KDE 3.1.1: It's Not Odd at All!

The KDE Project has released KDE 3.1.1, the first maintenance release of the KDE 3.1 release series. It features more and much improved translations and many problem corrections. Read the Changelog
or jump directly to the download links. Those of you who wish to compile from source can use Konstruct for near automatic compilation.

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KDE 3.11 for workgroups is finally here! (wish it was released on 3-11 though :))

by André Somers (not verified)

mod +1 funny! :-)

by Gary Greene (not verified)

KDE 3.1.1 ( for Workgroups :P ) and in overall less time than another commercial shell environment. Additionally with a hell-of-a lot more features too :)

by Derek Kite (not verified)

Isn't this the one that breaks OS/2?


I think IBM did that already. :)

I thought even XP could run OS/2 binaries. I know w2k and NT can...

by Jason (not verified)

This is the first release of KDE that I can remember where there has only been Suse RPMs for the latest version. Normally there are packages for about the last three versions.

I'd like to think that they will be along shortly, but packages for XFree 4.3 were only released for 8.1, so it's worrying trend.

by Dirk Mueller (not verified)

I heard that SuSE RPMs for older distributions will arrive at a
later time.

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

Well, they are readying 8.2, due out next month. I'm running 8.0, and it's starting to show it's age. I can compile from source, but I'm probably going to jump to 8.2 for convenience sake.


by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

Quanta Plus has undergone quite a few fixes as well (it's included in this release, in case you hadn't noticed). If you like Quanta, help them out cause they're looking for donations to help pay the developers.

by Andras Mantia (not verified)

Thanks for mentioning it. :-) Maybe we have the longest changelog entry, as I always write down the important changes made to Quanta, and it's easy to provide it to the public.
For those running KDE 3.0.x: Quanta Plus 3.1.1 will be released also for you on our site.


by Martin (not verified)

Yes! And most notably: Syntax colouring does work well now,
no randomly coloured characters anymore. Thanks for the
nice work. Finally, Quanta has become usable for me and
my co-workers and we have switched over from Kate. Still on my wishlist:

- Bugfree saving of the tree views' docking state.
- Separate syntax colouring for php opening and closing tags
- A file / folder browser which can be opened / closed again by pressing a key
(like in Homesite) and _separate_ folders and files like in Konq.
- better syntax-colouring support for mixed documents (HTML + PHP + JavaScript)

Well, perhaps in the next release... ;-)

by Jeff (not verified)

Yes Martin, based on what's been posted on the quanta devel list, this is coming next release (the better syntax coloring).

by oGALAXYo (not verified)

Thanks everyone for this nice piece of Desktop Environment. There's nothing similar. Good Job and Thumbs up.

by oGoWatch (not verified)

Ah, so its a KDE week for oGalaxyo

by oGALAXYo (not verified)

.. maybe you should go out with friends (if you have some) for a while. I was only thanking the KDE team for a great Desktop Environment. There is no need for your unwanted sarcasm.

by oGoWatchers (not verified)

aaawww little kitten want some tickle ;D

by oGoWatch (not verified)

It wasn't sarcastic

by Dr_LHA (not verified)

> Those of you who wish to compile from source can use Konstruct for near automatic compilation.

Or use Gentoo - ebuilds for 3.1.1 were in and marked stable before the announcement was even made. I'm running 3.1.1 already. :-)

by Rithvik (not verified)

Yes. I noticed that too. They haven't mirrored though and ftp.kde.org got overloaded as soon as the announce on the dot. Now I have kdelibs-3.1.1 merged and the rest of kde-3.1. (its working fine though) Oh well. Will have to try after a few days(??). Meanwhile a mix of kdelibs-3.1.1 and kde 3.1 should work (I hope!)

by Joshua Moore-Oliva (not verified)

Did you use the mirrorselect tool? I have and I'm getting 150k downloads right now.

by Rithvik (not verified)

I guess you misunderstood what I was saying, but anyway, thanks for mentioning the mirrorselect tool. I tried it and it is good (though it went back to the defaults anyway)
The latest kde is mirrored now, but it wasn't back then.
Posted from konqueror 3.1.1.

by Caoilte (not verified)

so am i and i use debian so kde 3.1.1 must be old hat.

by Xanadu (not verified)

> Or use Gentoo - ebuilds for 3.1.1 were in and marked stable before the announcement

