KDE 3.2 Reaches Final Stage: Announcing Release Candidate 1

After over a year of development we're ready to announce the release of the first (and hopefully last) release candidate for KDE 3.2.0. Get it from download.kde.org or use Konstruct if you don't feel like calling configure by yourself. Due to the time constraints, don't expect distribution binaries, but they may pop up at download.kde.org URL too.


Thanks to all the KDE team for this wonderful accomplishment ! Rudi (and then Dobra Voda) : my best desktop experience to date ! Since I compile from source on a "relatively slow" computer, I wait for the final release. For now, I keep enjoying beta2 ! Thanks again guys !

By jeanux at Mon, 2004/01/19 - 6:00am

thanks to those responsible for...
1) the new mapping of the Win key to the kde taskbar program menu in 3.2
2) the much-improved tab support in konqueror 3.2
3) the beginnings of svg support in kde 3.2
4) konsole, the crown jewel of kde (along with konqueror) for my usage
5) the continued enhancement of khtml in 3.2

thanks will go to whoever...
1) makes file association mappings view-profile specific or local vs. network specific
2) creates a read-only version of the ktexteditor service that is better suited for browsing of text files
3) continues to improve khtml and ksvg

By long time kde user at Mon, 2004/01/19 - 6:00am

I always thought I would give thanks to whoever...
4) makes it easy to choose your default browser.

By Trejkaz at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

Does using the Control Center to change the preferred application for inode/directory and text/html not work anymore?

By Anonymous at Wed, 2004/01/21 - 6:00am

By Helmut Stubbe at Mon, 2004/01/19 - 6:00am

Hey, can you please test the rpms before you post an url ?

these have requires to qt 3.3 and the rpms do not exist there.

but the german mirror has them:


By Micha at Mon, 2004/01/19 - 6:00am

Nice! Anyone tried this rpms yet?
How did it go? Any packaging problems?

By Source at Mon, 2004/01/19 - 6:00am

I'm using the RPMs for SuSE 9.0 right this second.

Easiest set of KDE rpms I've ever installed, no dependency issues at all.

Everything seems to be spanky :-)

By Max Howell at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

I apt-get the Suse 9.0 RPM's last night and will be backing them out tonight.
Kmail and Knode are gone, I have 3 clocks on the tool bar now and none of my previous application buttons (menu, shell, kmail, knode) Sound is not working now either and it is so slow I thought I had acidentally started my P166.

By Mike at Wed, 2004/01/21 - 6:00am

At least the 8.1 packages are built with the wrong toolchain and require glibc 3.2.2 while SuSE 8.1 still uses 2.2.5

Same as with KDE 3.1.5 lately.
KDE 3.1.94 was ok *sigh*


By Oliver Fels at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

a glibc 3.2 does not exist at all. Do you mean 2.3 ? but that is wrong,

rpm -qp --requires *rpm | grep GLIBC_2.3

tells you ...

By Micha at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

While it says glibc 2.3, what it actually means is libstdc++ from gcc 3.2.2. As Oliver says, SuSE 8.1 uses gcc 3.2, so it's really helpful that they got the dependancies wrong. I wouldn't mind if they made gcc 3.2.2 available for SuSE 8.1, but they didn't even do that.

Actually, you can force the RPM install (--nodeps), and it seems to work OK. If I really wanted, I could compile gcc myself from source, but that doesn't fix the dependancy problem. Yast complains whenever I go in there!

I'm still on SuSE 8.1, but if 9.1 has KDE 3.2 I'll buy it!

-- Steve

By Steve at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

I take that back: it doesn't all work OK (the SuSE 8.1 RPMs, that is). Example:

kcalc: /usr/lib/./libstdc++.so.5: version `GLIBCPP_3.2.2' not found (required by /opt/kde3/lib/kcalc.so)

While I really appreciate someone else compiling stuff up for me, getting it wrong like that completely defeats the point of precompiling.

To whoever made the SuSE 8.1 packages: please fix them! (Or provide the new GCC packages.)

-- Steve

By Steve at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

Bug report filed at SuSE.
Let's wait and see what happens.
I don't want to build the whole beast, though I have done it in the past.


