Fedora Core 6 Released with KDE 3.5.4

Fedora Core 6 (Zod) has been released this week. Among other current software (Kernel, glibc 2.5, GCC 4.1.1, X.Org X11 7.1), Fedora Core 6 includes KDE 3.5.4. KDE 3.5.5 will be available as an official update soon.


by ac (not verified)

I have kubuntu edgy and fedora core 6 on my laptop. KDE programs seem to start
a little faster on core 6, probably due to the DT_GNU_HASH option, and also
newer fontconfig.

Openoffice coldstart seems the same on both ( around 14 sec.), but warmstart
differs a lot:

Edgy: ~3 seconds
Core6: ~1 second


Can't wait for feisty, which should get these improvements as well.

by Kevin Kofler (not verified)

Just FYI, I'm finishing my KDE 4 snapshot packages for FC5 and FC6, so we can keep up with OpenSuSE and Kubuntu. ;-) I'll let you know when they'll be ready.

by Christian (not verified)

KDE 3.5.5 for FC6 is already available in KDE-RedHat repo (http://kde-redhat.sourceforge.net). Right now it is in "testing" but soon (next week?) will be in "stable".

by Bruno Patini Furtado (not verified)

will it be available with the DT_GNU_HASH option too?

by Kevin Kofler (not verified)

The FC6 packages at kde-redhat are probably already built with DT_GNU_HASH, as this is the default for all RPMs built on or for FC6.

by Kevin Kofler (not verified)

It's now also in FC5/FC6 updates-testing.

by Kevin Kofler (not verified)

And now in FC5/FC6 updates.

by blbecek (not verified)

i maybe missed something but why is it here? this is nothing speciall about KDE, or is it? lots of distros have been released before with the rencent KDE in it, like Mandriva or Kubuntu, but does they get here? no, so what's a big deal?

by JC (not verified)

This is exactly the question I asked to my mind. There is no KDE related announcement.
When they post here, are they doing the same on x.org, gnome, kernel.org, etc etc ???

by Kevin Kofler (not verified)

Just clarifying, it's not "they" who posted this newsitem here, it's me. I don't speak for the Fedora Project, I'm not a Fedora Ambassador.

by Hans (not verified)

I am intrested in more news of that kind. Thanks for posting it here.

I would like to see a KDE information page where you can select your distribution and automatically get references to the latest official or inofficial distribution package pages.

by Greg M (not verified)

Try DistroWatch.com

by Kefah Issa (not verified)

IMO, the Fedora project is one of the most important distributions out there. Fedora also seem to be on the right track (if not a head of others) in terms of system optimization. So, apart from the lack of an excellent support to KDE ( which is being provided by kde-redhat community ); I believe Fedora should get all the attention it needs.

-- I'm not the ambassador of fedora either :-) --

Thank you for posting.

by Blargh... (not verified)

Apparently, there is some Fedora fan that whined in the previous story that Kubuntu has announcements on dot.kde.org but not Fedora. The site admins, being nice, have indulged him. Mind, I'm all for being nice and all, but doesn't Fedora default to GNOME? What's next, an announcement for every distro under the sun that happens to have some KDE stuff somewhere in its package repository?

by Bruno Patini Furtado (not verified)

I think the post is relevant because of the popularity Fedora has. But indeed, Fedora's KDE has not the same treatment of GNOME, in fact, KDE seems to have no polishing at all at Fedora.

by Blargh... (not verified)

That's pretty much my point. Fedora is not *quite* the most popular distro out there, and if you count the market share of people who actually use KDE under Fedora, that number drops much, much lower still. And I thought this site was for KDE news, not a duplicate of distrowatch.
If this was about pressuring Fedora into stopping to treat KDE like a second-class citizen, though, it'd be a different thing. Are the Fedora-using people here willing to have a go at it?

by OMG (not verified)

Fedora is a community run distro. It is not controlled by evil mind-flayers from RH.

