Video: Lars Knoll and George Staikos on KHTML and WebKit

Yahoo! user interface blog hosts an interview video with Lars Knoll and George Staikos on KHTML and WebKit. The video features the history of Konqueror (first 10 minutes) as well as the current development situation (next 10 minutes), an outlook about the possible future and of course a short demo presenting Qt4-WebKit accessing the Yahoo! page and rendering it nicely (last 10 minutes). You need Flash to view the page - if you don't have Flash, read a short summary of the interview.

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by BogDan (not verified)

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by Henning (not verified)

Yesterday I tried building WebKit but unfortunately I ran into several problems. Neither with qmake nor with newest cmake did compiling succeed. JavaScriptCore worked after some fixes but the rest failed with missing files and wrong/missing declarations.
I really hope it will soon work. There are two main reasons why I am interested in WebKit/Unity:
1. WebKit supports content-editable which means you can have these nice WYSIWYG editors embedded in web-pages. This is really needed for newer wikis, webmailers and web-based content management systems.
2. It only depends on Qt (like Konq-E) - so I will have a platform independent and powerful html widget where kdelibs are not available.

Thanks and keep up your good and cool work :)

by tikal26 (not verified)

I really, really , really hope that somehow the khtml and webkit developers find a concensus. I know that apply might need to open webkit a little bit more to make webkit back to konqueror possible, butI think for the sake of konquereor tha tis what we need. I feel that firefox is really running away with the linux user base. I would love to see webkik put on khtml. Like others have said before I would love to see an engine developed by KDE, Apple and Nokia.

by ben (not verified)

This seems to be more of a presentation given to a crowd rather than an interview? There might be some clues at the end (I'm currently at 16:38), but where and when was this?

by Michael (not verified)

There are so many similar internet pages readily available. Why bother and select a different user agent?

Interesting video BTW - thanks for sharing.

by Patcito (not verified)

could you please end your last sentence? :)

by liquidat (not verified)

Yea, I know, was my fault - I rewrote a part and forgot to delete the rewritten part, but it is fixed now :)

And I was also a bit wrong about the fact that it is an interview - actually I write the small text above as a note for and didn't expect that it was taken as the article itself - I thought someone else would write an article about it :D

Next time I will be prepared :)

by Evil Homer (not verified)

I just see a black rectangle where the video should appear.
I can hear the audio but can't see any picture.

When I go to Yahoo Video to watch the video there, I don't see any video player at all.

What kind of crap is that?

by cm (not verified)

Works for me so the "crap" must be in your setup.