By Oliver Fels at Wed, 2004/01/21 - 6:00am

Watch out for some of the QT3 rpms especially qt3-postgresql, qt3-devel-tools and qt3-extensions. These are for qt3-3.2.3, at least they were from the mirror at ibiblio.org. The main qt3 and qt3-devel where okay.

By GeorgeMoody at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

"rpm -Uvh" on the rpms there (ftp://ftp.de.kde.org/pub/kde/unstable/3.1.95/) for SuSE 9.0 gave me
"libkdeinit_noatun.so is needed by kdemultimedia3-video-3.1.95-0".

After some googling without success I found that I could use kdemultimedia3-3.1.95-1.i586.rpm from Adrian to get it.

It looks as if kdemultimedia3-3.1.95-x.i586.rpm is missing (at least) on the german mirror???

Haven't installed it yet though, will try in a few hours.

By Martin at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

The one from Adrian seems to work.
kdemultimedia3-3.1.95 is missing on the main kde-Server as well...

Great, I can use konqueror again! Was crashing in beta2.

Unfortunately where are some font issues when opening a konsole. Anyone else had this?

By anony-mouse at Wed, 2004/01/21 - 6:00am

has anyone else noticed that the icons look rather strange when they are selected? I don't know if this is a SuSE specific thing, or if it is a more general issue with this RC. Any thoughts?

By Steve W. at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

It's a SUSE gcc compiler bug miscompiling MMX/SSE2 optimizations, works with pure GNU gcc.

By Anonymous at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

oh yeah... forgot, I'm also having problem with Kopete saving my passwords for automatic logon

By Steve W. at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

Just tried the SuSE RPMs for 9.0 from the kde-Server.
>init 5
gives me a message "A critical error occured"
Please look at the kdm's logfile(s) ...

The only error found in /var/log/kdm.log is QImage::convertDepth: Image is a null image.

Are there other kdm.logs somewhere?

By Anonymous at Wed, 2004/01/21 - 6:00am

Look for message in /var/log/messages

By Jim at Mon, 2007/04/02 - 5:00am

Do I have to install these manually or is there a way to use yast2?

I can do it manually but I'd rather do it automagically with yast.


By Hiryu at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

1) download all rpm's in one folder

2) Strg+Alt+F1

3) Login as root

4) #init 3

5) Change to the folder where you have copied the rpm's

6) #yast -i *.rpm (could take a while)

7) #init 5

that's it (hopefully)

By thorsten k. at Wed, 2004/01/21 - 6:00am

i'm also trying to upgrade to 3.2, but i'm having some problems
now i got installed : arts, lib*, qt3 and kdelibs
and after installing kdelibs, and trying install another rpm i get this error : There appears to be a configuration error. You have associated Konqueror with application/x-rpm, but it can't handle this file type.
( system becomes unstable, so i have to downgrade back to 3.14 )

i'm upgrading with konqueror
is this the right way to upgrade ? ...
where did i mess it up ?

help and
tnx for answers

By ycw_ at Wed, 2004/01/21 - 6:00am

Has anyone tried the SuSE RPMs from ftp.suse.com (or a mirror) in in the supplimentary section where KDE official releases are normally placed? I just downloaded them, but I've only seen bad reports on alt.os.linux.suse so I was hoping to hear at least one positive report before I plunge in.



By Dave M at Thu, 2004/01/22 - 6:00am

I managed to use #rpm -Uhv --nodeps --force *.rpm and it works all fine.
After that run yast system update and it tells you what to deinstall.
My 3.2 works great.

By Charles S at Tue, 2004/03/23 - 6:00am

I, too, want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who helped in making this the best KDE ever!

I've used Beta 2 on Gentoo recently - it's wonderful. I love the Plastik style. Kontakt is just great. KMail is notably faster on large mail folders. Control Center is much improved. So much more, and even more yet to discover...

Can't wait to compile RC 1 tonight. So, thanks again - you all rock!


By René Gaß at Mon, 2004/01/19 - 6:00am

Rene, how did you go about compiling for Gentoo? I tried emerging the beta and I'm getting errors trying to open many programs, most notably konqueror. I unmasked everything I thought needed to be unmasked. If you could give me a minit how-to I would be most grateful.


