KDE-Edu Education Survey

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The KDE-Edu team is looking for feedback from their users, to help drive development in directions that best suit their needs. All users are welcome to have their say. A short five-minute questionnaire has been created, asking for three key points where you think the KDE-Edu applications could be improved, as well as to gather general feedback. We look forwards to hearing your responses.

Student Applications Open for 2009 OpenUsability Season of Usability

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Are you a student of design, usability, human factors, or other HCI-related field? Are you interested in working on an open source project? For 10-15 hours a week between June 1 and August 31, you could work with an experienced usability mentor on a fun and interesting design project! An added bonus is the $1000 USD internship stipend at the end of the project.

The OpenUsability Season of Usability is a series of sponsored student projects to encourage students of usability, user-interface design, and interaction design to get involved with Free/Libre/Open-Source Software (FLOSS) projects. Inspired by Google’s Summer of Code™, OpenUsability offers sponsored student projects. Other than the Google projects that address developers, they aim at students of usability, user-interface design, and interaction design. Students experience the interdisciplinary and collaborative development of user interface solutions in international software projects while getting into OSS development.

HIG Hunting Season: Icons

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The great work of the Oxygen icon artists is a much discussed and anticipated part of KDE 4. The new icons now follow the naming specification which makes it easier to share icons between applications of several desktop environments. In the HIG hunt this week, we will check that this work lives up to its full potential by looking for missing icons and wrong uses. Read on for more details.

Looking Back on Three Years of OpenUsability with Jan Mühlig

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Just following the recent World Usability Day and a few months past the third birthday of OpenUsability I took some time to talk to Jan Mühlig, one of the OpenUsability founders and to get an inside look at some of the history of the project, how it works from the inside and some of the current direction.

OpenUsability Milestones

  • July 2003

    Relevantive KDE / Linux usability study published