New Milestone for Qt C# Bindings

Qt# 0.4 has been released! Qt# is a set of cross-platform C# bindings for Trolltech's Qt GUI toolkit that is currently targeted towards Mono and Portable.NET. Along with some initial API documentation, code samples, tutorials and bugfixes, there have been a lot of improvements over 0.3, including support for events, multiple custom slots, object tracking and even preliminary support for Microsoft.NET. Download here -- some screenshots can be found here [Ed: wow and wow], and Debian apt sources here. Interested parties should also feel free to drop by #qtcsharp on

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by Anon (not verified)

I know there was work on new Perl bindings, has anything happened with those?

by Rich (not verified)

I'll second that - I know quite a few perl developers who aren't going to suddenly take up C#, python etc just because perl isn't flavour of the month at the moment.

Come on kde folks - kde is so cool, its a crime not to have bindings for as many languages as possible :)

by Rich (not verified)

OK I'll reply to myself.

Yeah, I know its Trolltech I should be ranting at since these are QT bindings :)

by Chucky/OutMax! (not verified)

In fact, the KDE bindings are built with a modified kdoc, as kdoc is already able to parse the C++ code and build a tree of it, it would have been stupid to rewrite this functionnality from scratch. This modified version of kdoc is called Kalyptus.
With this tools, KDE developers (such as David Faure) were able to generate Python, Perl, Ruby, C#, C, Java, ... bindings for KDE and Qt.
Just go on , to see that I am right.

As you've read it above, there are already Perl bindings for KDE and Qt, just go on or

I hope I solved your problems.

Have a nice day, all !

"As a computing professional, I believe it would be unethical for me to advise, recommend, or support the use (save possibly for personal amusement) of any product that is or depends on any Microsoft product."

by Rich (not verified)

Good to see that something is there, but the most recent revision I can find on CPAN is PerlQt-2.105.tar.gz dated 7th March 2000.

KDE/QT3 had been out for some time now but the KDE developer page states:

"Getting your perl scripts to work with KDE. This page is not done yet, but there are Qt-2 and KDE-2 perl bindings on CPAN. There is work going on to update those to Qt3."

Looks to me like perl 6 will be here before up to date QT bindings - and we all know how long that's going to take :)

Anyway, thanks for the reply.

by germain (not verified)

QtPerl is ready.
It's fully working and has a complete ui compiler for Designer files.

We are now in the process of writing documentation, furbishing astounding screenshots, etc...
It should be released next week.



by Rich (not verified)


I retract all my posts on this subject - you never know, might even be able to give something to KDE (perl based, of course) in the future instead of just take :)

Thanks for the good news,

by germain (not verified)

>you never know, might even be able to give something to KDE (perl based, of >course) in the future instead of just take :)

Well, the initial release will only provide bindings for Qt... KDE is the next step ! (not too far, hopefully)

Also -I'm really nuts- it is not QtPerl (though I like this name better) but indeed PerlQt, as it follows the naming of previous bindings for Qt 2.



by Rich (not verified)

> Well, the initial release will only provide bindings for Qt... KDE is the next step ! (not too far, hopefully)

Damn - never mind though, something's way better than nothing!

I played around with perl wxWindows/GTK a bit but never really got into it - definitely prefer KDE/QT, though I appreciate the cool stuff the Gnome folks are doing with Gnome2.

>Also -I'm really nuts- it is not QtPerl

Can't say I noticed ;->

by AI (not verified)

It would be nice if they put a link to the Qt# website
as they have done with gtk# don't you think?

by KDE User (not verified)

Yes, they really should do this. Nobody talks about Qt over there though.

by Adam Treat (not verified)

To be fair, does have a link to Qt# on there resources page. Gtk# is there prefered GUI toolkit which should be of no surprise :-)

I've found Miguel and the Ximian/Mono team to be nothing but entirely gracious and helpful.



by KDE User (not verified)

Not even a news item on their site?

by AI (not verified) does have a Qt#-comment on the first page as well.
Of course, it's not a surprise but must feel a little bit
strange for the Qt#-team.

by KDE User (not verified)

Ximian is cool.

by KDE Zealot (not verified)

No... no... nononono. Ximian and Miguel are evil. They are not followers of the holy cause of TrollTech everywhere (tm).

Ximian must die - they just use VC money to copy TheKompany and smash the benevolent Godhead of TrollTech. Shawn Gordon tells me so.

