People of KDE: Rob Kaper

For this week's edition of "People of KDE", Tink interviews Rob Kaper, author of Atlantik, all-round KDE evangelist and one of the few KDE developers marked "up for adoption" (and he kindly includes his dishes in the for-adoption kit :-). Say hi to Rob.


i like this line, "I've smoked some strange stuff but never anything of that caliber!". good work rob.

By jz at Mon, 2001/12/03 - 6:00am

No strange stuff necessary for setting the ashtray on fire. It just depends on how full you allow the ashtray to become.

By Uwe Thiem at Mon, 2001/12/03 - 6:00am


By [Bad-Knees] at Mon, 2001/12/03 - 6:00am

> They once locked me up in a gym in South Germany for a couple of nights during
> LinuxTag 2001. That's probably the meanest thing that happened so far.
Hehehe :-)) Same here! I remember very.... uhhm, better not to tell ;) And note
the "locked me up" *LOL* Nice interview, Rob!


By Michael Brade at Mon, 2001/12/03 - 6:00am

Haha, IMHO Malte's constant snoring didn't make it any more comfortable :-) - at least the Gym crew got mentioned on /. (and those wussies who stayed at the Hotal didn't). :-}

By Frerich Raabe at Mon, 2001/12/03 - 6:00am

Bah, /me thinks mine and Nikos delirium to get to our sleeping place is even worse than all your Gym tales together (speaking of.. euhmm.. wussies ;)

(ending the "mine was worse" thread)

By Daniel Molkentin at Mon, 2001/12/03 - 6:00am