New KDE Application Database Online

Thanks to the hard work of Frank Karlitschek during the holiday season, we are proud to welcome amongst our midsts. is the new online database for KDE applications. Since the site is still very new, Frank would like to hear your suggestions for improvements. The database is also still a bit empty but you can change that by
the KDE applications that you have written to the site.

Last year, the KDE application repository so kindly provided by MieTerra dropped off the web due to financial problems. We hope to have found a worthy successor in

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by Joe Schmoe (not verified)


by anon (not verified)

Will the apps sidebar be re-added into this site?

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

yeah, yeah... first priority is to get the mailing lists working again then I'll this...

by anon (not verified)

This new site allows people completely unreleated to an application to submit one.. this is a problem, because in the future, the author of the application might want to add links to a new version or whatnot, but can't control it..

Freshmeat had the same problem, so they added a checkbox when you submit an application that said "I am not the author or primary developer of this application"... they also added a form for primary authors to "claim ownership".

How is kde-apps going to handle this?

by Anonymous (not verified)

A future version of the system will be extended to handle this and other identified problems. At the moment you can still watch it change every day.

by Dominic (not verified)

I like to get an impression of an application by viewing screenshots. It would be very convenient, if you can click on "screenshots" and see all screenshots of that application instead of just one. It's the same issue like at When I watch a theme, I usually open 10 windows with screenshots and close them one after another.

by Jos (not verified)

Well, if you want to see the screenshots for the wonderful app CubeTest, click here. Don't worry about the text. That funny language is Dutch.

Actually, I like the new site too. Some things could be more efficient. But may are, due to the inheritance from kde-look.

by CPH (not verified)

So what is it ? ( My dutch is definitely not up to understanding that funny language :)

by Jos (not verified)

It's a small program that allows you to train your spacial insight, if that 's the correct term for it.
A cube is shown and from 4 alternatives you have to pick the identical cube.
Tests like these often occur in job applications and school choice advises.

The description of the program is in dutch because it was written for a dutch contest. The goal of the contest was to write a computer program for primaty schools. I didn't win 1st prize (mobile phone) but even better: an inflatable tux of 1 meter high. Too bad this penguin has a small leak and its uptieme is only a few weeks.

by Gerd (not verified)

Wonderful site!

- corporate design:
use the logo of, red instead of blue at, light gray as on
- internationalisation of the ui
- show wether it is true kde or qt
- kde-apps feed to seems to lack behind

Other issues: Please backport KThemeManager into the 3.2 branch, 3.3 is too late.

by Anonymous (not verified)

> - show wether it is true kde or qt

You can see this if an application is marked to depend on Qt or KDE.

> Please backport KThemeManager into the 3.2 branch, 3.3 is too late.

It's too late to be included into KDE 3.2.

by Mario (not verified)

No including it in 3.2. But ofering it as an external app

by Anonymous (not verified)

It is offered as external application. What do you want?

by elektroschock (not verified)

hope the distributors will include it and configure it as default

by Tom (not verified)

Some improvements not so far mentioned on the dot that I'd like to see are:

- A distinction between an update and a new release; an updated record (e.g. a corrected spelling or a new download URL) shouldn't reappear on the front page, but new releases should. Otherwise we have no easy way of tracking when new KDE apps are released, which was one of the handiest things about

- Links to the changelog, screenshots page and download page as well as the home page; isn't suitable for a large formatted changelog, many screenshots or a more complex download list, so quick links would be a nice courtesy

- A mini description of each item and, where appropriate, a summarised changelog on the index pages; screenshots and names by themselves aren't sufficiently descriptive, and if a new version has come out it's useful to see on the index page what has changed

It's nice to see an app repistory back, anyway. It would be *really* nice if it could get even better than!

by Eeli Kaikkonen (not verified)

" - A distinction between an update and a new release"

And also:
-Whether it is new app in the database

And see this problem in

"06 January
KWrite (Text Editor) 4.1
KWrite is a simple texteditor, with syntaxhighlighting, codefolding, dynamic word wrap and more, it's the lightweight version of Kate, providing more ...

KWrite (Text Editor) 4.1
KWrite is a simple texteditor, with syntaxhighlighting, codefolding, dynamic word wrap and more, it's the lightweight version of Kate, providing more ..."

Why is it twice?

One bigger problem has been some programs with modules. There could have been ten or more modules and all of them were mentioned separately when a new release of a program appeared. They took all the space for new apps in the main page of

by ac (not verified)

Any chance I could use a kde-look account for this site? They seem like relatives.

by anon (not verified)

yes i logged into kde-apps using my kde-look account..

by anonymous (not verified)

My KDE-Look account never stays logged in. I always have to relogin when I go to the site. Anyone else seeing this problem?

by JusKickNit (not verified)

Yes that's a problem. But now it will remember you sign-on name at least. You still have to login every time. But you don't have to type your name.

by Mike (not verified)

This is a great site - Period.
Nobody can really tell me that the ugly mess we've seen before
as can really match this.
Way cool we've now got a non-commercial community-driven
app repository.

by Max Howell (not verified)

Just an idea - I can afford the bandwidth for the screenshots for my apps. Maybe in future the upload of screenshots could be optional. The links can just be to some other server like with the packages. Perhaps worth implementing?

