KDE 3.4 Beta 2 "Keinstein" is Waiting for You

There is no shortage of news this week for those of you following the dot, but to top it all off, I'm pleased to announce that the KDE Project has released another beta for the highly-anticipated KDE 3.4. And again, we're asking you to give it a good testing and report all problems you find on bugs.kde.org. A full announcement is available as well the info page listing source and binaries. Your input is valuable to us and will determine the success of this upcoming major release.

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by ac (not verified)

thanks, this solves my problem!

by gerryg (not verified)

Having solved the Christmas kernel problem the long stupid way round (I subsequently discovered) I though I'd try man or --help to find out what this rather cryptic solution was doing, however no explanation was available - anyone care to offer an idiot's guide?

BTW 3.3.92 is marvellous

by Boudewijn Rempt (not verified)

With the latest packages in the apt repository this no longer solves the keyboard problems I experience: most keys work fine, but that alt key doesn't work in KDE application and the del key doesn't work in KMail...

I downgraded to the default 9.2 KDE -- 3.3.0, and, well, there's more difference than you'd believe. I already miss all the nice 3.4 improvements.

by Saulo (not verified)

Hey guys, I hate to be the first to ask for them, but you know it's a must, isnt? :)



by Jason Keirstead (not verified)

Find any screenshots for 3.4 beta 1

Replace the '1' with a '2' using KolourPaint.

Seriously - screenshots of new things are nice, but there are hardly any new features in Beta 2 that were in Beta 1, and no new apps.... it is mainly bugfixes, as you would expect.

by ac (not verified)

Doesn't matter. He's got a point. Screenshots always good. Me want. =)

by Anonymous (not verified)

> there are hardly any new features in Beta 2 that were in Beta 1

Oh, there are. Just find them :-)...

by Asdex (not verified)

Just type "about:" in Konqueror.

by Kanwar (not verified)

Does gmail work with Konqueror yet? I use Firefox *only* because of gmail. At least on my SuSE partition (which I use as my primary desktop) gmail does not load in Konqueror. However, with Mandrake 10.2 beta1, it works. Is it a SuSE thing? Is there any base library i should update/install to get it working?


by Corbin (not verified)

Gmail seems to work fine for me in Konqueror on Fedora Core 3 KDE 3.3.2. I don't really 'use' Gmail though, so I may not be noticing features your talking about.

by Kanwar (not verified)

Thanks for the feedback. I haven't checked Fedora Core 3 yet. However, it seems to me that the "bug" was fixed in 3.3.2 but seems to have mysteriously cropped up in 3.4 betas.


by Derek Kite (not verified)


you are not the only one having problems.


by Corbin (not verified)

Wow, I setup a chroot on my Gentoo machine w/ KDE beta 1, and first ran 'startkde' today, and apparently Beta 2 is already out (I compiled a WHOLE gentoo install, and screwing around trying to FreeNX to work in a chroot, amoung other things before thinking "just try 'X :1' today)!

I guess I need to reboot my other computer back into gentoo, and install beta2 now. All I really have to say about beta1 the few minutes I used it was no stability problems and WOW. I guess the new Xorg stuff was meant for KDE 4 right? I was also hoping to see rich text support for Kopete on AIM (that was the reason I actually installed the beta haha) :-(. I like the new splash screen though, looks great!

by Anonymous (not verified)

> I guess the new Xorg stuff was meant for KDE 4 right?

Why? It's contained within Beta 2.

> I like the new splash screen though, looks great!

The final release will of course have another one.

