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What is suitable content for KDE.News?

We accept articles that are of general interest to the KDE community, including the users of KDE software. Therefore we are interested in content about:

  • Feature releases of KDE applications. We do not generally accept stories on development or bugfix releases (subject to the exceptions described below). Do not assume that "everybody knows this app", as the Dot's targeted readership is much wider than, for example Planet KDE's. Including screenshots and screencasts also makes your software more tangible to users.
  • Community events
  • Mentions of KDE on other news sites or popular media
  • Community news
  • Topical feature articles on KDE software, websites or communities - how-tos on getting involved with the KDE community, reviews of recently released software (describe the features. don't include too much of your personal opinions)

What is not generally suitable content?

Anything that is not directly related to the KDE community or its software and is not likely to be of general interest to our readers - there are plenty of other sites covering these types of news. Examples of things that would not normally be suitable are stories about:

  • Linux distribution releases, unless they introduce a significant new KDE technology (such as the Kubuntu technical preview of Plasma Netbook)
  • Development or bugfix releases of KDE software, with the following exceptions:
    • The software compilation (devel and maintenance)
    • First new platform ports (devel)
    • Really exciting new features (devel)
    • Significant new application (devel)
    • "Maintenance" releases which DO include new features (e.g. Amarok, sometimes)
  • Advertising or a press release for your company or organization. However, if your organization is partnering with KDE on a particular topic that would be of interest to our readers we are quite happy to run an article that acknowledges your organization's contribution (for example, recent articles about Nokia collaboration with KOffice and Appliki's collaboration with the Oxygen team)

What if I'm not sure?

You can send an email to [email protected] with details of your article idea and we can let you know whether we think it would be suitable.

Do I have to ask before submitting an article?

No, if you have an article that you think is suitable please feel free to submit it directly. The Dot editors team will then take care of reviewing and publishing it.

How do I include pictures?

Ideally, put them online somewhere and provide link locations at the top of the article text. We will then upload them to the Dot. If this is not possible, provide a brief description in the article text and one of the editors will contact you to have them emailed privately.

How long should an article be?

It depends. Simple news topics can be very brief - application releases can sometimes be only a couple of paragraphs with a link to the application team's website for more information. Similarly, we sometimes use brief articles of a paragraph or two to summarize a news story on another site and then provide a link. Features will be longer; we prefer articles to be under 2000 words in general. If you submit an article that is too long or too short we may either edit it or ask you to submit a shorter or longer version

What if I've heard a good story but don't want to write it myself?

Send an email to [email protected] with brief details and links to further information. Then one of the promotion team members may pick it up and write the article or help you doing so.