KDE 3.1: Well Worth the Wait

The KDE Project today
the release of KDE 3.1, "a major feature upgrade to the third
generation of the most advanced and powerful free desktop for Linux
and other UNIXes.
While you are busy downloading
the new packages for this fabulous release, we hope you will enjoy the
über-cool (disclaimer:
I wrote it) KDE
3.1 Feature Guide
, as well as a sortable
KDE 3.1 Requirements
page, both new for this release. And if that's not enough, you can also
check out the detailed
ChangeLog. And - ah yes - there are also screenshots. So much to do today . . . .

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These any good ?


I'm on SuSE 8.1 , but using konstruct right now to refresh my RC6.

Great to have choices. Great to have KDE3.1

Thanks to all who've made it possible.

KDE 3.1 is also unstable in Debian and have lot of bugs. In kmail folders are invisible and konqueror crash if i try to open page in new tab.
Settings > Configure shorcuts > Open in new tab > custom "t"
And using in internet I push button "t" *crash*
Setting > Configure shortcuts > | Where is item "Open in new tab "
Both of these problems were in kde3.1rc5
I dont' even dare to use font installer because that causes hundreds of kdeinit4 processes to start and they freeze my computer.

Sorry my bad english.

by Ingo Klöcker (not verified)

The folders are not invisible. The folder column is just extremly narrow. This bug has been fixed several weeks ago.

>The folders are not invisible. The folder column is just extremly narrow. This bug
>has been fixed several weeks ago.

Thanks.You were right

by Roland (not verified)

KDE3.1 really got released? Really? Even before DukeNukem Forever?

Seriously, great job. I had already a look at a release candidate and it's really great. A fine improvement over KDE 3.0.

My personal KDE3.1 tip: Type "fish:your-ssh-server" into Konqueror and enjoy a graphical ssh/scp frontend. A killer feature, finally easy network browsing with zero-configuration.

by And thank you f... (not verified)


I cannot say that "fish:my-ssh-server" produces anything but

An error occured while loading fish:my-ssh-server:
Unknown host

Went fishing

by JC (not verified)


by Andreas Pietzowski (not verified)

This is great! I always hat the scp-command in the shell to copy files from a ssh-host...

Nice job developers ;-)

by And thank you f... (not verified)

Hey, this works.

But, not all of it as expected.

The fish protocol isn't aware of my ssh-config file?
It somehow must be, how would I log in without passphrase into the server.
But then again, ssh2 allows you to define any name as a Host in .ssh/config with some options you like to change. Like:

Host my_server_modified
Port 4321
User other_user

If all is correct, the command line "ssh my_server_modified" works alright, but "fish://my_server_modified" fails with "Cannot connect to localhost"

(It seems to be the port, that gets messed up)

Am I missing another piece?


by Cliff (not verified)


by ac (not verified)


Bloody brilliant!

by And thank you f... (not verified)

Thanks for your efforts.
Sorry my problem seems to last, but I'm sure I'll figure it out someday.

host1 (is not allowed to ssh to server2)
server1 (is allowed to ssh to server2)

server1% ssh -fNgL otherport:server2:22 server2

on the command line I now can:

host1% ssh -o 'Port otherport' server1

and end up on server2 with no probs.

Again, the fish-thing can't "connect to localhost" or initiates the protocol and "dies unexpectedly".

For all other servers I really love the fish-thing.


by And thank you f... (not verified)


I have to correct myself, happily :-)


It boils down to fish not reading ~/.ssh/config. Don't know whether this is good or not.
fish is very good though :-)


by Salim Fadhley (not verified)

This is the most amazingly amazing thing I have seen for ages. Can you believe that I used to be a die-hard Gnome user (yeuch), but since Gentoo started bundling KDE 3.1, I decided to make the switch.

Now that I know what FISH protocol is for I'm sure I will use it all the time.

by a.c. (not verified)


assuming that you have ssh running.

by hal (not verified)

You can also use it in other kde apps.
I for example edit most of the files on remote machines with kate and fish.
Just put fish://user@host/path_to_file in file dialog and bookmark it if you want :)

have fun

by aleXXX (not verified)

Yes, actually you can use every ioslave in every KDE app.