You must not post nice comments about Ximian/Miguel here, it is heresy and a banning offence. Consider yourself warned.

by Anonymous (not verified)

What does it mean?
Will next MS Office releases (based on C#) integrate with KDE????
That would be great!
Anhybody could explain a little bit what does Qt C# bindongs mean?

by KDE User (not verified)

There is no way the next MS Office releases will be based on C#. Just not gonna happen.

by Rajan Rishyakaran (not verified)

The next version of Office does not run under the CLR, it does however uses .NET Web Services. So in other words, it woulnd't run on Mono. It would still be a Win32 application.

by Imaginative Pyt... (not verified)

etc. etc.

On e should be able to popup a KDevelop QtDesigner window and drag and drop a Python <---> DCOP GUI clicky controller thingy application of some sort inside 5 minutes eg:

Boss: Need custom app with cool widgets for querying 4 different databases dumping into spreadsheet and doing fancy printing/faxing/PDF conversion of the resulting charts. Need it tomorrow, slave!! (boss goes off on other rant ...)

Developer: [flips open laptop in boss's office opens KDevelop/QtDesigner]

[Developer drag and drops some Qt<-->Python<-->DCOP querying app together with DB access widgets (built-in to Qt no??), another 3 buttons to export to KSpread via DCOP, another button to use DCOP and scripted KSpread and CUPS (which rules to world) with choices

[] Fax query results to: [________]
[] Create PDF
[] E-Mail PDF to : [__________]


[] HQ Printer (vai IPP)
[] Mail room printer
[] Legal Dept. printer

[] View streaming video from gym change rooms: M:[] F:[]


Boss: ... [finishing rant] and furthermore we will convert all DBA's KDE workstations to XP!!!

Developer: Oh ... I just finished developing the application you asked for.

Boss: Wah??!! Lemme see that you genius!!

by caoilte (not verified)

When they give it up and support Python.

I'll second that.

by protoman (not verified)

My dream is that someday I'll be able to write QT apps in PHP.
I'm learning C++, but PHP is soooooooo much nicer and easier than C++ that it would be more than welcome to being able to use QT with it.

Currently Gtk works with PHP/CGI, but I'm a QT fan, so I hope it will someday work with it :)

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

PHP is not easier.

PHP seems easier while you learn it.

PHP will be considerably harder once you start doing real world stuff.

by protoman (not verified)

Hummm, I tought managing databases was a real world (tm) thing.
PHP is really easier than C++ and can do things that C++ code do as well as it (but losses on speed, sure).
Besides, I don't said I was going to build windows or games with it. PHP is good for writting some small apps as moo/mud clients, d20 player generators, etc.
And all those things are real world man :)

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

PHP is simple. Simple != easy.

Now, python, on the other hand, is simple AND easy ;-)

PS: if it is not to build "windows", hat is the point of PHP in a qt related thread?

by protoman (not verified)

I metan m$ windows ;)

Well, in my case I think PHP is simple and easy as you think about Phyton that I think isn't each person have it's prefereed language and let's not start a language war here :)

by Chakie (not verified)

Python *is* actually easier to learn that PHP. The syntax is easier, data handling (lists, maps etc) are easier to use etc. Nothing wrong with PHP, but it is harder to learn, especially for a newbie. Just think of the weird semicolons ";" you have to sprinkle all over, but not on every line.

by Stof (not verified)

PHP means "PHP Hypertext Preprocessor". Since when is a hypertext preprocessor considered a full programming language?

by protoman (not verified)

Can't a language evolves besides it's original name?
Did you already see what python and perl means? Tehir names means nothing acctually, where made just to create a regular word with each letter.
This means they are bad? Sure not!
C means just C, the languace after A and B. C is crappy because it's name?
Should it be: GLTMEOA
(Great Language That Makes Everthing, Or Almost)?
SURE NOT! No need for it.
Now, please stop just talking bad of PHP.
Seems like your guys think that if someone says PHP is good, he means "all other languages are crappy". :(

by Marko Samastur (not verified)

No, but that preprocessor part in a name tells you what was the purpose when it was designed and how it could likely effect the design of the language.

Personally, I think PHP is (just) C with better string handling. If that's good or bad depends on person.

by Stof (not verified)

I'm not talking about it's name, I'm talking about it's function! It's function is exactly what the name says: to preprocess things.
I have a hard time believing that a preprocessor can be used to create GUIs.

by Stof (not verified)

I mean: believing that a preprocessor is an effective tool to create GUIs.

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

You have no idea what PHP is. Look into the Zend VM and the PHP compiler. Yes, PHP 1.0 started out as a perl script and a small C program. Since 4, it's a powerful development environment that allows the creation of command line, ncurses and gtk applications, and has a wide library of loadable binary modules that can also be accessed via a CPAN like mechanism (called PEAR).

And if you doubt that it could have turned into a nice language from such simple beginnings, consider that C++ started out as a header file with a bunch of C Preprocessor directives.


by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

C++ did NOT start like that.