Otherwise this is so many times better than appsy. Also, the kde-look engine needs updating to generate useful 's, but I'm sure that this is issue is known..

by ac (not verified)

Yes, was not very attractive IMHO. With this new site there seems potential for kde-look folk to colleborate with kde-app folk on some things. They are both KDE centric, yet doing their own thing, share logins, share looks. They seem more consistant with each other then almost any other KDE related sites do. I think they are a good thing which only can get better!

Perhaps a feature would be nice where KDE users can vote for apps or parts they like in apps they see on this new site to be in future KDE versions. It all seems much more accessable now.

by elektroschock (not verified)

Or special user requests about the usability and other criterias of applications.

by anonymous (not verified)

Hmmm, there's got to be a better category for K3B than Utilities? :-) Maybe under Multimedia/Archiving? I think one app has to be findable through multiple categories.

It's impossible to find with a search too. I tried "burner" and "cd burner" and it didn't show any results.

Anyway, that's peanuts. This site is awesome. Looks good. Works good. The number of apps is growing so fast.

by Nobody (not verified)

Maybe the site's file structure should be synced with kde's menu?

Maybe enabling dynamic syncing of software if the program in the system menu (installed locally on users machine) is updated on the site, prompting a "wanna compile a update file for a ?" window so user could automatically update his/her software installation...

Ok, maybe a bit too large move to make it a repository-type system. :-)

And a bit large move to make the kde as dynamically updated thingie...

by anonymous (not verified)

What happened to

Did you read the article at all???

by Paul Eggleton (not verified)

Looks great! It also won't have all of the old unmaintained apps that were on

One annoying thing I find with this site (and though - clicking on the thumbnail from the listing doesn't actually open up the image, it goes to the page for the item. Surely it would be more logical if the thumbnail linked to the image?

by anonymous (not verified)

+1 Insightful

That gets me every time.

by Anonymous (not verified)

> It also won't have all of the old unmaintained apps that were on

Agreed, it was strange to have stuff like KDE Studio Gold and KNapster blocking the first places of the most downloads chart.

by anonymous (not verified)

>It also won't have all of the old unmaintained apps that were on
No, that's really a pitty that is.
Sometimes it's useful to know about an app, even if it isn't maintained anymore. Some apps written for KDE2 havn't been ported but would be worth porting and this might been done more easily than rewriting them. Or even if an rewrite was neccessary: Looking at the old apps you can get ideas of how things could be done.

by Paul Eggleton (not verified)

That's true, however I think having a lot of old outdated applications would give new users a bad impression. I think we (as KDE supporters) want them to see what works, what's new, what's being used and actively developed right now.

by Sebastian Trueg (not verified)

I really like it but in my opinion the Multimedia section needs an additional entry. Something like CD/DVD because now I added K3b in Utilities because both Sound and Video seemed inappropriate.Now you think: "Sure! He wants a category of his own." ;) I think there are many apps fitting in such a section like cd players and audio rippers and the like. Perhaps it could even be possible to add an application to multile sections (restricted to three or something).
Anyway: thanks a lot for your work on this. It is really appreciated. :)


by jalal (not verified)

When I change an entry, the default 'area' is screensavers and if I forget to reset that correctly, then my app gets filed under screensavers.

by Philippe Fremy (not verified)

I tink had some kind of freshmeat feed, where it would automatically add KDE applications submitted to freshmeat. This was a great way of adding new applications.

by Anonymous (not verified)

No, it hadn't.

by Philippe Fremy (not verified)

I have seen more than once my applications appearing magically on after I submitted them to freshmeat. So either it had a backend, or Andreas was parsing the freshmeat feed himself.

by ik (not verified)

I once silently put an update on my website, and it appeared on (i didn't submit the update nowhere). Strange ...

by Anonymous (not verified)

Andreas was always watching other sites and looking around for new applications and versions.

by anonymous (not verified)

If you know of any application not added yet, submit them! won't be a real replacement of until more content is added. So, if you can remember things you had seen on and can't find them here.
Also I do miss the binary packages, I must say.

by Anonymous (not verified)

> If you know of any application not added yet, submit them!

No! The system is not designed for that yet.

> Also I do miss the binary packages, I must say.

You paid for them at

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

FWIW, I tried several times to pay for the binary packages... I could not signup. I send around five emails to the contact addresses listed and never got a reply.

by anonymous (not verified)

>You paid for them at
Yes, I did. Why not? Even though most of the applications listed where easy to build (./configure --prefix=/opt/kde3 && make && make install) I preferred to have RPM packages and since I just havn't got the time to always build my own spec-file, I was very happy with this service.

by kalle (not verified)

- better one big than 3 little preview screenshots. The shots as they are, are to small, so you always have to click on them and load the full image.

- a preview screenshot can also be included in the packages.

by anonymous (not verified) had the link (all) to view all screenshots in one go.
And why are screenshots shown in a new window? I don't like it when addidional unwanted windows cluttering my desktop!

by tanghus (not verified) should have their own paypal account. Just payed what I (couldn't) afford from my wellfare payment, and I'd prefer it'd go to to specifically. Not that that I have anything against kde-looks - it just doesn't matter that much to me...

by Renaud Lacour (not verified)

Great work.

However, that would be a good idea to enable give several links for download, e.g. Debian package, tarball...
I mean a small table where you can access the different downloads available.

by anony-mouse (not verified)

Thanks goodness! isn't completely dead.
I just hope it will experience a reinkarnation after they managed to find enough sponsors.
In some regards it's just way better than the new site Period