KDE 3.0RC3: Prepare to Fall in Love

The KDE Project has announced the release
of KDE 3.0RC3 (on this, the first day of Spring). The release comes a month after the release of KDE 3.0beta2, with
two (semi-public) release candidates, as well as a well-attended 1-week hacking session for fixing problems, appearing in the interim. KDE 3.0rc3 can be downloaded through KDE's load-balancing system (source code, RedHat packages (only partially uploaded at this time), and SuSE packages). Additional packages should become available in the coming days, both on KDE's and some distributions' servers. Other than for show-stopper fixes, this release candidate will be released
early next month as KDE 3.0. Personal impression: love at first sight,
it simply rocks!

As much as I hate to admit it, with my
busy schedule I have not been able to keep up the KDE 3 releases. But yesterday morning I installed KDE 3.0rc3 and, to be honest, it is truly magnificent!
Konqueror is fast, fast, fast!
Never seen anything like it (except maybe Lynx) in
the main browsers - even
long pages in my Most Often Visited list all but instantly popped into

The rest of KDE 3 is simply spectacular, too. Everything is snappier,
from menus (despite the addition of cool menu icons) and dialogs (these pop up much faster) to applications, and the look is even more professional than KDE 2. Wowwww, I am in total awe. Superb, excellent, amazing job, guys, KDE 3 absolutely rules!

Due to the imminence of the 3.0 release, for this release candidate only, please post crashes and grave bug reports directly to [email protected] rather than using the conventional bug reporting system. Let's see who of you can make KDE 3.0 even better by finding any elusive shot-stopper bugs before the end of the week!

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by Elijah Extreme (not verified)

What were you talking about.....awk??

by Elijah Extreme (not verified)

I am In search for the wolrd fastest browser..So If you're a software designer and know how to make a browser & in some ways made it a speedy browser which would be the best of the best, please make me the first one to know about...
Elijah Extreme(jayjay242424) contact me if you got the world's fastest browser...
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hurry up! im tired of slow IE's and Netscape

Im jayjay242424.

try opera,crazy browser,fast browser pro v6.1

Hey thanks...But i dont think they're fast enough

How about mozilla browser

Get Bluto 5.0 (Built for Speed). No installation required, fits on a floppy and nothing is faster! Get it from http://blackhat.27south.com

mozilla suckssssssssssssssssssssss.

Mozilla today in 2008 is rated worlds fastest and most lightweight browser.

try kmeleon man faster and high internet security

i have a famous browsers that are called: Avant browser, Mozilla Firefox browser.
i reckon these are one of the most popular browses and they search anything in seconds if u hav an internet booster.

Avant browser- i think is one of the fastest and modern style Browser.

mozilla Firefox- is not modern but a simmple Browser that just looks plain but in the other hand its fast

So am I. I am good at using search engines to find information, yet I cannot find anything about small fast powerful text browsers that use a mouse, in four search engines using multiple key words. I have searching for days. If you found one, please let me know what it is by email. If any program creators come across this board, please get to work on creating the above described browser straight away. I think people will buy it as it will compete with Internet Explorer and Netscape, and all the other so-called fast browsers, as they are all slow in particular when sites slow down. I'm not interested in graphics, just the text. All I want at top is Save As and Favorites.

Ps. I did find one browser, a text browser with no hyperlinks and which uses the keyboard instead of the mouse. It is called Lynx and you can find it in the google search engine. It opens fast but I coulnd't figure out how to use it. I have emailed the creator to ask him to develop it to use a mouse. There is also a fast browser called OffByOne which uses the mouse, but I found it to be a bit unstable and did not always make posts. It was good for reading posts though, on a board that often slowed right down, and I had the graphics turned off. The Enigma browser and Smart browser were a little bit faster than Internet Explorer, but were still too slow for what I'm looking for. I think you can get all of the browsers that I've mentioned here at Computerworld Browsers.

Computerworld Browsers. Not all in this list are browsers, and this is not the first page: http://tinyurl.com/3ty7d

Hello people ... I think Maxthon is fater than fire fox, I'm useing it right now.
I'm working for HP canada, all Agents here prefer useing Maxthon.

