KDE 3.1: Desktop Sharing in Practice

Desktop Sharing is a KDE service that allows you to share your desktop using the RFB protocol, better known as VNC. This new feature of KDE 3.1 allows a friend or administrator to fix problems on your computer, or you can use it to show your desktop to somebody else at a remote location. It is compatible with all regular VNC / RFB clients.

Tim Jansen has created an overview page where he explains how to set up the Desktop Sharing, together with a nice interactive demo.

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by Alain (not verified)

Aaahh... I don't understand, something seems wrong on my install (on my 2 installs...), because in the KDE Control Center, in front of "Desktop sharing" I have nothing in the right side... Impossible to have the second screenshot of http://www.tjansen.de/krfb/ So I can only create and manage invitations...
I have a network with NFS...

By comparing with the second screenshot, I find that in my KDE Control Center, the entry "Local Network Browsing" is missing... Nothing with Lisa...

by Paco Cruz (not verified)

Hi, Tim & others

Perhaps the solution could be to install kdenetwork package, depending on the particular distro.

I have Mandrake 9.2 and Desktop Sharing is not installed by default. I had to add the kdenetwork rpm to get it.

I hope this help.

by Phil (not verified)

Is there a way to know which IP's tried to do a remote connection , but failed : eg wrong pwd or if a connection was dropped in any way ?

Is there a log for this ?


by Juan (not verified)

I've been able to access my Fedora Core 5 box from my Windows XP machine using TightVNC. I was successful to do this by having KDE open on my Fedora Box, but I want to have access to that same KDE environment just by having the Fedora box powered on. I need to do this because I don't want to have to connect a monitor + mouse + keyboard to the Linux box.
Is it possible to do this? If so, what do I need?
Thanks in advance for your help.