Even so, I haven't been able to get svga-libs to compile for a month or so now. I can't (at this point) do almost any updating to my boxes.


by Sad Eagle (not verified)

And that's a good thing... how?

by coolvibe (not verified)

Or use FreeBSD, KDE 3.1.1 packages are available at rabarber.fruitsalad.org :)

And yes, I'm running kde 3.1.1 too

by tschortsch (not verified)

from the changelog:

> * Various startup performance improvements

can anyone, who actually tested the release confirm this?

by Alexander Pérez (not verified)

I'm using Debian Woody with the KDE 3.1.1 packages. Konqi loads directories a LOT faster before.
I.e, takes just a few seconds on loading a 521 folders directory. Don't seems to be a better start-up time loading.

--{@ Alexander.

by kannister (not verified)

shhh. careful you will spoil Debian's image of
always having out of date software.
If too many people find out that this isn't true
the mirrors might get too busy.

by Brad (not verified)

I can. I've noticed more than just konqueror loading faster. For example, View -> Document Source opens up KEdit significantly quicker than 3.1 did.

Just for the record, I compiled the source with --enable-final, and that was the only configure option I used.

by Vic (not verified)

You really should use at least --disable-debug (and even --enable-fast-malloc=full when compiling kdelibs.) --enable-final really doesn't do much for runtime speed, only makes it compile faster on machines with much ram.

I've been following KDE from CVS, so --enable-final is the one I'm not using.

by Brad (not verified)

Oh right. Thanks for that - I didn't know about that one.

I'll try a rebuild tonight and see how it goes.

Thx again.


by goo.. (not verified)

I tested arklinux 1 alpha 7 which uses a very close cvs version of 3.1.1. It also uses XFree4.3 and prelinking, while I have used neither before. konq speed was the first thing I noticed, it feels like you click and it has already opened. It is soo fast. Part of that must be prelinking though. I don't know if xfree 4.3 is any faster than 4.2.1.

On a related note, don't use ark just yet.

by Sad Truth Teller (not verified)

if konqueror is already running opening a new window is reasonable.

Rendering some web page somewhere might be marginally faster but who cares?

No matter how many browsers and office apps linux/bsd/unix ends up with it, will never have a usable GUI file manager. It was always thus and always will be ....

People who have to use unix desktops use xterms and bash as their file managers ....

People who don't have to use unix desktops don't use them ....

by NewMandrakeUser (not verified)

"People who have to use unix desktops use xterms and bash as their file managers ...."

Very amusing, you really don't know what you are talking about, so I'll make it short.
Konqueror is all in all the best browser I ever used. For work I use Linux, and my file management is sometimes from the command line and sometimes Konqui, dependeing on what's faster for what I need. At home we only use Linux, we use it for everything, and we couldn't be happier Speak for yourself next time ...

by Matt (not verified)

well, if you don't like Konq, then you should try Rox. I've heard plenty of people rave about it.

by lintjens (not verified)

I must have eaten something wrong. Downloading right now.
I was messing with debian because of rh attitude, hmm maybe nxt time
wow. 8.0 packages. still receiving


(i still can't believe this)

by jeke (not verified)

Debian also has packages for 3.1.1.

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

Yeah, wow. I think you can thank Than Ngo from Red Hat Europe for that.

Not sure though. I'm only did an rpm2header on kdeedu-devel-3.1.1-0.8x.1.i386.rpm

by lintjens (not verified)

and it rocks. Looks very stable, fast. Very nice.
kuddo's to kdepim people. I can now finaly share my addresbook with my wifes.
Been working a day with 3.1.1, and it is as solid as 3.0. I can say that I am very impressed
with svg icons and konq tabbed browsing (althoug i miss mozilla's X button next to the tabs)

kde rocks (and yes, I've been progressing with debian, actually got 3.1.1 working on debian this afternoon! Hope to convert rather soon, since debian seems to be closer to the kde releases and apt-get install simply rocks)

And hey people, check this out: Konsole is actually working this time (what, rh didn't want to disable kde with this release ?) No more ugly 20x Xterm

(for the first time in 5 month's a happy rh 8.0 user)

by Joeri Sebrechts (not verified)

"althoug i miss mozilla's X button next to the tabs"

You can add a "close this tab" button to your toolbar to get equivalent functionality. Sure, it's not in the same spot (which is more off-putting than you would think), but it works.

by lintjens (not verified)

yeah, not on the same spot but good enough for me. tnx for the tip!


by David Bakody (not verified)

I was stunned as well. A few days ago I was debating whether or not to move away from RH due to their marginal support of KDE - and now here they go rolling binaries right out the gate with the release of KDE 3.1.1.