It's really good try it.

mozilla fire fox is the world fastest browser i have tried it and found best far better than opera

by John (not verified)

http://blackhat.27south.com and opera are the best. I test this kinda stuff for a living. ;)

hey try avant browser its fast and free
if you find somethin better let me know k thanks

by someone from 2007 (not verified)

don't think you'll see this cause its 2007 but ace explorer is the fastest among all those i have tried:Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Opera9.20, Avant Browser. currently downloading konqueror and bluto but i don't think they'll be faster than ace cause ace really does done loading in the blink of an eye. will let you know again if konqueror or bluto is faster...(=. wow it feels weird to be talking to someone who posted in 2003, 4 years back. like talking to someone from the past X)=)

by someone from 2007 (not verified)

alright im wrong X/...finished downloading bluto (konquerer cannot be downloaded) and did a small test:(get to google from yahoo homepage)
internet explorer 7: did it in 5 seconds
ace explorer: took 4 seconds
bluto: done in 3 seconds or even quicker...

Try PhaseOut, it's cool and fast.

I have literally tried nearly every single browser there is, faster than both opera and mozilla is google chrome, yes its hard to believe but once you try it you won't go back, :), give it a go

by kevan (not verified)

I have been told that Safari is the fastest - BUT you need a Mac to use it :¬\

links-graphic for Linux Mandrake is supposed to be even faster :¬\

But being a mere Windows walla I make do with Mozilla Firebird 0.7+ (but it's the dog's so far)

by Lee (not verified)

Nope, safari would be the fastest ON A MAC, because it's based on konqueror. But Konqueror is certainly faster than Safari. Probably due to the simple fact of Safari using Mac OS 's heavy GUI.

by PZ (not verified)

Isint konqueror fast enough?

by nnn (not verified)

Konqueror is fast so, thats all you need (unless you are used to other browser, or you dont have linux).

by Nehemiah (not verified)

Hai...I tried to use Bluto browser...It told an error message...That is in screen shot...

by neolivz (not verified)

All u think ur browser is fastest well my fav browser is firefox but the fastes browser is opera 8.0 i have opera 8.0 but i am so much used to firefox i love their custamisable and above all its a open source software + a free ware if u still doubt which is the fastest browser go to the following and check ur brosers speed and check out the top results


Defanitly OPERA8.0 is the fastest BUT FIREFOX RULZ!!!!

From a big firefox faaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn.................

by cm (not verified)

Hmm. Your favourite browser seems to drop letters at random, supports punctuation only half of the time and if it does then it prints them multiple times in a row.

A strange beast you have there. You may want to check for an update... :-P

BTW: You've got to be kidding. The test you linked hardly measures browser speed. It's only about JavaScript speed. And it completely mis-detected the CPU speed of my system...

by SATAN (not verified)

Try Avant browser
it is fast
and very handy

by Aaron Clay (not verified)

-Mozilla Firefox is much more standards compliant.
-Mozilla Firefox has less "per window" memory & CPU usage
-Mozilla Firefox releases new builds more quickly.
-Mozilla is open source (many, many options)
-Mozilla is good on many OSs, not just Windows (Opera has difficulties on some Linux distros)
-Because it is open source, Mozilla cannot be commercilized and cannot be put to the discretion's of a single company.

-It is a bit more lightweight (In terms of install files and completed install)
-Not open source. Exploits are not seen by public, therefore not by hackers.
-Email Client is much more lightweight than Thunderbird.
-Usually stands up higher in terms of cold and warm starts during tests.

I personally use Mozilla, but I am sure there is more going for Opera than I put here. I keep an open eye, but so far, Mozilla does a much better job at most tasks. (IMHO)

by Albert Lam (not verified)

I've used Advant and I found it fast but it crashes quite often. Also my friend has found that Advant is notably faster than Opera on dial up.

Its always the graphics that seem to take up the time so lately I have been trying out Lynx, a text based browser. I'm finding thats super fast on 60% of the pages and the other 40% of the pages won't load properly. Too bad. Gonna try to use Cygwin with w3m on a windows platform to see if I can get some result there.

