Trolltech to release Qt/Mac GPL

Trolltech announced today that they will release a GPL version of Qt/Mac on June 23rd at the Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2003 in San Francisco taking their successful dual licensing strategy for Qt/X11 to the Mac. Also the upcoming Qt Script for Applications (QSA), Trolltech's scripting toolkit for Qt-based applications, will be available under a dual license on Mac OS X.
Sam Magnuson from Trolltech already got much of KDE building on Qt/Mac a while ago (screenshots showing Konqueror,
Kontact, Games and KOffice). The new license now offered allows to distribute binary builds of KDE for Qt/Mac soon.

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by tuxo (not verified)

You will restrict the rights of a minority of users that are up to no good and preserve the freedom for the rest. I prefer freedom over lock-in anytime.

by Michael Greer (not verified)

The GPL asserts absolutely no controls over the rights of end users. It is not a use, but a distribution license. It does affect your rights as a developer if you want to use their code. I think you may be using the word "rights" incorrectly here, to mean "business desires."

by Stephen Douglas (not verified)

No, nobody is beiong restricted - you are perfectly free to not use Qt at all.

by protoman (not verified)

Well said. I can't understand people complaining about Trolltech desisions.
Trolltech is free to, to make the decisions they like or think are right, this includes excluding other licences other than GPL.

by David Johnson (not verified)

I can't understand people complaining about Trolltech desisions.

When Microsoft recently released a license that said in essence "you can't use the GPL", the community was outraged. But when Trolltech says "you must use the GPL" it's okay. I don't see the fundamental difference between the two.

by protoman (not verified)

Yep, agreed.
I think M$ should release anything they have in any license they wish, if this don't brake the law (or previous licenses), I don't see why so much complaining arround there.

And remember people defends GPL agains the "viral" speech from M$ but attacks m$ right to do the shared source....

I don't like BSD, I think it's bad (don't worry to reply about this, keep reading...), but that just me. I won't even say anything besides this from anyone who wants to use BSD, and I must always enphasis the "I" in the statement. Simply saying BSD is bad/GPL is bad isn't a nice thing, always remember it's just YOUR option and fights will diminish or vanish.

Peace people!

by tuxo (not verified)

>But when Trolltech says "you must use the GPL" it's okay. I don't see the >fundamental difference between the two.
The difference is that forcing GPL serves many people, while not allowing GPL serves mainly one big company, in this case M$.

by Anonymous (not verified)

See this posting by Matthias Ettrich of Trolltech, :

"The non-GPL code in KDE that I'm aware of grants a superset of rights (typically X11 or BSD-style licenses), meaning linking to a GPL'ed library is not a problem at all."

by Charles (not verified)

Is QT Script comparable to VB Script/Visial Basic? Where are the tutorials? I think it's time to learn it. Can I use Kommander and utilize QT script behind the scenes to do useful stuff with databases the way I use VB/Access in the MS world?

by Andras Mantia (not verified)

Sincerly I don't know anything about QT Scripts, but even if right now you can't use them directly in Kommander (can anyone with QT Script experience try it?) I believe it will be quite easy to implement if the only requirement is to pass the scripts to some interpreter to execute. And it will give you a lot of power.


by Eric Laffoon (not verified)

QT Script and Kommander are two different animals. It's possible to make Kommander use QT Script or, as an alternative, Rich Moore's Javascript bindings. Some consideration has been given to this along with enabling a default script repository to help users do scripted actions. There are some changes in the works for Kommander. they include more widget support, data widgets and script objects as well as sub dialog objects. Since Kommander is language neutral it will be very easy to use with PHP 4.3x in CGI mode. This means PHP authors could create quick mini apps much like PHP GTK but with KDE widgets and I think it a much nicer environment. Kommander also directly communicates via DCOP.

Perhaps the primary difference between the two is that you can actually make a dialog with Kommander that does something and has absolutely no code because of our text associations. QT Script will have the advantage of a newer implementation with QT Designer and in this area we could catch up with more developers to support it. Marc has had little time for it lately.

These applications are similar. It appears QT Script will be more widely supported and will have extensive capabilities as a scripted development environment. However Kommander will remain simpler with text associations and have advantages in language neutral development, built in DCOP and possibly other areas.

What I really hope is that a language specific program without the simple and quick abilities Kommander has does not end up overshadowing it. In my opinion Kommander has a lot of potential for all of KDE. I really hope we get some developers with time to work on it as we have with Quanta. It can extend any KDE app with DCOP pretty easily.

by Jim Dabell (not verified)

QT Script is based on ECMAscript, so it's roughly the same as Javascript/JScript.

by Mike Hearn (not verified)

Good to see the GPLd Qt get more powerful! One question - is that just a Mac-style skin it's using in those screenshots, or is it actually using native widgets?

