Kst 1.0.0 Released

The Kst development team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Kst 1.0.0, the first mature release of the advanced data viewing application for KDE. In addition to data viewing and plotting, Kst features real-time support for streaming data, and also includes basic analysis functionality. Kst is presently used by a variety of scientific and industry projects worldwide.

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by JohnFlux (not verified)

So can we slap this on a machine with appropriate hardware and make our own open source oscilloscope? :)

by Barth Netterfield (not verified)

Roll mode works 'out of the box'. Trigger modes can be done via plugins.

Typical use 1) is data is being appended to a file by the experiment at 100Hz/channel, and we plot the time-streams, power spectra, etc over past ???, where ??? is from a couple seconds to a few days.

Typical use (2) is data is sitting in a file on disk and we want to look at it.

by Benjamin Meyer (not verified)


by Thorsten Schnebeck (not verified)

I like kst cause it just works and for me its easer to work than using a spreadsheat or (k)octave when analysing large samples.
But I miss some howto stuff:

How do I create vectors like b(n)=a(n+1)-a(n) without writing my own plugin?

Thanks for kst!


by Barth Netterfield (not verified)

Well, a Derivative plugin is somewhere in our todo list... but if you want to write one... :-)

by George Staikos (not verified)

I've also considered the idea of doing this with indexing inside equations. We need to figure out the syntax, but it should be easy once that's done.

by ja (not verified)

Seems like quite a nice application, watching streams of data can be quite usefull. I'm using SUSE 8.2, I tried the FC1 rpm and it installed fine but I cannot load any data. I did try the examples/files in the online manual:

prompt> kst -y 1 gyrodata.dat
kst: ERROR: No data in file: gyrodata.dat

Am I doing something wrong or should I just install the src.rpm (I didn't do it because I'm missing way to many devel libs).

by Barth Netterfield (not verified)

(assuming gyrodata.dat is in your current directory...) I would guess that kst can't find the data source plugins (seeing as you are using an fc1 rpm on suse, and the directory structure may be a little different...).

Perhaps try removing the rpm, and then installing from the tarball. Instructions (trivial) and the tarball are at omega.astro.utoronto.ca/kst


by AC (not verified)

Running make, I get:

/opt/kde3/bin/meinproc --check --cache index.cache.bz2 ./index.docbook
index.docbook:53: error: Entity 'erik.kjaer.pedersen.role' not defined
make[3]: *** [index.cache.bz2] Error 1

and that's it. Any ideas?

by Nicolas Goutte (not verified)

In which KDE version is it missing? (Not KDE CVS HEAD, I suppose.)

I suppose that you will have to contact the Danish team.

Have a nice day!

by Barth Netterfield (not verified)

The documentation translations are apparently/unfortunately not compatible with kde 3.1's meinproc.
You can
-make inside kst-1.0.0/kst, which will not produce any docs, but will work.
-make -i in kst-1.0.0 to ignore errors, or
-upgrade to a new kde.