Yes, some C++ compilers are "preprocessors" that generate C code.

No, it is not the usual C preprocessor.

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

Funny, back in 1983 when Bjarne Stroustrup created CFRONT, it started out as a simple set of header files. By the time he was writing about it in Dr. Dobbs, Byte or whatever I first heard about it back when, it had a simple namespace mangler, but in introducing the new variant of C in his articles, he would say that it started out as some neat CPP hacks (I think he also mentioned its CPP heritage in the CUJ article when they were looking to finalize the language spec, or right afterwards). It wasn't until 1990 or thereabouts that "real" C++ compilers appeared. I know - I was an avid C user (to the ludicrious level of writing my own tiny C in asm) throughout the 80s, and followed all the variants and compilers very very closely.

Be that as it may, C++ is not the issue here. PHP is. PHP would make a fine candidate for Qt and KDE bindings. My MP3 organizer is written in PHP, and currently uses curses. While I personally prefer Ruby or C, PHP is not a terrible language in terms of being a primarily procedural language with a slight smattering of OOP concepts. It also happens to be the universal data juncture tool, even better than perl, and with a syntax saltier than perl's syntax (a Good Thing, IMO). PHP has a very detailed and flexible library system and a CPAN like system called PEAR.

No reason not to do it, and it may encourage KDE development, which is a good thing, last I checked.


by KDE Zealot (not verified)

No KDE bindings for PHP, hence it is EVIL. Once bindings are written it becomes blessed and holy. Roberta knows the truth.

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

Whoa. Mispelling a name so it has a different gender.
What a pinnacle of wit.

by troby (not verified)

I am php programmer and I would thank for qt and kde bindings of php,
I have a idea (might be silly) there is wrapper SMOKE on qt and kde where
classes and functions and other stuff can be
called from it I think a perl bindings is based on it and it is working.
I hope I helped in this discussion.

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

Python's name is not an acronym. Python is called python. Not P.Y.T.H.O.N.

Python means python. It is a hommage to monty python.

by protoman (not verified)

Ok, I tought I said, not let's start a war. :(

I think Python is trash, junk, sh*t. Does this removes any merits of it or will stops you liking it? NOOOOOOOOOO!
So why instead of saying PHP is bad MY language is better don't you people just keep quiet?
If someone makes PHP bindings for QT will you people being forced to use it instead of Perl or Python? SURE NOT!

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

Relax. When someone tells you python is good, if you ask him, he CAN provide examples of software developed using it, and explain why the language has helped him being effective in the project.

Python advocates can provide backup for their claims.

PHP advocates, on the other hand, write "sh*t" in their responses.

Go, take some linden, relax.

by KDE Zealot (not verified)

>PHP advocates, on the other hand, write "sh*t" in their responses.

Whereas you write "sh*t" instead. Big difference zealot boi.

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

Funny that you call me zealot, KDE Zealot. Does that mean we are relatives?

All I meant by what you quote is that the previous poster simply called python "sh*t" without giving any argument whatsoever.

On python´s behalf, I can point out coherent syntax, simple to use object orientation, rich class library, readability, a simple extension and embedding
mechanism, good Qt bindings, and JYTHON (python in the JVM).

In all those aspects, I think Python is a better language than PHP for
real world usage.

Now, anyone can call this "sh*t". But it is going to take a whole lot more
than a silly dot post to make that charge stick.

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

That is "wiggle" again.

by KDE Zealot (not verified)

Actually, it's not. Is that why you banned all Freeserve users from posting again, beause someone posted three sarcastic messages lampooning the zealot nutcases who inhabit your site? Just how stupid are you, anyway?

Clue: If I wanted to play this game, I could rotate through a couple of hundreds proxies, and a dozen or so free ISPs. In fact, with a dumbass like you in charge, I could probably get most of the UK internet population banned from this site with a little effort.

There are just some people who haven't the smarts or the temper to run a forum site, and you are the perfect example. Think yourself lucky that this is little more than a five minute time-wasting exercise for me.

by Guillaume Laurent (not verified)

Ah, well, while we're at pluggin languages : Ruby.

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

Ruby is cool.

I am too entrenched in what I know to switch, but should I ever feel a need to learn a new language, Ruby would be a big candidate :-)

by Guillaume Laurent (not verified)

If you know C++, Perl or Python, learning Ruby is a matter of a few hours. I don't think I've ever used a language which was such a delight to program with.

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

Well, python does take 2 hours to learn, too.

It takes a little loner to learn to use it effectively, of course.

But ok, you convinced me, there goes the third sunday of August!

by Kuba (not verified)

Then there's Rebol ;-)