Is there a list of changes since beta1 available?

by Anonymous (not verified)

There is no complete list, but you may read http://cvs-digest.org/ for the weeks since Beta 1 and until Beta 2 got tagged.

by rSl (not verified)


by jiin (not verified)


i have problems to send any E-Mails under KMail.. even if i want to send, there comes an error-message like this:
Das Versenden ist fehlgeschlagen:
Authentifizierung fehlgeschlagen, An error occured during authentication: SASL(-4): no mechanism available: No worthy mechs found wird nicht unterstützt
Die Nachricht verbleibt im Postausgang, bis Sie entweder das Problem beseitigt haben (z. B. falsche Adresse) oder die Nachricht aus dem Postausgang entfernen.
Das folgende Transportprotokoll wurde benutzt:
sorry, this is a german error message, hope, that someone can translate it
so, what can i do?

by jiin (not verified)

ok, no problem anymore - i've read, that KMail uses now the cyrus-sasl-packages, so after installing these, now it works :-) Thank You all @KDE for the great Work!

by Ingo Klöcker (not verified)

Due to a stupid bug automatic encryption is broken in the Beta 2 release of KMail/Kontact and messages which appear to be encrypted can in fact be sent unencrypted. Therefore whenever you want to send an encrypted message please explicitely request encryption in the message composer. You might also want to use "Send later" and then check whether the message in the outbox is really encrypted before you send it.

by fast_rizwaan (not verified)

Where can i find the Slackware 10.x packages? thanks.

by Anonymous (not verified)

On ftp.kde.org in the next few days.

by KDE User (not verified)

So, there's an issue I have with my current setup (3.1.5) and it appears to be in 3.4 beta 2 as well. I'd like images to be embedded when I'm browsing, like they are in any other web browser. However, I'd like them to open up in a program of my choosing when I'm file browsing. In essence, I'd like to choose what to do based on which ioslave is being used. sftp://, file://, etc should use an external program, http://, https://, etc should use embedding. Is this possible and I'm just missing how?

And yes, I know I can middle click to open in another program... But I'd like to stick with left click if I can.

by fast_rizwaan (not verified)

I also feel like that konqi should open http:// and https:// and other network protocol in itself, but local file:// ftp:// should get opened with external application.

really are there are plans or wishes for this. i would support this feature.

by Macavity (not verified)

The first thing i do when i move in to a new kde is to make rules for this with the file asociacion tool:

file://*.jpg -> Kuickshow
http*://*.jpg -> Embedded viewer

But yes... i *REALLY!!!* think there should be some sort of one click way to make KDE distinguish between local and network files... In fact i want ALL my local files to open in a new window.. it makes little sense to read a html article in a window which is split and has a tree view on the left...


by KDE User (not verified)

Hi, I can't seem to get that to work when I try adding file://*.jpg as a filename pattern. Is there something else needed to make it work?

by Giovanni (not verified)

It seems too me a little to buggy to be the last beta, so i'd like to see another. What do you think about this?
I can't play ogg with juk (and many other in the forum of gentoo)
I can't see svg icons in the new konqui presentation
I had my profile (new, created just from zero for beta2) lost 2 times in a day. Unfortunatly I still didn't understood why.
Korn gives problem with opening a new program after it check for mails and can't set the background after the mail.
The new kicker effect contrasts with the kmenu botton (ex: if i click fast on the kmenu, before the effect has appeared, the effect cover my kmenu and makes it go away).
I don't like that the name under the icons in the desktop get abbrevieted (configurable? I din't find an option...).
Kwallet had some problem with passwords (kmail continued to ask it, even if it was in kwallet) and I had to delete kwalletrc to solve the problem.

I already reported some of this bugs and I'm looking for some information to report better the other and to check if they are already reported, but I still think they are too many for the last planned beta..
so, what do you think about a beta3?
NB: I'm not complaining about the number of bugs in bugs.kde.org!
I'm talking about everyday problem that I encountered trying this beta.
Sorry for my English :)

by Aaron J. Seigo (not verified)

> The new kicker effect contrasts with the kmenu botton

already fixed =)

by Giovanni (not verified)

Yeah, i saw later on bugs.kde.org..thanks Aaron :)

by Jeroenvrp (not verified)

I have the following problems:

*KDM: I can't input any characters anymore (like password), I can't even do a ctrl+alt+F2 to switch to console anymore, Can't reboot anymore from KDM, after a while the keyboard is locked, when using XDM there are no problems at all.
*Starting the first time it complains about the fact that /home/jeroen/.kde/.kde allready exist. KDE won't start for me, starting it as another user is no problem. Deleting /home/jeroen/.kde/.kde solves the problem (why was that file there?). The file /home/jeroen/.kde/.kde/share/apps/ksplash/rctheme is created afterwards. Strange location for that file.
*Contact is very buggy, it crashes once in a while.

