Rekall Now Available Under GPL has just announced that Rekall, the rapid application development database tool for Linux, similar in concept to MS Access, has been released under the GPL. Rekall can be built with KDE3 support as well as Qt-only. "Rekall will be supported via a community portal The codebase will be available as source tarballs, and CVS access will also be available for those who wish to stay on the bleeding edge. Feedback, bug fixes and contributions are actively sought. This is meant to be totally community driven and oriented." KOffice has of course evolved Kexi (devel) in the meantime. It will be interesting to see how things play out with Kexi being very new and Rekall relatively mature, but either way the GPL'ing of Rekall is fantastic news for the Linux community at large. Thank you, for your KDE support.

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by Bryan Feeney (not verified)

...has anything to do with this:

It would be sad if it did.

by Bryan Feeney (not verified)

If you've read the above you should read this. It casts a bit of a shadow on the whole thing though

by anon (not verified)

Wow is this true? That's terrible....

by mike ta (not verified)

OK, there were some disagreements over the last few weeks - and don't ask me what they were - and some things were said in anger which should never have been said.

To the best of my knowledge, theKompany is not about to go under. It is certainly true that Rekall development was soaking up a lot of effort, and that the user base was not growing as fast as we had hoped. We came to the conclusion that the best way forward was to GPL the rekall code base and look to things like customisation and services as a source of income.

Other products have made a go of it this way - JBoss is a good example. Would that Rekall will be as successful.

Mike Richardson
lead Rekall developer

by anonymous (not verified)

Well Mike is the primary developer of Rekall not John, and whatever problems they had with Shawn, it seems like Mike (the person who did the most work on Rekall) has made up with theKompany.

by frizzo (not verified)

I hate to say it, but it seems like this is exactly the case.

by G. G. S. (not verified)

This is a great news, but why this guys GPLed their software. Just for love..? Maybe Ghandi turned on a light over their sinner soul..? There was economic trobles with their company..?

I loved this news, thanks Kompany, I wold like to kiss you all boys...!

But, why..?

by André Somers (not verified)

Didn't you read the threads above?

by P. Braun (not verified)

I think, besides Rekall and Kexi, Horst Knorr's knoda database frontend, based on his hk_classes has to be mentioned. IMHO this is the most mature database frontend for KDE at the moment.

by kontakt (not verified)
by lucijan (not verified)

tora is a very nice tool, however their aims (one is datapocessing the other is database_administartion_) are different.

by somekool (not verified)

but does knoda can make ERD entity-relationship-diagram ?

by Heini (not verified)

Rekall, Kexi, all of these are premature solutions (hope they will exchange code and unifie their framework), but there is a tool for oracle administration that is quite good. And what about phpmyadmin?

From my perspective a user oriented approach may be very good.

Still missing
- OLAP tools
- Object DBMS