People Behind KDE: Claudiu Costin

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This week's edition of The People Behind KDE features an interview with Claudiu Costin of the Romanian translation team. "In March 1999, I obtained KDE-1.1.1 and I hugely liked it, especially the idea that I had the code and I was able to change it to my will. When I saw how easy I could modify visible strings thus being able to do translations, I started to translate KPackage 1.2.

Python Bindings and Scripting for KDE Updated

Dot Categories: is pleased to announce the release of VeePee v1.0 and SIP/PyQt/PyKDE version 2.1. VeePee is the Python-based scripting environment for KDE, and SIP/PyQt/PyKDE are the Python bindings for Qt and KDE. These updates are to support Python 2.0 as well as numerous feature additions and some bug fixes.

Norwegian language movement says: "Boycott Microsoft - use KDE instead"

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The organization Norsk Målungdom, which works with promoting the Norwegian (Nynorsk) language, asks Norwegian schools to boycott Microsoft products and use KDE instead. MS Windows and Office only exist in the Norwegian (Bokmål) language, but Norwegian law states that pupils have the right to books and equipment in their own language.

So far, Microsoft has claimed that a translation to Nynorsk will be too expensive. Virtually all schools in Norway use MS software, and that means all applications are in Bokmål.

Kivio First Public Beta Available

Dot Categories: is pleased to announce the first public beta of Kivio, our diagramming and flowcharting tool for Linux/KDE.

Kivio is the first and most complete diagramming tool for KDE. Kivio has been integrated into KOffice through the use of KParts. This technology preview release is the first public beta of Kivio. There is a core set of functionality and features to start getting feedback from the Linux/KDE community.