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KDE.ie on Software Patents

KDE Ireland, the committees of the Irish Linux Users' Group and the
Irish Free Software Organisation, on behalf of their members, have sent a
briefing document
to all Irish MEPs to explain the issues surrounding Software Patentability & EU Directive COD/2002/0047 as we see them and to impress upon the MEPs the importance of voting against this directive in its current form.

NewsForge: KDE on Windows Philosophers Debate

NewsForge is running a Platonic dialog considering the eternal question: "Should KDE be ported to Windows?". The voices of Socrates, Glaucon and Thrasymachus present the various arguments for and against the issue, making for an easy to understand presentation of the various aspects of this classic debate that will likely pop up again with KDE 4.

George Staikos: KDE Breaking the Network Barrier

In his bi-weekly column "KDE: From the Source" at O'Reilly's OSDir.com George Staikos talks in the current issue about KDE's fully networked desktop protocol handlers as well his favorite local ones. To quote George: "Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X have a long way to go to catch up with the robust, transparent functionality that KDE has provided since version 2.0."

George Staikos Column on KDE at O'Reilly OSDir.com

George Staikos is away at the moment but today I published the first of a bi-weekly column at O'Reilly's OSDir.com of what I hope are many insightful and informative articles by George on issues and happenings from the KDE project. Naturally, the first concerns the release of KDE 3.3.

I'm also on the lookout for interesting screenshots if anyone is interested in posting some and pinging me.

Conquering the Enterprise Desktop

As part of an exciting new initiative by a group of KDE and Debian developers, a strategy has been formulated to conquer the enterprise desktop. The proposal covers integration and development of standard KDE features as well as developing Debian-specific integration such as an installer and system tools.