Release plan for KDE 2.1.1

Waldo Bastian has just
the proposed new release plan for the next official stable release: KDE-2.1.1.
This release is in line with the KDE Project's recently adopted policy of issuing a bug fix release shortly after any major official release to fix any critical bugs quickly and to let translators and documentation catch up.
Read more in the official
release plan
, which is reproduced below.

KDE 2.1.1 Release Plan

The following is the outline for our KDE 2.1.1 release schedule.

The primary goals of the 2.1.1 release are:

  • Critical bugfixes
  • Completion of the translations in many languages
  • Documentation for almost all applications
  • Improvement of the icons (yes?)

All dates given here are subject to revision, but we will try out best to
stick to them if possible.

David Faure is acting as release coordinator for the KDE 2.1.1 and 2.2 releases.

Monday March 19
Last day for translations, documentation, icons and critical bugfixes commits
to the KDE_2_1_BRANCH.

Tuesday morning (GMT) March 20
The CVS is tagged KDE_2_1_1_RELEASE, tarballs are released to the packagers

The rest of the week is spent testing the tarballs, packaging and writing the
announcement and changelog.

Friday March 23
Spread sources and binaries to mirror sites.

Monday March 26
Announce KDE 2.1.1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Which packages are included?

A) The KDE 2.1.1 release is an update of the 2.1 release. The same packages
will be included. The list is:

  • kde-i18n
  • kdebase
  • kdegraphics
  • kdemultimedia
  • kdepim
  • kdetoys
  • kdoc
  • kdeadmin
  • kdegames
  • kdelibs
  • kdenetwork
  • kdesupport
  • kdeutils
  • kdevelop

Q) Which version of Qt should be used with this version of KDE?

A) Qt 2.2.3 and Qt 2.3 should work fine, but Qt 2.2.4 is recommended.

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by ac (not verified)

YOU GUYS ARE SUPPOSED TO RELAX FOR A FEW SECONDS AFTER A RELEASE!!!Honestly, I am impressed by KDE's development pace! Thank all you developers, your product really rocks!

by me (not verified)

Here's why

1. Long answer:


One entry found for relax.

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Pronunciation: ri-'laks
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin relaxare, from re- + laxare to loosen, from laxus loose -- more at SLACK

1 : to become lax, weak, or loose : REST
2 : to become less intense or severe
3 of a muscle or muscle fiber : to become inactive and lengthen

2. Short answer

World domination :)

by Vadim (not verified)

I find KDE2 a really great product, it's free and looks way better than Windows!

But so far I've just seen one little problem: It's very big and downloading it with my 56K modem takes a quite long while. Wouldn't it be possible to release update packages so we don't have to spend hours waiting? Or maybe too many things are changed to allow an update?

by Dirk (not verified)

This is already possible: via cvs. If you have the code once you just need to update either from time to time or when a major release is out (thus, by using tags).

by Dan (not verified)

Is it possible to download stable releases from CVS? I missed out kde 2.0.1 because I too only have a 56k modem but, like many others I'm sure, I would love to be able to update the kde2.1 source to kde2.1.1 using CVS.

by Eric Laffoon (not verified)

If you are already compiling cvs is very cool, not just because it only gets new or updated files but because it means you also only compile those parts of the code that are affected by changes. thies makes a cvs compile very fast.

The only additional command you would need is "make -f Makefile.cvs" prior to yoru configure. You only need this the first time or when directories have been added.

CVS may be a little bit of a risk as it is bleeding edge but I've found KDE cvs to be exemplary code since several weeks before KDE 2.0 with very few exceptions. I suggest you always get kdelibs and base at the same time. Directions can be found on the KDE site and if you get Cervisia it becomes a walk in the park with the added benefit of being able to peek inside the code and really see what is going on if you like. ;-)

Plus you have everything first, like the new kant editor and kprint libs.

by Kde user (not verified)

Is there any way of getting cvs behind a http proxy?

by alonso (not verified)

Why don't you try rsync, if I remeber well you can use cvs tag and proxy.

by Barracuda (not verified)

What is Kant editor? I mean, what kind of editor?

by Waldo Bastian (not verified)

Kant is an editor based on the kwrite part with support for multiple documents.


by Barracuda (not verified)

Thanks, I've already compiled it. I like it very much.

by George (not verified)

Keep up the good work. You guys rock!!!!

by Johne (not verified)

2.1 really rocks!

thank you!