If anyone can add to my experimentation, please let me know.


by Prabhu.P (not verified)

I've checked some of the browsers in windows 2000, (Maxthon 2.0 beta, Netscape Navigator 8.1.2, Opera 9.10, Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer 7) finally i found the greatest browser. Yes it's FireFox. FireFox is much more Faster than any other browsers i used in my PC. The Opera Passes Acid 2 Test for browsers, but it not supports all the PDF format files but FireFox did. No answers for other browsers

by Suren (not verified)

Regarding you post:
Opera is more standards compliant than firefox, it has passed the acid2test, firefox has not.
Opera takes less memory, much less. If you do not believe me download Opera and see for yourself
Firefox is open source, and that is its main advantage over opera, a philosophical reason. Open source software is my software. Does not make it faster or better performing though.
Opera I cannot come to terms with your statement that exploits cannot be seen by hackers. Hackers if they really want, can crack the code and find vulnerabilities, and the general public will not be any the wiser. Therefore, not being Open source is a security disadvantage. However, still Opera is at present the fastest browser.
Browser comparison: http://freewebsoftwarereviews.blogspot.com
Browser speed comparison:http://www.howtocreate.co.uk/browserSpeed.html
BTW, I do not want to flame a Opera vs Firefox war, both are cool. For me Opera is better though

by billw86 (not verified)

I am having the same problems in deciding as everyone else seems to be collectively pondering. Naturally we need to get the most from our slower net hookups like dial up but I have been using various browsers and find that they vary in usage from time to time. Has anyone had the experience that rarly the data stream comes in so fast that one can not keep up with the pages flow? This has happend to me about 5 times in the last 6 years and I stayed up for two days one time watching the action. Is this a server doing some kind of work on the system-or have we been sold a bill of goods concerning the differences between cable -DSL- and Dial up which I have the latter. Is it possible that there is enough bandwidth on dial up that a good pc under the right conditions can really zoom on the so called dial up connection? billw86

by hw (not verified)

i compile kde2-rc2 and qt-3.0.2 from source,
but when i start kde3 none of the icons show up.
from the console, it says " incompatible libpng "
the libpng in my system is version 1.2.1.
i don't understand i did compile qt3 as explained in http://www.kde.org/install-source.html

by Ingo Klöcker (not verified)

You need libpng 2.x.

by Anonyomoose (not verified)

...anyone listening over there?

by Anonymous (not verified)

There were KDE 3 rpms announced on cooker mailing-list. Look out for them!

by Anonymous (not verified)

I didn't found anything in the cooker mailing list. If you can tell me the link I would appreciate it a lot.
Thx in advance !

by Anonymous (not verified)

I didn't found anything in the cooker mailing list. If you can tell me the link I would appreciate it a lot.
Thx in advance !

by kde user lost (not verified)

I run RedHat 7.2. I tried installing by rpm but i run into a lot of problems.
The library that appears to be missing is libkfile.so.3? Is this suppose to come with kdelibs? if so why is it not on my system ( i installed kdelibs). Where can i find the library? Can anybody provide some advice? thank you in advance.

by Troy Unrau (not verified)

You probably are having conflicts with a previously installed version of kde.

Try either removing the old version, or setting up one set of environment variables for one user, and creating a second user to run kde - that way the libraries don't get crossed :)


by AC (not verified)

I had all kinds of problems like this. I think I started downloading the rpms before they were all posted. Redhat also has them on their ftp site in their lastest beta area. After I got all the RPMS I all is now well!

by Yamamba (not verified)

wuts ze difrens b/w 'em?

by Nosferatu (not verified)

One word: CHANGELOG.


by Jérôme Loisel (not verified)

The new version is better.

by me (not verified)

Did someone know about NGPT (Next Generation POSIX Threading) support in Qt\KDE?

http://oss.software.ibm.com/developerworks/opensource/pthr say:
12 March 2002: Linux Kernel 2.4.19pre3 now has the NGPT support built in. Using this kernel and higher, you will no longer need to patch the Linux kernel for NGPT support.

by Julien Olivier (not verified)

All is in the title: no kde-graphics for suse-7.3. Can I download it anywhere ?

PS: (how) can I run Yast2 within KDE3 ?

by Stephan Oehlert (not verified)

Re: Yast2?

Well, KDE2/3 are binary incompatible. You can wait for SuSE 8.0.