KDE 3.1: Well Worth the Wait

The KDE Project today
the release of KDE 3.1, "a major feature upgrade to the third
generation of the most advanced and powerful free desktop for Linux
and other UNIXes.
While you are busy downloading
the new packages for this fabulous release, we hope you will enjoy the
über-cool (disclaimer:
I wrote it) KDE
3.1 Feature Guide
, as well as a sortable
KDE 3.1 Requirements
page, both new for this release. And if that's not enough, you can also
check out the detailed
ChangeLog. And - ah yes - there are also screenshots. So much to do today . . . .

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> Is there anyway to pass the --with-java parameter to the "make install" command?

Just change kde/kdebase/Makefile to your liking. Then run "make buildclean install".

I too have had the same problem using Konstruct to install KDE3.1.1 on Mandrake 9.1. (I had no problems at all with 3.1.0!). Editing the makefile didn't make one bit of difference. In fact, even passing the without-java argument brought the same error. I don't think I have a syntax error (see attached makefile). Is there a work-around?

by user (not verified)

What do I need to compile qtsharp from kdebase?

I get:

make[4]: Entering directory `/home/bjorn/download.uk.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/3.1/src/kdebindings-3.1/qtsharp/src/parser'
csant -Dcscc=/usr/bin/cscc -C cscc
Building project `Qt# C++ Header Parser'
Building target `all' for project `Qt# C++ Header Parser'
/usr/bin/cscc -o ./parser.exe -O2 ./parser.cs ./main.cs -L. -llexan
./parser.cs:17: invalid type specification
./parser.cs:37: invalid type specification

and a range of errors. This is with Portable.NET 0.4.8

What do you guys use? Or can I select not to support csharp? I can't find any options for it in the configure script.

by Adam Treat (not verified)

You need to update your Portable.NET version. The latest version is here:

I would suggest you try the latest cvs version of pnet or you'll have to install mono too.


by Adam Treat (not verified)

BTW, if you uninstall Portable.NET and mono, the configure script will disable qtsharp from the build.

by Lennart G Peterson (not verified)

For the best desktop in the Linuxworld....

So long, and Thanks for all the Fish.


by kola (not verified)

Thanks to konstruct, I have a compiled version of kde3.1 in my ~/kde3.1. Now, how can I add the new session to kdm? (i am running mdk 8.2). Any help is appreciated.


by Braden MacDonald (not verified)

Try this:
Create a file in /etc/X11/wmsession.d/ called 20KDE3.1
and put the following in it:
DESC=The K Desktop Environment
EXEC=/home/(your user name)/bin/startkde
exec /home/(your user name)/bin/startkde
(don't put the lines in it.)

And then, create a file in /usr/bin/ called "startkde3.1" (must exactly match).
next, chmod +x /usr/bin/startkde3.1, so it's executable, then edit it and put in the following:
export PATH=/home/(your user name)/bin/:$PATH
export PATH=(path to Qt)/bin:$PATH
export KDEDIR=/home/(your user name)/
export QTDIR=(path to Qt)
/home/(your user name)/bin/startkde

That *should* do it.

by kola (not verified)

I'll try that


by Braden MacDonald (not verified)

I forgot: to have kdm apply these changes, do the following command as root:
, and then in kdm, choose "Menu : Restart X Server".

by kola (not verified)

Which works fine with kde3.0.x though :(

by Daniel Gruen (not verified)


There is a problem with building 3.1 on my machine. After building and installing kdelibs correctly, the ./configure of kdebase gives me the following error message:

checking if UIC has KDE plugins available... configure: error: not found - you need to install kdelibs first.

The executed command (taken from config.log) that fails is:
configure:22577: /usr/lib/qt3.1/bin/uic -L /opt/kde3.1/lib/kde3/plugins/designer -nounload -impl actest.h actest.ui > actest.cpp
configure:22580: $? = 0
configure:22595: error: not found - you need to install kdelibs first.

There is nothing like a actest.ui in the kdebase base directory (should it?). kdelibs-3.1 is successfully installed.

I'm using qt from KDE CVS (version 3.1.1) that I already have compiled some weeks ago (and konstruct with the HAVE_QT_3_1_INSTALLED option).

Thank you for any help

Daniel Gruen

by Ulrich Kunitz (not verified)

Probably your gcc/g++ has been configured with
--enable-__cxa_atexit. Check with gcc -v. Same problem here, I'm
pretty sure that this is the reason. If only my machine would compile

by Daniel Gruen (not verified)

Jep, you're right. Is there a solution or should I wait for mdk rpms?