But where's KOffice?

by Daniel Molkentin (not verified)

KOffice is under massive development and redesign (especially KWord). For example, some very useful Qt3
widgets were backported so they can now be used with KOffice (and maybe some other KDE apps).

Additionally, it was the developers last Resort / Playground during feature freeze :)



by Evandro (not verified)

backported to 2.2.4 or 2.3.0?

by Richard Moore (not verified)

Either. The full story is here: Good news for KWord: Qt3 widget ported to Qt2


by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

backported to 2.2.4 or 2.3.0?

Actually, it's currently in the koffice source... possibly to be moved to kdelibs. Once Qt 3.0 comes out, it will (I assume) be moved there.


by Mihail (not verified)

I think they Mean Qt ver. 3.x :)

by Wolfgang Kesseler (not verified)

If you see what happens e.g with Killustrator you get anxious to the improvements which asumably could be expected. (hopefully some usefull importfilter from postscript will be implemented).

It´s really usefull now, the new bezier-curve-tool is really good and I hope they go on!


by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

Many seem to forget it, even the packagers, but you can certainly use the latest stable release of KOffice (as included with KDE 2.0) with KDE 2.1.


by Bakiller (not verified)

Hey, I just wanted to know if there were any pics of the new cooler icons?? I would love to see the new icons. Thanks A Lot!

by Tackat (not verified)

Well, there aren't many new icons there for KDE 2.1.1 yet but I could show you a screenshot of how KDE 2.1 looks compiled from tarballs with Alphablending and 48x48-icons enabled.

Some Netscape-versions have problems with png's so here comes a JPG for those ... :



by Barracuda (not verified)

Tackat, you and other artist did a hell of a job. You gave KDE really modern look and feel. Congratulations.

by Kevin Breit (not verified)

Thank god! Has anyone got KDE 2.1 working on a RedHat 6.2 box with the RPMS? It's very broken with RPMS and the src.rpms don't appear to be compiling friendly either.

by Adam Pigg (not verified)

Nope, not yet, i agreee that the rpms for redhat 6x are broken, i tried them on my mandrake7.2 box (as we all know then mandrake developers have ben busy with 8.0 and havnt had time to make the packages) and the sound wouldnt work, and for some reason, i could only log in as root because under a normal user, kde apps were craching all over the place, well, then i decided to build kdesupport, libs, base and multimedia from source, and that fixed sound, but not loggin in as a normal user (still crashing) so i decided to wait patiently for the correct packages and install xf86 4.0.2, not that was definitely a big mistake because now both my kernels panic when they try to remount the root filesystem r/w (i can get as far readonly with init=/bin/sh from lilo)

well, the fun continues, i'll maybe have a go at fixing it tomorrow, otherwise it will have to wait until monday, when, more than likey the packages will be available, they'll just be no use to me :)

ahh, the the joys of linux, luckily i can fall back on good ol' winme :P

by Sean Grimes (not verified)

Ouch. I'm running a modified Mandrake 7.0 system. My
personal rule of thumb is to compile from sources wherever possible, and fall back to RPMs when the code wont compile even under your best efforts. Best
of luck with getting your Linux system back up.

by Richard Bozzato (not verified)

re "Fall back on ol' winme"...

I had pretty much the same problems with Mandrake 7.2, so I went back to SuSE 7.0. Installing KDE 2.1 on SuSE took 3min using the YaST tool and it works perfectly!

by Kde user (not verified)

So did I. Its rock stable on SuSE 7.0, and fast.

by Matt Johnston a... (not verified)

Regarding crashing as normal user but not root, have you tried removing your ~/.kde dir (or just moving it to try it out)?

I've found that with various kde upgrades/changes, i've had to remove the old config files to get it working fine.

As an added bonus, KDE seems a fair bit faster with a cleaned out .kde dir.

by Adam Pigg (not verified)

Yep, done that, it was the first thing i tried...

anyone got any ideas why the kernel would panic when remounted r/w?

