Benjamin Reed wrote in to tell us that he has helped out RedHat's KDE users and put together KDE 2.2.1 RPMs for RedHat 7.0 and 7.1. "Since I got such a great response for my "unofficial" RPMs last time, I thought I'd do it again. After what seems like years of building, I've got everything together." The packages are available via http or ftp.
If you can mirror these packages, please let him know. (He adds: "Coming soon: RedHat 6.2 packages -- who needs a life? =)."


by Biswapesh (not verified)

Try or They are available at both places.

- Biswa.

by Ranger Rick (not verified)

Oops, sorry about that. Forgot to copy the libx*.rpm files from the 7.0 directory. I had to rebuild those myself, since they weren't in RedHat's releases. You should be able to get them from the 7.0 directory on my site or the mirrors.

by Wendell (not verified)

This is what I get when I try to install the libs.
I don't see an rpm for kdesupport. Do I need that?

Found 0 source and 1 binary packages
Dependency Problem:
kdelibs is needed by kdelibs-devel-2.2.1-0.rh71.1.cups
pcre-devel is needed by kdelibs-devel-2.2.1-0.rh71.1.cups
kdesupport-devel is needed by kdevelop-1.4.1-2
kdesupport-devel is needed by kdevelop-1.4.1-2
kdelibs-devel is needed by kdelibs-sound-devel-2.1.1-5
kdelibs-devel is needed by kdelibs-sound-devel-2.1.1-5

by magnethead (not verified)

I compiled 2.2.1 from source on 7.1 and had few problems. I now have the system up and running pretty well.

Drop by #kde-users on and we'll chat about it if you like.


by Mark Aubin (not verified)

Yea, I'm getting this and worse. Where does this
dependency cycle end? I've downloaded all the RPM's
on Ben's site and I've got the RH7.1 CD's.

I must admit that I'm somewhat new to the RPM process,
but I can't believe it really is as hard as it seems.

So I have already done "rpm -iv kde* qt*" from the
RH7.1 CD's. This worked perfectly.

Then I downloaded Ben's RPM's and was able to upgrade
the QT packages with a simple "rpm -Uv qt*". But I can't
make much headway with the kde packages.

Does anybody out there have a step by step proceedure
starting from a blank disk, installing RH7.1, and then
upgrading all the KDE and QT libraries? Please don't
tell me that I have to go to and look for
each package one at a time.

What I fear is that most people who have been able to
successfully install these packages have a whole bunch of
other RPM's already added since the vanilla install that I
don't know about.

I'm trying to make some final decisions about the direction
we take with our GUI development. I think the KDE/QT option
might be the best, but I really need to evaluate the newest
KDevelop and QT Designer to see if they will do what we need.

Thanks for any help,

Mark Aubin

by Mary (not verified)

When I loaded the rpms for kde2.2.1 for rh7.1, I came up with the following questions:

1) kdebase says that it requires vorbis, but doesn't specify the version. The only one that I can find via rpmfind is libvorbis-1.0rc2-2.i386.rpm from rawhide, which does not seem to satisfy the dependency, as rpm -V kdebase.... still complains. This package does not seem to be included with the non-kde packages on the download site.

2) the following packages seem to have LOWER versions than the ones that I previously loaded for kde 2.2. The previous versions are in parens and I got them by following the links on the kde website:

kdemultimedia-2.2-0.rh7x.1.i386.rpm (2.2-3)
kdemultimedia-devel-2.2-0.rh7x.1.i386.rpm (2.2-3)
kdepim-2.2-0.rh7x.1.i386.rpm (2.2-1)
kdepim-devel-2.2-0.rh7x.1.i386.rpm (2.2-1)
kdeutils-2.2-0.rh7x.1.i386.rpm (2.2-2)
kdoc-2.2-0.rh7x.1.noarch.rpm (2.2-1)

by binand (not verified)

Hi Ben,

With these RPMs, I cannot change the fonts in KDE. Everytime I change the fonts in Control Center->Look and Feel->Fonts, the new settings are reset to the defaults upon restart. And the defaults are pretty bad (on my system, at least).

Anything I missed?

by Fredrik (not verified)

You are not alone, I've got the same problem, all fonts just use a fixed font.

by Mbok (not verified)

Hey! The same on my PC!! I thought it was my fault... Anybody noticed Benjamin about that??

by Jeff Perry (not verified)

Same on mine. Is there a fix for this? It's making my eyes hurt.

by Rahim (not verified)

I've got the same issue. What is the solution?

by Jim (not verified)

Hi all,
I'm trying to install kdebase, but I get dependencies for lame >=2.89 and I've looked for a suitable lame rpm on the net -- no luck. I have just finished downloading and compiling the lame source (works OK), but that doesn't solve my RPM dependency issue. Is lame included in one of the other packages that need to be installed prior to kdebase? I HAVE installed the (4) kdelibs -- but that also does not help. Any ideas? Thanx.

by VisualC (not verified)

Same problem here!

by Anonymous (not verified)

Why did he put a dependency for Lame ? what does encodfing mp3 files got to do with kdebase ?

by Jim (not verified)

Hi again,
I just noticed that the link contains more up-to-date files than found on the KDE site -- including LAME as well as a new kdebase (plus other stuff as well). Cheers.

by Joe VanAndel (not verified)

I've tried both the 'sendmail' and 'SMTP' options. Netscape uses SMTP, and it works fine. 'Mail' uses 'sendmail' (local to my machine), which also works

When I send mail, I get the message (on the bottom line of Kmail)
Unrecognized transport protocol, could not send message

by Kurt Schanaman (not verified)

As long as you have Sendmail configured properly, the following will fix your problem.

Go into Kmail "Settings". Anywhere you find the Sendmail entry as such:

Change every instance to:

Your problem will then be corrected and again, as long as you have Sendmail configured properly, your messages will complete their journeys successfully.

Live long and prosper!


by josh (not verified)

i tried file:///usr/sbin/sendmail and it still wont work. Kmail suck, one day it
works the next it a pointless program.

by Peter (not verified)

Actually, /usr/sbin/sendmail works fine but make certain that you empty your outbox before trying to send mail again or you will get the same error. Kmail now by default will not send anything until the first listed message in the outbox is sendable..p

by Manish Jain (not verified)

First install kdebase to ur system then try to end mail using smtp..

Manish Jain

by WAYNE MITCHELL (not verified)


by Henk (not verified)

LOL, it is now 2008 and this still isn't fixed.
I spend an hour trying to figure out why smtp wasn't working. Oh you need to remove the first message in the outbox before you can send a new email. Well, of course, silly me...

by Rokko (not verified)

U R A god.

by Rokko (not verified)

U R A god.

by Mark (not verified)

2.1.1 is on but they haven't released any since.

by Greg Hildstrom (not verified)

Hello. I currently develop beowulf software for the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Bethesda, MD. I had been using KDevelop 1.3 for development, but I wanted to upgrade to the latest one, which requires and is bundled with KDE 2.2.1. Using his "unofficial" Red Hat 7.1 packages, it took me about 1.5 hours to upgrade. It took me a while to locate and take care of certain dependencies, but persistence pays off.

KDE 2.2.1 is a beautiful and functional interface. KDevelop 2.0.1 seems an order of magnitude better than the version 1.4 packaged with Red Hat 7.1 (no more 'unknown child process died' messages').

I would recommend the upgrade. Thanks for all of the help in response to other users questions. That helped me out a lot.