New Hardware Serving KDE

In the past, the KDE infrastructure has several times suffered from extended downtime of our websites and mailinglists. That was due to the fact that ailed from old and failing hardware. Forget the past, and welcome our new master:!

ktown, a xSeries x232 kindly donated by IBM is located at the University of Kaiserlautern in Germany. As everyone loves specs, here they are:

2002 Interviews KDevelop Team

In a recent interview conducted by, the hard working people behind the KDevelop IDE talk about the history of the project and their contributions. Light is also shed on the somewhat confusing set of branches that exist for KDevelop and the exciting features of the upcoming Gideon (a.k.a. KDevelop 3). The second part of this interview is due next week.


KDE Ships Release Candidate of Integrated Office Suite

The KOffice team yesterday announced the release of KOffice 1.2 rc1. It marks the last test release before
KOffice 1.2, scheduled for early next month, hits the Net.
Highlights since last month's beta2 release include a substantial number
of fixes and stability and performance enhancements, including important
corrections to the KWord and KPresenter WYSIWYG display, It also features new
read-only Konqueror plugins for


New Milestone for Qt C# Bindings

Qt# 0.4 has been released! Qt# is a set of cross-platform C# bindings for Trolltech's Qt GUI toolkit that is currently targeted towards Mono and Portable.NET.

2002 Qt vs MFC

For those of you not yet convinced of the evils of the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), Philippe Fremy presents the English version of an article by Pascal Audoux that pits MFC against Qt. "The [Qt] architecture is a good object-oriented one and was obviously intelligently designed. The result is a toolkit very consistent regarding naming, inheritance, class organisation and methods.


Kernel Cousin KDE #42 Is Out

Kernel Cousin KDE #42 has hit the virtual shelves.


OfB Open Choice Awards 2002: KDE 3.0 Best Desktop

Open for Business has held its first annual

OfB Open Choice Awards
and KDE 3.0 has won in the category
Best Desktop Environment:
"If the KDE Project had been content to stick with KDE 2.x, this may very
well have been GNOME's year to shine. Unfortunately for the younger project, KDE
moved forward at such a rapid pace this year, some people thought the project's


Sebastien Biot: KDE Usability - First Steps

Sebastian Biot looks at KDE Usability in the first of a series of studies. "While some participants noted that KDE looked different from Windows, none seemed bothered by the differences and the look-and-feel of KDE. Users identified all the elements of the interface without any trouble including KDE's Konqueror and KMail icons. Most users seemed to understand the K menu's presence and function intuitively and they used it much more than I had anticipated.


Kernel Cousin KDE #41 Is Out

Kernel Cousin KDE #41 has been published. This edition includes Konq/E updates, KOrganizer compatiblity with Exchange 2000, tabbed browsing updates for Konqueror, KDE 3.2 candidates such as fractions with KBruch and KSVG. Enjoy!


Dot Series: Creating Konqueror Service Menus

The ability to select mimetype-specific actions from Konqueror's context menu is an oft-requested feature. The pleasant surprise is that this is already possible. The even more pleasant surprise is that you don't need to be a software developer to do it. This article, the fourth in the dot tutorial series, details step-by-step how to quickly and easily add new actions to Konqueror's context menu.