KDE 4.2 Released

It has been a full year since the beginning of the KDE 4 series and today the KDE community proudly announces the release of KDE 4.2, "The Answer". This
third feature release brings a stunning amount of new features and great stability. The KDE community is confident that KDE 4.2 is a compelling choice for the majority of end users, after previous releases targeting enthusiasts.

Read the official announcement and have a close look at what is new in the Visual Guide to KDE 4.2. The release information page gets you to the source and packages.

KDE 4.2

KDE 4.2 brings better task management and new features in the Plasma workspace and KWin, and more polish to many applications. Dolphin allows for a more streamlined workflow. The improved IMAP support and new look further enhance the KMail user experience. The improvements to the KDE development platform, combined with the LGPL Qt libraries, make KDE the most appealing free development platform.


No, I have the SVN 4.2 BRANCH installed. I found the konq-plugins in "extragear/base/". Why aren't basic Tools like Auto Refresh, Download Manager, & Archive Webpage shipped with KDEBase?

I also find that Open Terminal is not a Konq-Plugin but rather a function of the Dolphin Part. This design choice has issues. This means that the toolbar icon can only be on the toolbar incorrectly called "Dolphin Toolbar " (shouldn't this be "Main Toolbar " since it merges with the Main Toolbar?). Same problem with Find File -- it is not a Konq-Plugin.

That's odd... I've got KDE 4.2 installed (though not from source) and they're still there...


Yes, it appears that distros are including them. But, they are only in ExtraGear.

I am a long time lurker and first time poster. Just wanted to say you guys have done a great job on this release and I can't wait for what is in store for the future.

I don't have any money on my paypal account. I know I promised that I'd give some money at every release but I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit more for your money.

Thanks for the release though. I hope you get more love for this release than you did for the previous ones.

Congratulations and a big thank you to the whole KDE team! KDE is an amazing piece of software and keeps getting better and better...

wow.. thank you, KDE is finally getting usable :)

i'm little confused by plasma activities..

- why I need to distinguish between programs and plasmoids?

- why another system for changing activities?

multiple desktops are for "program activities" and plasma uses "plasmoid activities"? so if I'd like to browse and want to see network usage, i must change desktop (to see browser) + change plasma activity (to see usage)?

wouldn't it be simpler for user to use only one mechanism?


Good evening,

KDE 4.2 seems to be usable. I will install it as soon as it will be in Debian testing or stable. Now I only try it in vbox with debian experimental or UNRELESEAD packages.

Some questions I have got:

Will there be a function for the middle mouse button. I miss the feature to see which windows are open on which desktop.

Is anyone able to add new programms to the quick-launcher?

By the way: The width for the new forum-design is a bit narrow. Konqueror doesn't even show it correctly. Despite of that it looks very nice.


4.x has been so disastrous that for first time in 10 years (I'm a pre KDE1 user), i've ended up using Gnome in stead. Seigos arrogant attitude towards end-users has really annoyed me.
KDE4.2 is much better than previous KDE4 releases - but one year has been lost- ant KDE2.4 is still not good enough. Sound suddenly does not work for me, Dolphin generates just as much wasted screenspace as this website (50% to 2/#), the startmenu ... oh boy lets not go there.... etc etc

It should be property software instead of commercial when LGPL is mentioned.