It kind of looks a bit, hmm, messy? Hard to describe. It looks like it is using a skin though....

by AFAIK (not verified)

To keep to the notion of 'code-once-compile-many' Qt doesn't use native widgets on the different platforms.

On the MS platform, the style is very simple to emulate, and so you wouldn't notice, but on the Mac it shows.

Qt on the Mac does not utilise Cocoa.

by anon (not verified)

No, actually, Qt/Mac does use Carbon to draw widgets. It's as native as Carbon is, which being an official Apple API, is pretty damn native. Back before Qt/Mac was released, Apple helped TT with this. Qt/Mac of course doesn't use Cocoa.

Qt/Windows on WindowsXP also uses natively-drawn widgets.

Note that neither is "Native Widgets".. they are, however, "Natively-drawn".

by Mike Vance (not verified)

Yes, it's just a skin. That is the nature of Qt -- nothing ever maps to a native control -- ever. That makes it all the more difficult for Trolltech to port Qt since it always has to change the appearance of its widgets whenever developers of the operating system change the look of their controls.

by lit (not verified)

Once again, it isn't a skin. It usses the apperance manager. It's as native as Carbon or Cocoa.

by mart (not verified)

qt is a wonderful toolkit, hearing that it will become free for another platform is wonderful, but i continue hoping a gpl version also for windows. I don't know if trolltech is planning to do this, but it would be a great thing it would present kde and other qt application to the great public.
And imagine a kde windows desktop where will be hard to recognize if it is windows or linux, great interoperability and it would be easier to switch.
ok, ok, stop dreaming :-)

by fred (not verified)

I fully agree with you !

by AC (not verified)

Wouldn't it be nice if TT could LGPL the core part of QT (hopefully on all platforms)? Only the part the KDE libs link against. That would ease the adoption (w.r.t. to the LGPL GTK libs) and they would not loose their business case and could keep all the database / motif / whatever exotic QT-stuff separate GPL/commercial.

by blaising mark (not verified)

Imagine Kylix for OS X! that's based on Qt.

by Simon (not verified)

Imagine CLX for QT3, or writing KDE apps in Kylix. Oh well keep dreaming...

by Shamyl Zakariya (not verified)

I've spent the last 4 months porting a fair amount (> 15 kloc) of qt code to std c++ on the backend (removing *all* qt, and writing my own classes that map to qt's classes where needed) and rewriting the gui in native cocoa/objective-c.

And now I discover it was completely unnecessary!

Arg! :P

by Eric Laffoon (not verified)

Hey, my heart goes out to you. Kommander was supposed to be totally revolutionary and now the question remains whether it will get teh attention it still deserves. So... any chance you feel like working on Quanta or Kommander for the Mac? ;-)



by anon (not verified)

Kommander will get the attention when it develops once it stops being bundled with a cvs copy of Quanta. :)

It probably already works on MacOSX too.

by em (not verified)

Probably it would have been unnecessary anyway. When you say you're porting to std c++, I suppose you aren't talking about the GUI, just converting QString to std::string and likewise. If that's the case, you could have used the non-GUI part of Qt/X11, which is very portable and should not been hard to compile under OS X at all. This is done for example in Doxygen:

by em (not verified)

Well, I obviously didn't read your comment completely before posting my reply. My bad. What I said still applies to the "backend", though.

by anon (not verified)

yup.. doxygen does this, as does tinyqt ( which probably already builds fine on osx without any X dependencies)

by Manfred Tremmel (not verified)

Great, what I want to read next is: "Apple integrates QT into next MacOS X version", that would be wunderfull.
I hope Unix/Linux community will profit form the QT-port, too, not only Mac users.
With CUPS integration into MacOS X I thougt, now it's easy to shipp MacOS and Linux drivers with all printers, but only MacOS X drivers are shipped.

by Aaron Bolding (not verified)

I know this is starting to get pretty off topic, but I was surprised to discover the other day that I could just copy those MacOS X drivers off my mac and on to my Linux box to get it to print to the same printer. This was for a Lexmark Optra L. Your mileage may vary.

by Manfred Tremmel (not verified)

Sounds good! I don't understand, why the printer manufacturer don't use this for marketing. To create a little RPM for RedHat and SuSE on the CD and a "supporting Linux" to the wrapping shouldn't be a problem.

by Abdul Murphy (not verified)


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by Fredrik (not verified)

Or is it held hostage by the lack of a Win32 GPL version?

Someone is trying to port Konqueror to Windows without qt, much like Safari is really Konqueror for Mac OS X without qt. I don't know how far along he is, maybe you want to look on the mailing list for the file browser at

by Xslf (not verified)

anyone know of docs on how to build KDE against this version?


by Anonymous (not verified)

Get KDE, get the patches, apply them, build?

Ah, but where do you get the right pathes from?

by Anonymous (not verified)

Click twice on "got much of KDE builing" links and last but not least enter the patches/ directory. Expect problems you may have to solve yourself, but try.