C'mon, someone must have an idea

maybe its time to download mandrake 8.0b, the only reason my computer is like this now is because i wanted aa fonts, damn xfree86!)


by Adam Pigg (not verified)

Oh, one more thing, in kde2.1b2 (i had that one running fine ;) ) whenever i tried to play sound through arts, it was speeded up (eg mp3's or login sound) but without arts, they were fine (using xmms) i have a videologic sonicstorm and it had worked fine in previous version of kde 2.x

any ideas?

by Barracuda (not verified)

Dear Pigg,
I am running Mandrake 7.2 as a base system (because of great hardware detection), but all other things (including KDE 2.1) has been compiled. It is stable as a rock. Grab KDE 2.1 tarballs and compile them (come to #kde-users, so we can help you). Don't use RedHat 6.2
packages on Mandrake 7.2 (nor Cooker ones).
If you have problems with sound and KDE 2.1, I suggest
that you come on #kde-users or subscribe to kde-user mailing list, and someone will help you there.

by Kmax (not verified)

I have had the same problems with my box after updating to 2.1. I am running debian and updated with the .deb's and whenever I use noatun some, but not all, of my mp3's are either speeded up or about half speed. Looking at the song lengths that are reported it looks like maybe this is getting reported wrong. I don't think is the arts output as I used xmms with the arts output plugin and it plays fine, so I think it is something in the time functions. I have been looking for some sort of a connection between the mp3's that play okay and the ones that don't but can't find one. I will keep searching, but if anyone knows what the problem may be, please let me know!

by Yogeshwar (not verified)

I have got it working perfectly
It has major speed imrovements over 2.1b2
- First time i got icon text backgroung color working
- also no crashes on image/html/text previews
- looks slightly nicer too!
Only arts RPM seems to be broken
Must try one that come with 2.1b2 I think!


by Pierre (not verified)

I have got it running on RH 6.2.
I had to uninstall all previous QT and KDE 2.0 packages though.

List below (plus QT package):

2.1 is more stable, faster and slicker than any previous KDE release. Love it.


by jliechty (not verified)

Maybe this is common knowledge, but it might save some time for people new to Linux.
To uninstall a whole lot of packages with something in common (i.e. the kde packages), you could use a command like this:

rpm -e $(rpm -qa | grep "kde")

This will tell rpm to list all packages, then filter the list with grep to have only kde packages. This list is then given to rpm to uninstall (using -e).

by Adam Dunkels (not verified)

Sure, I run RedHat 6.2 with the 2.1 RPMs. I have been running RPMs since 2.0.1 without any (major) problems. I upgraded from 2.1beta using rpm -U.

Of course, rpm said alot of crap regarding dependancy problems as it always seems to do. Those were "fixed" by the --nodeps flag to rpm ;-) and now everything seems to work just fine.

by Rob (not verified)

Sound doesn't work, this seems to be something to do with artsd not being compiled with plugins or something(doesn't bother me much anyway), IIRC the previous poster said run: 'artsd -A' for more information on available plugins and that reverting to KDE2.1b2 artsd package would solve this.

The only serious problem I've encountered from my point of view is that kdemultimedia will not unpack correctly from the rpm and hence won't install.

I also seem to have a problem with the location that kdm wants to read from(/usr/etc/X11, instead of /etc/X11) and some of the files it copies into that directory don't work properly. This results in the default horrible X background(kdmdesktop doesn't seem to start) and none of the sessions will load correctly. I fix it by just 'cp -fR /etc/X11 /usr/etc'. I don't know if that's such a great idea, but it hasn't done any (noticeable) harm yet!

As a side note, I have just installed Mandrake 7.2 on another computer I use regularly and I'm very impressed. I'm currently running kde2.1b2 there without any major problems(well the whole menu structure seems a bit messed, but the wackiness has now settled and I once again have access to my kcontrol tree :-)

by CyberKat (not verified)

Makes me glad I switched away from RedHat when they broke KDE in 6.0 and went over to SuSE - SuSE rpms for 7.0 downloaded, installed via YaST - no probs!
- CyberKat

by Greg Brubaker (not verified)

Is it too much to request... To get a video of a nice little konqi playing around, and then something pissining him off, causing him to morph into a big mean Konqi and bite someone's head off??? (morph from the rather humanish dragon to a dragon-dragon).

Konqi is cool... we need to play with him. I'd do it if I knew how.

by Michael (not verified)

Can't you guys make TrollTech change their "configure" defaults to those needed with KDE?
I know it's my own fault that I compile QT each time wrong after a new release. But I'm used to trust "./configure && make".
I also know it's not your business, but you have the better connection to them,...