Additionally try to setup lanbrowsing, it also supports the fish ioslave.
(the guided setup has a bug, remove trailing ";" from /etc/lisarc !, fixed in cvs)
Then you have your whole lan at your hands without samba :-)


by Dieter Nützel (not verified)

Is this the current "lan" bug-fix?
Remove all trailling "," from /etc/lisarc?

smb:/your_workgroup/your_server/ works

but _NOT_
lan://your_server/ (SMB | FISH | HTTP)
lan://localhost/your_server/ (SMB | FISH | HTTP)

and _NOT_
lan://your_server_full_domian/your_server_full_domian/ (SMB | FISH)
lan://localhost/your_server_full_domian/ (SMB | FISH)

What's wrong with the FISH ;-)


by Dieter Nützel (not verified)

OK, more on this:

What I get is this:


Some "strings" wan't be evaluated?


by Eric Laffoon (not verified)

> My personal KDE3.1 tip: Type "fish:your-ssh-server" into Konqueror and enjoy a graphical ssh/scp frontend.

This is new? I've been using fish since KDE 2.x and I thought it was added to the base packages in 3.0. Not that I'm complaining about the attention.

#1 most exasperating feature request for Quanta: FTP manager. How can we better educate people about KIO? FTP is just another protocol and we're not married to a protocol because to us it's just a means to a file operation. Perhaps a mode selector on file dialogs to prompt users on how to use protocols?

by Adam Treat (not verified)

I have a way to educate users about fish... allow the developer to setup a project that points to a sourceforge project... and use fish/quanta to remotely edit webpages transparently. This would be *very* cool, IMHO :)

by Elliott (not verified)

I wouldn't be too quick to jump on using fish for sftp sessions. When you attempt to connect to a server with lots of subdirectories that are distributed over many computers the fish ioslave will hang that server while it tries to figure out all the autocomplete names...

try using the sftp:// ioslave instead, it's not as invasive of system resources on the machine it's connecting to.

by IR (not verified)

Wait? What wait?

After downloading the RPM's and installing under Suse 7.3
kde hangs while logging in.

It gets to "initializing system services" then stops.

try cleaning all those tings in /tmp,

and ~/.kde -- (back it up if you need settings from there)

Disable the fam service, start kde and the restart fam

OK indeed its fam,
after turning of fam kde3.1 starts

by frederic heem (not verified)

I wonder why kde 3.1 is released with known bugs, so what the difference between a beta release and a stable release ? I appreciate all the efforts made by the community but I don't appreciate that the a "stable" release contains known bugs.

The only important question for you is: How many of these bugs affect you? Did you vote for them already at http://bugs.kde.org? Or do you care about the 1000+ web pages that don't render 100% correctly and which you never visit? Btw, that 4000 is pretty low for such a big project. Compare that to the numbers of the Mozilla, Gnome or OpenOffice.org projects. And Mozilla has no desktop/office, Gnome no office/html render engine and OpenOffice.org no desktop/browser.

Many of them are probably old and inaccurate. If someone got time over he/she could go over those bugs and close those that aren't reproducable any longer...

...but he'd probably rather be coding... :-)

No, I'd rather hunt bugs rather than coding, but I've got many other things to do

It would be really nice too if you could help closing some bugs that doesn't occur anymore. Its not hard at all.

>> It would be really nice too if you could help closing some bugs that doesn't occur anymore.<<

How does one sign up for it? Like seriously. I honestly do feel like a bit of a free-loader since I really like KDE and all the OSS stuffs but I'm not a programmer, I only speak English, and I am not I an artist (color-blind...). I don't know how to help out (other than money donations, of course). I really don't have a WHOLE lot of spare time, but when I find myself looking for something to do, it would be nice to be able to "give back" a bit to the KDE developers and users. If I could sit and have a beer or two and help kill a ton of backlog, that would be a Good Thing (TM) IMHO. I just don't know where to even start with it.

I run Gentoo and I update whenever things are released. I say that because I'm running the "real" KDE sources, not some ditro's modified binaries so I'd beable to to really help out and easily figure out if it's a KDE problem or a distro problem.

