KPovModeler: A Graphical Modeler for KDE

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After a good year of public existence, KPovModeler 0.2 is released.
KPovModeler is a full-featured graphical modeler and composer for creating POV-Ray(TM) scenes under KDE 3. It now supports almost the full gamut of POV-Ray 3.1 functionality -- see these nice screenshots. KPovModeler is a new member of the KDE Graphics package, but we are still looking for a documentation writer to join the project.

Guarddog Firewall 2.0 Almost Ready For Release

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Guarddog is an easy to use, yet powerful, firewall for Linux machines running KDE 2 or 3. Guarddog isn't just a pretty GUI face thrown over the standard command-line firewalling utilities, it allows you to quickly and easily specify your firewall policy at a high-level, and then takes care of the rest. The first release candidate, version 1.9.15, is out and now needs heavy user testing.