KDE Commit-Digest for 14th November 2010

In the latest KDE Commit-Digest:

  • Solid switches to the new KDE Power Management System Policy Agent
  • "Atmosphere" and other layers, and more work on routing instrunctions in Marble
  • Demo Mode in Kajongg
  • Full KIPI support (print, email, etc of images) added to KSnapshot
  • An "Export" button added to Gwenview, providing quick access to the KIPI export plugins
  • Various improvements in Kooka
  • Support for hiding menu icons in KDE applications
  • Plugin loading support added to KNotify
  • Support for Powerdevil notifications when a battery's storage ability falls below 50%, or the battery has been recalled from the vendor
  • Support for Windows 7-like launchers in the Tasks Plasmoid
  • ACL viewing/editing implemented in KMail Mobile
  • Smb4K now mounts and unmounts shares via a KAuth implementation
  • Telepathy tubes support in KRFB
  • NEPOMUKBackupSync, with configuration UI enables automatic and manual backup and syncing of the Nepomuk respository
  • Improved version of the Locale KControl module
  • SecurityOrigin class of WebCore (useful for guarding against cross-site scripting attacks) imported into KHTML
  • KBugBuster moved to unmaintained/tags/4
  • KPlayer and Kile move to git.kde.org.

Read the rest of the Digest here.

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I really like the new bullet point-like style of the abstract on the dot. Great work!

Woooohoooooo yeeeeeah! YES! YES!


I am pleased to read that news, keep up the constrictive work. And thank you to the Commit Digest for anouncing this information.

+1 for the bullet style.

Yes! The new "bullet point-like style" of the abstract on the dot adds clarity!

By the way, the title of the digest is "KDE Commit-Digest for 14th November 2010". This seems to be a "copy and paste and forgot to change" error. I suggest you to follow a list of fixed steps every time you publish something, to avoid irreparable errors that damage your reputation.

Thanks for keeping us updated!

What's the error in "KDE Commit-Digest for 14th November 2010"?