I hope this is going to become a pattern for Red Hat. I have nothing against Gnome, but Red Hat is a large and popular distribution and their support of KDE only helps their position and standing with users plus the community in general.

by KDE User (not verified)

Chances are, it's one guy doing it on his own in his personal time.

by David Bakody (not verified)

I hope that is not the case, but I suspect you are right. It's probably some lone gunman at Red Hat that rolled these and then got called onto the carpet by a PHB warning him not to ever try that again.

On the other hand, maybe Red Hat really is just playing nice and gave some time to an employee to roll binaries for everyone.

You never know.

I'm sure we'll eventually find out.

by hcmeyer (not verified)

Rex Deiter at University of Nebraska at Lincoln has a sourceforge project for kde and rh8, at:


and has had a public apt repository up for about 3 weeks now.

by hmmm (not verified)

Thank you so much for such a wonderful environment. The number one problem about it is that going back to anything else is painful. OS X ? much too limited. XP ? hurts my eyes, and the filemanager sucks at ftp (not to mention no ssh (fish://)).

As I am (nearly) an engineer, I write all of my reports with LaTeX. I was wondering if one day Kword would in fact be able to replace it. And I think that the new improved equation editor -- capable of actually _performing_ calculations -- is making it advance towards that goal.

My questions (very humble) are :

-- will there be at some point "typesetters" on the kde-level capable of TeX-quality output ? I am thinking, even for monospace type fonts for the mails.

-- Cross-reference/index-generation for Kword ?

I know those points are not directly related to the article -- but by my book, though I have no doubt that KDE can become even better (small (or big) usability inprovement here and there, eye-candy, even more IOSlaves, perfect translations, focus-follows-mind :)) but as it is it is for me perfect. Seriously.

Perhaps the defaults could be slightly altered (see screenshot), but what, this is a stricly selfish point :)

Again, thank you !

PS (the TeX fonts have been transformed into TT fonts

they could be included with KDE :)

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

What's wrong with LaTeX though -- if you're adept at LaTeX there's no reason to throw it away. :)

I don't think KWord is targeting the same crowd as LaTeX does, though I could be wrong. There's always the KLyX option...

Nice screenshot, btw.

by hmmm (not verified)

There certainly is nothing wrong with LaTeX. LaTeX is the Tao. LaTeX is Beauty, and therefore it is Truth (sory Keats :))

But something must be said about a program wich can read MS-Word docs and make them into something that doesn't hurt the eyes :) Also, although I'll probably keep writing (La)TeX without anything else than an editor (Another fantastic feature of KDE, it can use the TeX-ispell dict ! Yay kate ! ), It would be easier to convince my partners to use kword than LaTeX... (though I have made many adepts in my class :) -- it is my own little contribution to dent the hegemony of MS-Word)

In fact I believe Koffice is the single most important subproject of KDE -- not because it is the most useful to me -- it isn't, by far -- but because getting rid of the evil that is MS-word is of paramount importance for the survival of humanity :)

You think I jest ?

A civilisation which keeps its archives, its knowledge and History in a format controled by a single, close entity, not interested in anything else than profit (which is fine by me, note -- they are a company driving for profit, after all) deserves to decade, decay and die.

Yes, I love books made out of paper (proper books, sewn, not glued, made with paper capable of withstanding Time).

Sorry for the rant. So anyway, when is Koffice 1.3 due ? ;)

by Tom (not verified)

You're right about the problem of hegemonic closed file formats, and in fact it's a problem bigger than MS-Word itself. Have a read of http://www.tomchance.uklinux.net/articles/darkages.shtml for a scary look at what could become of our culture and history, should open formats not be promoted, and laws be changed to allow the cracking of redundant closed formats.

What we really need is for the KOffice team to get together with AbiWord, OpenOffice and the other big FS players and agree on a set of open, XML-based formats, so they're standard between all office suites, and then the pressure will build on MS to get least use them, even if they still tack on pointless proprietary extensions.