Free Software Marketing

Issue 2 of the Free Software Magazine contains two articles by KDE promo member Tom Chance. In Guerrilla Marketing he discusses how KDE's promotion efforts compare to those of other Free Software projects while his interview with Bernhard Reiter, conducted at aKademy last year, discusses marketing in government and software freedom on the desktop.


by pinky (not verified)

I have read the interview with Bernhard Reiter.
He has also given a speech at aKademy, is this speech somewhere online?
I can remember that there was an opportunity to download speeches from the akademy, but i can't find it anymore.

by brockers (not verified)

Yes, on the wiki which is down.

I have a copy here

by Anonymous (not verified)
by Claire (not verified)

Thanks for the links. These are very interesting articles. I also liked
"Every Engineer's Checklist for Justifying Free Software" from the first issue ( ).

by Flavio (not verified)

why not follow good example and create a site based on civicspace? We need a place to discuss, create marketing materials, installation tutorials and call KDE users to arms. What do you think?

by Anonymous (not verified)

The place to discuss this already exists, the kde-promo mailing list.