It's ugly and kinda boring work (just clicking a few things to see if I can make something crash kind of thing...), but it would be nice to give a little back to the folks that made KDE.

For the start get an account on http://bugs.kde.org and comment on duplicates, try to reproduce bug reports or ask submitters if ancient reports still apply to current KDE versions.

i am doing this as i don't know c++, etc.

however i think the original poster should consider this:

all open source projects have bugs, reported or not

that means all releases also have bugs, believe it or not

so you should get over with it, stop wit the yada and check yourself?

open source works, just as well as everything else often

> open source works, just as well as everything else often

from my experience OpenSource works better, because
bugs are reported (many users) and developers are
working on those bugs. Sometimes users are even resolving them.
Not like closed products.

How many bugs are in MS Products? For sure at least 100 times more.
And MS dont care about them -- they care about 'features',
because features are selling point and they need $$$$.

>all open source projects have bugs, reported or not

All projects have bugs... Software is written by people.
Are you perfect? No. Everyone has his 'bugs', nobody's clean.

by Anders Juel Jensen (not verified)

For comparison Win2000 was released with 21.000 *known* bugs.. and as we all know quite a bit of them was what the KDE team would have called by their true name: Showstoppers.

As mentioned above.. Open Source Software tends to work better *becaue* the hole bug-thing is a non-hush (oposite to M$ who calls bugfixes "sevice-releases").

I know it sometimes looks oposite because of the "release early, release often" policy that rule the OSS world. This is allso why anyone is recommended to NOT use the x nor x.y releases for coporate use.. those should go for x.y.z (read KDE-3.1.x). But this way of adressing bugs gives just what the developers need: users' feedback.

Kind Regards

Well I don't care about the pages I don't visit.

But it would have bin nice if I could use konqueror to submit forms on certain websites. E.g. post articles on ZNet, moderate posts on slashdot or manage my D-Link 704 firewall. If that was possible I could save a lot of space by removing Mozilla.

> moderate posts on slashdot

Good news! You can do that since KDE2 when Konqueror first appeared!

I have a D-Link 713-P, very similar to your vaporators (I mean, 704) and I can manage it from Konq just fine. I've also never had problems with Slashdot, but can't speak for ZDNet as I try not to venture too far into the Belly of the Beast.

I remember a post on some mailing list claiming that, the at the time, newly released windows 2000 had 64 000 bugs, And some Microsof defender replied that only 21 000 was serious. So KDE is perhaps not that bad after all.

There will always be bugs in software, in opensource we can at least try to fix them.

I have to admit that it is quite fun to juggle with numbers, but please try to say something relevant here...

A number of bugs isn't everything: you have to know the number of lines in your code, the complexity of it, and you have to make an assessment on the severity of the bugs. Otherwise, all it is, is just a bunch of numbers...

And I'm sure that ms tries to fix them too. Perhaps not always as quick, but it is of course an operating system with all difficulties that come with it...
Comparing a desktop environment and an operating system like this is just plain stupid.

> Comparing a desktop environment and an operating system like this is just plain stupid.

Yes, especially when the desktop environment comes with hundreds of applications while the operating system is only a pretty naked operating system. ;)

In the end it's all relative. Cheers. ^_^

Any piece of software will always contain known bugs (commercial as well as OpenSource). Compared to the size of the project, 4000 bugs is actually a rather low count (especially if someone would get rid of all the old, innacurate and obsolete bugreports). And, most of the open bugs in bugs.kde.org are actually very minor - the number of grave/critical bugs is amazingly low.

by Another Anon-person (not verified)

If they didn't release anything until all known bugs were fixed, they would effectively paralyze themselves and nothing new would get done and there would not be any KDE 3.1 right now.

by Steinchen (not verified)

There isn't a release schedule on developer.kde.org for KDE 3.2 yet. Could I expect KDE 3.2 in 2003 or would it take longer? Who would be the release coordinator?

by Anonymous (not verified)

Something between 6 and 10 months. Stephan Kulow

by David Faure (not verified)

Good try - but you're not coolo, mr anonymous :)

by Datschge (not verified)

I think that wasn't a signature though, that was an answer to the previous question. ;P