People behind KDE: Sirtaj Singh Kang

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Sirtaj Singh Kang is one of the app-producing machines that helped propel Unix into the desktop arena way back in the legendary days of the KDE genesis. His native tongue is Perl and his boot-up sequence involves a quirky coffee-shower combination. We also look forward to Taj's soon-to be-released mysterious Python application that will allegedly forever change the way we open the doors of luxurious buildings. Or something.

People Behind KDE: Navindra Umanee

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This week, in The People Behind KDE, yours truly speaks candidly to Tink. "I'm rooting for the KDE League to have some form of impact on the PR scene any time now, but it is quite clear that community involvement is more important than ever. The community can accomplish quite a lot on its own that the KDE League could never do, though there are definitely things (such as mainstream press) best left to the League." Read it all here.

People of KDE: George Staikos

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The current interviewee of Tink's grand series is George Staikos. One of the members of the young KDE guard, George is very active in the parts of KDE that relate to cryptography. He helps with KMail and KOffice too, and he makes up brilliantly for the notorious lack of Canadian KDE developers :-). On a personal note, George is one of the very few KDE friends that I had the great chance to meet in person. Interview with Martin Konold

Dot Categories: is running an interesting, circa KDE 2.1, interview with Martin Konold. Apart from a few misspellings and minor errors, it makes for an entertaining read. "Konqueror is really good. It supports Netscape plugins. Java is supported too. It's extremely standards compliant. When we started out with Konqueror, people questioned our decision. They questioned that Mozilla would be out soon why then, were we building our own browser.

People Behind KDE: Anne-Marie Mahfouf

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Are you looking for proof that the KDE Project is about more than just an assortment of code? Or are you trying to understand the joy and passion that people seem to share for this project? Then you may enjoy this interesting interview that Anne-Marie Mahfouf has granted to Tink. Anne-Marie is interested in KDE documentation, translations and eduware. She is only too right when she says that the documentation and translation teams deserve more of our praise and attention.