Competition (Im)possible at aKademy

Attention aKademy participants! The mission, if you choose to accept it, is to update at least a single unwritten entry in the new KDE User Guide. You can see the current content here. The best submission received by Saturday 12 noon will win a book from the great collection of O'Reilly books (including a signed Samba book, C++ Pocket References, and the entire Linux Webserver CD Bookshelf and much more to choose from). Read on for full details.

This competition is only open to people at aKademy - we will be running similar open competitions in the future. Submit your work in plain text to [email protected] before midday on Saturday (28th). Take a look at the content in Part I to get an idea of what we're looking

Rumors suggest that entries for Part II, Chapter 12 "Tinkering Under the Hood", covering the undocumented wonders of KDE's config files, daemons and underlying technologies, are in with a great chance.

The full book list, kindly donated by O'Reilly, is as follows:

  • Programming Qt (signed by Kalle, the author)
  • Secure Coding Principles & Practices
  • Linux in a Nutshell
  • We the Media
  • Webmaster in a Nutshell
  • The Linux Webserver CD Bookshelf
  • Linux Security Cookbook
  • Managing IMAP
  • Linux Server Hacks
  • XML Hacks
  • Linux Pocket Guide
  • Linux Network Administrator's Guide
  • Using Samba (signed by John H. Terpstra)
  • Hackers & Painters, Big Ideas from the Computer Age
  • Free as in Freedom
  • C++ Pocket Reference

For more information, contact Lauri Watts, Philip Rodrigues or Tom Chance.

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by Philip Rodrigues (not verified)

I don't think either of these have a particular section in the User Guide (yet!), but they'd also be bits that a developer could write a little bit about.
For kstart, a full description (with screenshots?) of the --type options would be particularly useful.

by Corbin (not verified)

Wow I've never even heard of Kstart... and most of KDcop's features don't seem to work (or im not using them right...) too bad I can't RTFM! ... or maybe RTFUG... yeah thats more accurate

by Richard Moore (not verified)

The type option set the window type to one of those listed in the NET WM specification:



by Jonathan C. Dietrich (not verified)

Actually, its Write TFM!

by Frankie (not verified)

"Competition Impossible" sounds like a book about the dangers of software patents.