Thank you


by Mike Campbell (not verified)

Just a quick FYI that I successfully used konstruct to download and install 3.1 with no problems at all on my RH 8.0 system. It took a while on a PIII/600 but its up and running.

by tagbo okoli (not verified)

How did you get the Redhat Menus to work in the compiled KDE 3.1. I have used
KAppfinder but I would rather restore my old menus because a lot of items are
still missing

Thanks in advance

by Rajil Saraswat (not verified)

I am running kde3.1 successfully on a mandrake 9.0 box. The only glitch is that konqueror is not showing flash images. I have already installed macromedia flashplugin and it also showing in the list of available plugins, but whenever i go to a flash website, a message always popsup asking me to download the plugin.
whats wrong??

by David Pye (not verified)

There are two versions of Flash now - one supported natively under Linux, and one not.

The one which is NOT supported is Flash 6 IIRC(as produced using Flash MX)

Try this site:

www.theola.dyndns.org - my g/f's page - sorry, but it's the only one I KNOW is in Flash5 and works ok with the flash plugin :)


by Rajil Saraswat (not verified)

The Macromedia website lists only flash 6 plugin. I couldnt find anyplace to download flash5, can you give some pointer?

by Ruchir Saraswat (not verified)

abe flash light ka bulb fuse ho gaya hoga. Replace it.

by alyssa (not verified)

when i try to use american greeting cards and launch all i see are little white boxes with red x's in them. it wont let me view the cards and videos and when i go to macromedia flash download it says its already installed but i still cant view them what do i do?

by johnzo (not verified)

Hi, I'm trying to compile kde3.1 (using konstruct and cd meta/everything; make install) on red hat 8.0

I started out with the prefix in gar.conf.mk set to /usr (as, I think, Red Hat likes) and got this error when I did make install:

nanohttp.c: In function `xmlNanoHTTPConnectAttempt':
nanohttp.c:815: `len' undeclared (first use in this function)
nanohttp.c:815: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
nanohttp.c:815: for each function it appears in.)
make[8]: *** [nanohttp.lo] Error 1

I tried resetting the prefix to ~/kde3 and I also tried uncommenting the
CC = gcc-3.2 line in gar.conf.mk (RH8.0 uses gcc3.2). Neither change helped.

Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks!


by Tobias Hübner (not verified)


I have the same problem. I patched and installed Qt 3.1 as described above successfully.
When I make in meta/kde oder meta/everything I get the same compilation error.

Do you have found a solution?


by Tobias Hübner (not verified)

I have a workaround the problem: I removed the targets libxml2 and libxslt from lib/Makefile.
Everything compiled fine without kdegraphics... so I did "make install -k". KDE 3.1 works fine,
antialiased fonts and icons. Only the kdegraphics is missing now.



I've solved this problem in this way:
After compilation fail (nanohttp.c:815: `len' undeclared (first use in this function) I've modified two files in ~/konstruct/libs/libxml2/work/libxml2-2.4.30 directory: nanohttp.c and nanoftp.c. I've changed 'SOCKLEN_T' phrase occuring before the variable name with 'unsigned int'. 'SOCKLEN_T' appears only once in each file except define section in their beginnings.
After such a modification the compilation process has gone further.
But the compilation hasn't finished yet... ;-).


And I can confirm that Jarek's solution is working perfectly.

by Henning (not verified)

Well, that solved it for me. lets see what wll happen now :)

And lets hope it´ll work :)))

by moerten (not verified)

Left Mandrake 9 out in the cold (after trying compiling kde3.1).. :( for the benefit of SuSe 8.1. Installed the new kde rpms.. it's working.. as far as I can see.. But I saw when compiling it said "can't remove folder xxxx, it's not empty" or something like that.. think it was icon folders and konqueror folder. Is it some way to fix this? Am I missing kde3.1 icons?

thanks for any help!

by moerten (not verified)

it seems like it's the Yast and suse icons thats been missing.. should be able to pick them from the system though...... don't U think?

by rh8_user (not verified)

I got KDE 3.1 to install on RH 8.0 by using konstruct but the icons/fonts are jagged and look like crap. (It looks WAY better on my Libranet system)... Does anyone have a step-by-step on how to get KDE 3.1 to install and look good on a RH 8.0 system?

by johnzo (not verified)

Not sure what the deal is with the icons, but as for fonts: I recompiled the freetype libraries to support bytecode hinting, and then installed a bunch of nicely hinted Windows truetype fonts (trebuchet, verdana, georgia, arial, etc) with the kde font installer. This gives me a look I like, but YMMV. Font preferences are amazingly subjective, it seems.

