KDE 4.0 Beta 2 Released, Codename "Cartoffel"

The KDE Community proudly presents the second Beta release for KDE
. This release marks the beginning of the feature freeze and the stabilization of the current
codebase. Simultaneously the KOffice developers have announced
their third Alpha
, marking significant improvements in this innovative office suite. Both KDE and KOffice have benefited from the Google Summer of Code, as most resulting code has now been merged. Read on for more details.

Since the libraries were frozen with the first beta, KDE developers have been adding features and functionality to their applications. Now it is time to start polishing these features; writing and translating documentation, improving the usability, and completing the artwork. As KDE 4.0 is feature-frozen now and going full on into bugfixing mode, major ideas and changes will be held off until KDE 4.1. However, some KDE components, such as Plasma, are exempt from this freeze and will still see significant

The info page has more information, including information on how to obtain KDE 4.0 Beta 2.

Packages are available for Kubuntu, Mandriva and openSUSE.

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by reihal (not verified)

Installation hangs on a ATA Raid system. Or whatever the reason is.
No workie!

by reihal (not verified)

Er, I mean loading not installation.

by Coward (not verified)

Can anyone can post some screenshots?

by anonymous-from-... (not verified)

'Cartoffel' means 'potato' in russian

by Michl (not verified)

The german word is "Kartoffel". This would even fit better to the C-K-twist that was in the name of the first beta "Cnuth".

by A. Frolenkov (not verified)

Hahaha, so I'm not the only one who noticed it!

I really laughed. =)

by szlam (not verified)

German language. It's the same in the Polish language. "Kartofel" for a spud.

by vm (not verified)

I installed the packages from kde.org mirror. When I log into kde4, I don't see much. The panel on the bottom has two boxes with the message that this object could not be rendered. The mouse doesn't do anything on the desktop.

There is one item names "desktop toolbox" on the desktop. It is iconless but hovering over it presents a menu. With that, I can 'run' the konsole command and from there, run some apps.

All in all, from the desktop itself, I cannot do much. Am I missing some packages ?

by Heretic (not verified)

Yeah I get the same shit on kubuntu and according to the forums opensuse has the same issue as well. The livecd also has the problem. Seems like the panel wasn't tested that much before being included into beta2. Unless I'm totally missing something.

by Poborskiii (not verified)

For me it seems that released beta2 tarballs from kde.org are incomplete or broken. Missing kopete in kdenetwork, kicker is also missing etc. SVN tarballs are O.K.

by Heretic (not verified)

For people that have no idea what it looks like:


by Iamn00b? (not verified)

Yes I can confirm that I am having the same issue as you and I am running on kubuntu feisty after I installed the kdebase-workspace package from the backports server.

Now this is a sad day for me, since I had the exact same issue with beta 1. I'd really love to play with plasma etcetera... for the love of all things good (ergo, kde) please have this fixed!


by Joe (not verified)

i have the same problem with beta2 and openSuse. Is there any workaround or do i have to wait for beta3?

by Heretic (not verified)

Seems like who ever packaged this seems to have left out playground for some reason. Any one know if this will be corrected or is this a "Just deal with it" scenario?

by Mike (not verified)

On the Kubuntu packages page, it says that plasma should work, but I can't find it in the kde4-* packages they provide (gutsy). How do I get it/start it?

by Kevin Kofler (not verified)

It should be in kdebase-workspace.

Thanks, I found them now. I was only looking for kde4*-packages...

by Bart (not verified)

Sorry, but KDE4 looks soooooooo ugly and 'simple'.

by Anon (not verified)

Thanks for the detailed and useful feedback!

by illu (not verified)

pls post file startkde for kde 4.0 beta 2(3.93) or give me a link where i can find it. if you have the beta 2 installed pls look in /usr/bin/kde4/bin/startkde an post the content.

by Arne Babenhause... (not verified)

Also there are Gentoo ebuilds in the kde overlay:
- http://overlays.gentoo.org/proj/kde/wiki

by chris (not verified)

Sorry, guys, but this release still hasn't even reached alpha quality in my opinion. As eager I am to see KDE 4 released, please take your time. And stop releasing something as Beta that's barely testable.