By cirehawk at Mon, 2004/01/19 - 6:00am

I had first installed autoconf 2.58, then KDE 3.1.4 and later KDE 3.2 Beta 2. Nothing special on my side, except for copying all Beta 2 related lines from /usr/portage/profiles/packages.mask to /usr/portage/profiles/packages.unmask and giving ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" in /etc/make.conf . I had KDE running first with XFree 4.3 and now with XFree Beware, this is from memory only, as I don't have access to my PC right now.


By René Gaß at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

In fact, it was /etc/portage/package.unmask instead of /usr/portage/profiles/packages.unmask , which I had to create as it wasn't on the system before.

BTW: I've got RC1 running on Linux Kernel 2.6.1 now. This thing is just insanely faaaaast! Honestly, the speed of this combination just blows your mind right away.


By René Gaß at Wed, 2004/01/28 - 6:00am

Could someone please enlighten us and explain what's the state of of khtml
vs current Safari webcore 1.06?

Looking forward for 3.2 being in debian unstable :-)

By ac at Mon, 2004/01/19 - 6:00am

It will be, first, in experimental


By Maillequeule at Mon, 2004/01/19 - 6:00am

From a /. post:

>> How is the relationship between Apple and the kde project?
> Good.. the khtml developers and apple have a private mailing list where they
> roll changes back between KDE and Webcore.

Is this true? Or just /. rumours... ???

By ac at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

That's true.

By Waldo Bastian at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

Why is it private?

By Anne-Marie Mahfouf at Wed, 2004/01/21 - 6:00am

Because they dont want their work interupted by ppl who mistake a work-list with a community-list ;-)

But yes.. id like it to be a read-only too.


By kidcat at Wed, 2004/01/21 - 6:00am

Good to here. Having a private list is a good idea, but sometimes people outside wonder what is happening sometimes.

By David at Wed, 2004/01/21 - 6:00am

I just can't spell these days!

By David at Wed, 2004/01/21 - 6:00am

By ac at Mon, 2004/01/19 - 6:00am

Yes, it seems just about every comment is positive. A big turn from previous KDE sightings at Slashdot. Maybe the trolls have found something more productive to do.

By Mario at Mon, 2004/01/19 - 6:00am

This is a very good release. It works very well and stable!

By ac at Mon, 2004/01/19 - 6:00am

The last several KDE articles on Slashdot have been rather positive. I think the people dispelling some of the prevailing FUD about KDE are starting to have an effect :)

By Rayiner Hashem at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

I haven't tried RC1 yet, but I am using beta-2. The khtml bugs that were preventing me from viewing some popular, very non-geek, sites were fixed with beta-2 and I'm assuming with RC1. I had posted a couple months ago, maybe more, about some khtml bugs. I'm so glad the bugs were fixed. Now I can ditch Firebird almost completely. THANKS! :) Konqueror can now browse almost everything -- only just some minor layout-spacing bugs but everything I try is now visible.

By SuperPET Troll at Mon, 2004/01/19 - 6:00am

Good to see you happy with all those bugs.

By noname at Mon, 2004/01/19 - 6:00am

Maybe some people will set up a bit-torrent or edonkey directory...


and so on...

By Mathias Schindler at Mon, 2004/01/19 - 6:00am

Some of the developers have edonkey-clients running with the current tar.bz2 source tree, but sadly a lot of servers are configures to drop tar.bz2 files (dunno why). So it's kinda hard to find them.

By Andy at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

This should be great. Thanks for all of the hard work. I have a couple of feature requests for the future... just can't find a good spot for them.. but i would really like to see a couple of features that are currently found in ROX but seem to be well suited for KDE.

AppDirs (each application gets its own directory where all of it's files belong, libraries excluded)

Drag and Drop save... the opposite of drag and drop load... drag from an app to the file manager and voilia.

once again. thanks a ton.

By jcd at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

> Drag and Drop save... the opposite of drag and drop load... drag from an app to the file manager and voilia.

I've seen that as an experimental patch for Gimp 1.3.xx and for KOffice, but is was not accepted, since it gives many problems when running on Gnu. If translators have an ftp or sshfs shadowed into your current documents dir, it is impossible to determine, where the file(s) should go. Normal file save dialogs are adjusted so they can handle this, but pure drap and drop won't work (because you can even use ro and rw fs together in one dir).

By Andy at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am

fedora rpms


By lars at Tue, 2004/01/20 - 6:00am