NEPOMUK-KDE Workshop in Paris

NEPOMUK is the social semantic desktop project which is planned to be integrated into KDE 4. The work is being done by Mandriva programmers Sebastian Trüg (of K3b's fame) and Stephane Lauriere. As the move to kdelibs is planned, there will be a couple of presentations in Paris to clarify the aims of the project and its technical aspects. The first one will be held at the "Solution Linux" meeting on the 31st January. The second will be happening directly at the Mandriva Offices on the 1st and 2nd February. Sebastian's announcement on the Mandriva mailing list has more details.


As we all know Meta Tagging is a lot of work.

so how about:

Distributed Meta-tagging (D.M.T.) :> (amarok??)

perhaps server based, so there is no connection between users visible wich share the same files.

Just an Idea

By chri at Tue, 2007/01/16 - 6:00am

It's called last.fm and you should have already checked their website out.

This is serious, widespread tagging as good as it gets. And I'm sure there's an nice way to integrate it with Amarok and the Nepomuk tagging possibilities.

I think this idea was already topic on the Amarok mailing list. Anyway, the hardest part is probably how to integrate it all so that it does make sense and is not just useless information overkill.

By Phase II at Wed, 2007/01/17 - 6:00am

You obviously have no idea of how horribly tagged is music at Last.fm then... Try to Last.fm for "carrot". Or psytrance... for god sake, you have pop tracks under "techno", and metal stuff under "classic".

By NabLa at Wed, 2007/01/17 - 6:00am

True, I'm not quite up-to-date how the tags actually looks like. But its not like some other site would be magically better. Perhaps some kind of weighting system could help with silly tags.
There are probably a dozen more sites of these kind. Still last.fm has potential, they're known, big, and quite open.

By Phase II at Wed, 2007/01/17 - 6:00am

This is actually all part of the Nepomuk project. :)

By Sebastian Trüg at Sat, 2007/01/20 - 6:00am

Any kontact/kaddressbook gurus around? Seems that meeting invitations (exchange) sent to mailing lists are handled plain wrong - there's no valid way to accept such beast. If you click on 'accept', it presents you a dialog for choosing your identity from the list which seems to be built from receivers of the message. If you choose the mailing list (as you have to) it seems to reply to sender with From: address pointing to mailing list. Ough. Any known workarounds?

By jmk at Wed, 2007/01/17 - 6:00am

any bugreports on bugs.kde.org?

By superstoned at Wed, 2007/01/17 - 6:00am


By jmk at Wed, 2007/01/17 - 6:00am

What makes this bug annoying is that it tells how little kontact has been used as a groupware client :/. This is really basics. It's also suprising that it hasn't been whined about. Also the fact that devs haven't even bothered to confirm the bug tells the level of interest in the subject :/. Damm.

By jmk at Wed, 2007/01/17 - 6:00am

This is not a forum for discussing bugs. Use the bug tracker at bugs.kde.org to report bugs (as there seems to be a bug report for that, better add your comments there). For further questions consult the kdepim-users mailing list.

By Frank at Wed, 2007/01/17 - 6:00am

I quote from the NEPOMUK-KDE wiki:
"The most interesting type of metadata is, however, the kind that cannot be extracted easily by an indexer and is not generated by the user manually. [...] The same goes for the (rather popular) example of email attachments: Once an email attachment is saved to the local harddisk its connection to the email and with it the connection to the sender is lost."

Ok, it seems that kind of metadata is generated automaticaly with nepomuk, but if I rename or move that file, is that metadata lost or not ?

By capit. Igloo at Wed, 2007/01/17 - 6:00am

No, the plan is to have the filesystem monitored and update file locations and even file names.

By Sebastian Trüg at Sat, 2007/01/20 - 6:00am

I really like Mandriva Linux but the problem is that we still have no common standards and Mandriva is somehow unique. What users want is applications which run on every distribution, Klik sounds good but does Mandrive support it?

By fun at Wed, 2007/01/17 - 6:00am

uh ? what are exactly talking about ? Version number ? Binary compatibility ? Packaging system ? You can perfectly use a klik package on Mandriva and the official package system is rpm which a part of the LSB.

No seriously I really don't get your post :/

By Morreale Jean Roc at Wed, 2007/01/17 - 6:00am

he is right Mandriva Linux will not run rpm file it just does not in stall them it is strange

By Eddy at Wed, 2007/06/06 - 5:00am