If you'd like, I'll email you my freetype RPMS, which you can install with rpm -U.


by Hallvor Engen (not verified)

You have probably compiled qt without xft support.

This is what I did:

Take a look here:
and check that you have all devel packages (and other packages) installed.

go into /konstruct/libs/qt-x11-free
run make patch (this will download and patch qt)
follow this advice (qt is in the work directory):
run make configure and check that it says: xft yes
run make install

Now you can install the rest of kde.

Hope this helps.

by oliveira (not verified)


I did all this. I am sure qt is now compiled with Xft support
because when I execute qtconfig it comes with antialised
fonts. However, KDE has not antialiased fonts! And, be sure,
I checked antialising in the control center/appearence/fonts.
I even compiled kdelibs again, just to make sure (and also to
include libbzip2, which I forgot), but it didn't work.
What can I do now?


by Mr T (not verified)

Well, it worked like a charm for me by following the above advice. Are you sure you included the appropriate parameters for "./configure" in "qt-X11.."?
I patched qt, wrote the changes to the xfreetype.test; then I added "-I /usr/include/Xft2 -xft -xrender" to the "CONFIGURE_ARGS" line in "/konstruct/libs/qt-x11-free/Makefile". Do a quick(?) "make install", and all is well - whence I did the ordinary install of "/meta/kde".

by tagbo okoli (not verified)

Is there anyway to get the redhat menus to show up? I have used KAppfinder
but a lot of applications are still missing?
Thanks in advance

by IR (not verified)

Just wanted to add my thanks for all the work put in this release.

by Heather (not verified)

I need some help.. I used cooker to install xfree86 on mandrake 9.0 and now fonts wont render in KDE, and everything looks funny. I can get into GNOME and everything works fine. But if I try and run a KDE program, or go into Mandrake config I get I mess if the program even starts up.. How can I go back to the older xfree86 so I can fix this mess? The reason I did this was to install KDE 3.1.. But I'd rather have my system working... I didn't know xfree86 would mess everything up.

by NewMandrakeUser (not verified)

Hi all

The KDE 3.1 binaries for 9.0 are already available for Mandrake Club members. I understand that after a "testing period" they will be available for the rest of us. Check it out:


Cheers !

by Lightning (not verified)

So far the free and open source community...
If you want packages, and want them when the software is released, you have to pay...
Is this the future of mandrake? Taking its users hostage.... First get them with a free OS and then force them to pay if they want to stay up to date?

Of course no one denies you the right to compile KDE from source and make it avaiable to other people...

by Linux-phased (not verified)

Well you should instead of complaining read closer.

I posted a link earlier on to my RPMS, they have been available for anybody since KDE 3.1 was released. Only thing I did now , I removed the i586 because they are available on Club and a lot of people must have found the way to my RPMS since I had at least 50 people getting them, if I look in my ftp logfiles.

You can still get the athlon rpms from my ftp though and not just that you can also get some other fancy stuff. But as I said earlier you have to look around you and not stay in the middle of the street crying.

By the way , the only reason Mandrake KDE Team did not put them up on the ftp is, because there were too many bugs in the intial KDE 3.1 release, lots of patches have been included now, after some more tests the KDE packages will be put on the public ftps.

by CmdrGravy (not verified)

I have just finished compiling and installing KDE 3.1 and I am very pleased with it.

I did run into a few problems along the way ( due to being to too eager to just get on compiling stuff and not working out what to do first ), firstly with complications involving my old KDE 3.0 and then with horrible looking icons and fonts which I have solved by re-compiling qt with -xft -xrender flags.

One problem I haven't solved yet ( again a problem entirley of my own making ) is that I managaged to zap the nice kdm login thing and appear to have reverted to xdm somewhere down the line.

Can anyone tell me how to re-configure X so it uses KDM again ?

As I have said I am really pleased with 3.1, it looks great and I love the download manager and krecord works ( which it never did on my last KDE ).

by rem7 (not verified)

Hey, I have SuSE 8.1 and I just downloaded the rpms and I've done every single thing to get it to work, but I just can't can anyone here explain step by step? what I did was
1.- rpm -Uvh *
2.- run SuSEconfig

when SuSEconfig was done I got the following msg:
ATTENTION: You have modified /etc/opt/kde3/share/config/kdm//kdmrc. Leaving it untouched...
You can find my version in /etc/opt/kde3/share/config/kdm//kdmrc.SuSEconfig...

Then I rebooted, but nothing really changed, I'm still in KDE 3.0.3
Any idea of what I can do?
Thank you