The KDM problem is a very serious one.



by Anonymous (not verified)
by Jeroenvrp (not verified)

Thanks for the info. Unfortunaly that is not the only problem. Another problem is the Kwallet integration in Kmail. After relogin it asks for passwords again and also it won't sent messages through the Gmail-smtp-server anymore. It asks for a password (it is allready in the prefs with the option 'remember password' on), but after giving the password an error pops-up with the message theat there is am authentification problem.

Anyhow I am in the progress going back to 3.3.2, until things are better. I also must say that I had less problems when running the 3.3 betas.



by Giovanni (not verified)

Have got the same problem.
Please, report this to the devs or give me the permission to copy your description in a bug report.
Thanks :)

by Ingo Klöcker (not verified)

This was also already mentioned above. Most likely you are missing some of the cryus-sasl-* packages.

by ac (not verified)

Is it just me, or has KDE removed features for the sake of usability?

For example; Where has the document relations toolbar in Konqueror gone? I use that all the time! Sure, it may confuse some new users of KDE. But some of us use it all the time! How can I re-enable it? I don't see it in the toolbars menu!

Also, how do I bounce messages with Kmail?? That killed off more spam than anything! But now, they decided to 'clean' the menus a bit. Where has this feature gone?!?

This is in Keinstein, BTW.

by Anonymous (not verified)

> Where has the document relations toolbar in Konqueror gone? How can I re-enable it?

"Settings/Configure Extensions..." (document relations is in kdeaddons)

by ac (not verified)

Thanks! I'd still like the Bounce feature back, though.

by Aaron J. Seigo (not verified)

the document relations bar was not removed for "the sake of usability". it was removed because it was very buggy, a complete annoyance for most people and not actively maintained. it seems it may have found a new maintainer (good!) and will be getting cleaned up.

by Ingo Klöcker (not verified)

I really doubt that bouncing messages killed any spam. About 99.9% of all spam has a forged From address. Therefore a bounce will almost never reach the real sender of the spam. Instead the bounce will go to the poor soul the spam software chose as sender address.

Since KMail doesn't have access to the mail envelope (which contains the real sender address) we removed the useless bounce feature from KMail. It shouldn't be difficult to "re-add" this feature by creating a special filter which calls a script converting a message to a bounce message and puts it in the outbox.

by ac (not verified)

>I really doubt that bouncing messages killed any spam.

As much as you may doubt it, it actually does kill spam. At least, it did for me.

>About 99.9% of all spam has a forged From address.

About 58.7% of statistics are made up.

>It shouldn't be difficult to "re-add" this feature by creating a special filter which calls a script converting a message to a bounce message and puts it in the outbox

For you, maybe. I haven't the first clue how to write such a script.

by JC (not verified)

create a special filter which...
....calls a script which...
........converts a message.

Care to show us how to do it? I could use it!

I miss the bounce feature. It was useful for other things than
just spammers.

Who decides on these apparently arbitrary changes? Does a voting
mechanism exist? I'm starting to dread the after-effects of doing
KDE upgrades. As often as not, there are as many unpleasant as
pleasant changes.

by Shantanu Sharma (not verified)

I also am missing the bounce feature *so* much :-(

Would it be enabled back in the forthcoming releases? Or would you care to elaborate on the "script"?

by Shantanu Sharma (not verified)

Never mind. Use "Message->Forward->Redirect" (or shortcut: "E") for bouncing messages.

by andrew (not verified)

Boune may have been a "useless" feature, but it sure felt good. I miss it, too. Okay, so maybe I need to get out more if using bounce gave me jollies and a mind satisfaction. Still, I miss it. The notion of a script is intriguing. Is there no one willing to help those of us who lack skill as script writers?

Cool, but since the flash plugin keeps crashing the browser when composite extension is active, this is a problem than a feature