KDE Ships October Updates

KDE has released version 4.5.2 of the desktop and netbook Workspaces, the applications and the software development platform. These releases are the second monthly updates to the 4.5 series and contain nothing but bugfixes, translation updates and performance improvements. This release further stabilizes the newly (in 4.5.0) introduced KSharedDataCache and fixes a number of visual glitches, seen for example in Dolphin. Another area of stabilization focus has been KWin, further improving support for desktop effects. More changes can be found in the changelog (which might, as usual, not be complete).

The 4.5.2 updates are making their way into your preferred distribution as we speak, but of course you can also get the source from KDE directly. Happy compiling and updating!

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It is really a shame that there will be no Packages for Kubuntu Lucid:


Apart from the face that the RC-CD does not even boot on my system (yes, bug is reported some days ago) from my experiences it takes usally 2-3 month to have a stable system after a new version of (K)ubuntu is released. I do not blame the Kubuntu team for this, because the problems are mostly Ubuntu generic problems. But then it is a really bad decision to cut Kubuntu Lucid users of from KDE-updates, especially since Lucid was meant to be a LTS version.

For Kubuntu packages, check out Softpedia's article on how to add a repository with updated packages:

An important factor to remember when updating packages from new repositories is that these updates can sometimes affect stability and/or usability of the computer. These issues are generally rare (even more so with minor updates) and are usually minor and easy to fix. As well, if you do have a problem, it should be easy to roll-back the updates.

I only bring up the point because you mention that you're using a LTS (long-term stability?) release.

Please ignore the above linked softpedia article. It is factually incorrect.

It takes a lot of time to package a whole KDE SC release and with our 10.10 release due this week I'd prefer to spend that time making sure 10.10 is in as good a shape as possible.

Of course we're a community distribution so we'd welcome anyone helping to make backported packages.

Any chance that this time, there will be fully supported 64 bits packages available?

I really appreciate all the work you put in getting KDE packaged for Kubuntu!

Yes, as always we have packages for i386 and amd64

Lucid is, also for Kubuntu a Long Term Support version. To promote KDE, and Kubuntu, it seems important to provide backported packages to this LTS version. Kde's version of Lucid is a quite bugged so, provide bugfixes to a LTS will be nice and strategic (a lot of users will not upgrade to 10.10 and will wait next LTS or switch to other gui)!!

Hi Sebastian, my friend and I have been expecting this update, thanks a lot for your fantastic workOnline Casino

I cannot believe Lucid is not going to have 4.5.2! This is a Kubuntu *LTS* release,
we are just 20% into the promised support cycle, now we are stuck at 4.5.1, dead end for KDE on Lucid?

There are many folks out there that are using Kubuntu to get real work done and
do not want to upgrade every 6 months. Lucid is a fine distro, despite having some hiccups
you can really work with it. KDE is the reason why we use Kubuntu, and cutting all Lucid users off from further enjoying improvements/fixes in 4.5+ is frustrating, disappointing at least.

There is always hype and momentum about the next *buntu release, but
this time you really hurt Kubuntu as a solid LTS distro with stable support, one that is
almost where it should be. The *buntu release strategy needs a serious overhaul, this is 'releasemania'.

Please, take the time after 10.10 is released and package 4.5.2
for lucid, there is a reason people were choosing LTS. It is a bug fix release
after all, addressing problems many of us have in Lucid.

BTW. Interesting to see blogs about (non-existent) upgrade instructions to 4.5.2 for Lucid that , seemed a no-brainer for many.


I enjoyed Kubuntu/Ubuntu for some years, but got tired of waiting for updated software, needing to upgrade full distro every 6 months. For me, the network manager never worked on laptops.

With PCLinuxOS I found desktop performance (smooth video play!) and up-to-date software on all major software packages. You will get latest versions of major multimedia apps within 1-2 weeks.

PCLinuxOS' network manager is flawless compared to Kubuntu.. (my experience)

Latest example: KDE 4.5.2 were ready to be updated on PCLinuxOS's repository a few days before KDE made it public (I of course have donated money to the project, so I have access to updates a few days earlier in another repo).

By concept, PCLinuxOS is continually upgrading packages, and releasing a snapshot every once in a while to the public..

I have found my Linux desktop harbour.

First of all thanks to the KDE team for the long awaited bug fixes. The scroll and crashing problems that Dolphin had seems to be fixed but the desktop start up is still too slow. I am using openSuse 11.3 and the operating system itself starts up much faster than the desktop. If this performance problem could be fixed then I would have a system up and running in 10 seconds.

The Help Window of any KDE4 application displays correctly only the first page; the following pages show an error message.

As a workaround, you can select the help of an application by clicking "Applications Manual" on the left side of the same Help Window.