Transparency here, transparency there....

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For the last couple days, I've been working on making things transparent in KDE. This is pretty easy to do, but time consuming. Most notable success so far is with Konqueror. Next up, ksirc, and hopefully kicker. This code cannot go into 2.1, since we are in a feature freeze, but the following version of KDE should be quite transparent! [Ed: Also check out the transparency screenshots for Kasbar TNG.

KDE Dot News: Configurable Thread Thresholds

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As some of you may have noticed, lately we've been getting more and more postings at KDE Dot News. With the increasing number of comments, we've also been getting more and more complaints about the fact that KDE Dot News automatically switches to threading when the number of articles in a forum goes over our global threshold.

Good news for KWord: Qt3 widget ported to Qt2

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Back in November, Reginald Stadlbauer announced a new rich text widget for Qt. That widget could provide, he said, a very stable base for KWord. So a rich text branch of KWord was started and became the focal point of KWord development... The problem was that the new widget was only slated to appear in Qt3.

"Business Ethics" in the Open Source Community?

What do we do when one of our own, a company with long-time roots in the Open Source community, rejects our code of ethics and resorts to deceitful tactics for the express purpose of undermining an Open Source project? It appears that the newly-named Ximian is doing exactly that.

Cervisia 1.0 and 1.1 released

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Cervisia, an advanced graphical frontend for CVS, has finally been released as a 1.0 version. This release compiles either with KDE1 or KDE2 and contains complete documentation. Also available now is the 1.1 release, which contains a pile of new features and usability enhancements. Read on for a few highlights.

Cervisia features include:

KDE 2.1 Release Delayed 1 Week

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David Faure, our release manager, has announced the latest KDE 2.1 release schedule. KDE 2.1 will now be officially announced Feb 26, mainly due to popular demand and the fact that the KDE Artist Team is hard at work polishing up this release. For a preview of what's to come, check out the new KControl design. Definitely seems worth the wait!