If there is something you dont like about the KDE packages, its up to you fix them, or at least just quietly use your distro of choice without spreading FUD.

by Greg M (not verified)

The lack of polishing is exactly why I like KDE on Fedora. You get KDE, not FOO distro's version of KDE.

by JC (not verified)

This is why I'm not using fedora. I like and want to use Linux. Not fedora.

by Blargh... (not verified)

Hmm, I think that came out as more aggressive than I intended it. Sorry, guys. I guess I'm a little miffed. I thought this site was intended for KDE news; I really can't see why generic distro announcements should be posted here, especially distros with a marked focus on other environments than KDE. It's cool that the Fedora guys are doing a good job with generic optimizations and such; but there are a lot of distros that are doing cool things and I'd rather not have this site turn into a sounding board for their respective fans. :/

by Blargh... (not verified)

Ah, there, here's a much better wording of just what I meant:
I knew there had to be someone out there with the ability to express my feelings in better terms than I do. :)

by Kevin Kofler (not verified)

You can install FC6 with only KDE (uncheck GNOME, check KDE, bingo!).

by Blargh... (not verified)

I know, and I never said you can't. Please kindly don't deform what I said. Thing is, you can remove GNOME and install KDE in about 95% of the distros out there. And many of them are doing a better job of packaging KDE than Fedora does, for that matter. Shouldn't THOSE get to announce their releases here, rather than one whose sub-par treatment of KDE has probably caused more harm to its image than not?

(BTW: I know what you're thinking, and no, the distro I currently use isn't one of those. I use Gentoo, and its packaging of KDE is approximative at best. And I have no desire to see Gentoo announcements appear on this site.)

by Bruno Patini Furtado (not verified)

If you really like KDE, you won't use Fedora (if you have the choice). :)
So many other distros do a much better job with it, it would have no point to use Fedora if the only reason is to use KDE.

by Kevin Kofler (not verified)

I'm running KDE on Fedora since FC1, and did before on RHL. And I know I'm not the only one. Heck, the University of Vienna's Mathematics department has all their computers on Red Hat family distros (it used to be RHL, then Fedora, now it's the RHEL-derived Scientific Linux) with KDE as default. So I fail to see how this is not a viable option.

by Carsten Niehaus (not verified)

I guess you mean: https://www.scientificlinux.org/

That sounds indeed *really* cool (I am a chemist, so that is what *I* want on many computer ;-) To quote the german Wikipedia:

"Scientific Linux ist eine Linux-Distribution, die auf der Linux-Distribution Red Hat Enterprise Linux der Firma Red Hat aufbaut, und zu dieser kompatibel ist. Die Distribution wird vor allen Dingen von Entwicklern am Fermilab und am CERN weiterentwickelt."

by NoNoFedora (not verified)

I dropped RedHat/Fedora since Core 1 for its "gnomocentrizm". And for the same reason news about distros like these should not appear on the KDE news site.

by OMG (not verified)

Where do you classify distros that dont default to anything?

Really, do try to grow up.

by liquidat (not verified)

Erm - Kubuntu was covered by the message just before this one.
And it is related to KDE: KDE is included in the release, and although it is a second class citizen in Fedora Core you can perfectly work with it. I do :)

And why not post such stuff here? It gives a bit back to the distributions who care about including KDE and shipping it.

by Patcito (not verified)

Well, consider http://kde-redhat.sourceforge.net as the K in RedHat just like kubuntu is the K in Ubuntu.
Kevin Kofler and his team are doing an amazing job for kde users that needs/have to run Fedora , without the team there would be no kde in Fedora or at least not as good. So thanx Kevin and all the kde-redhat team for bringing KDE to Fedora/RedHat which by the way is still one of the most used distro outthere so it's cool to have a KDE presence on it.

by Kevin Kofler (not verified)

Hey, give credit where credit is due. :-) kde-redhat is run by Rex Dieter, not me! I have not produced a single published kde-redhat package yet. (I have KDE 4 snapshot packages almost ready though. Hopefully I'll find the time to do the final polishing soon so Rex can push them to the repository.) I actually run the Fedora-provided KDE 3 packages, so I'm not involved in kde-redhat's KDE 3 packaging.

by vm (not verified)

that is not true. kubuntu is an oficial ubuntu project. The site you refer to has nothing to do with redhat or fedora. redhat's official position on kde is that right now they are tolerating it because of its demand but we are working to get rid of kde if we can. we are doing our best, in concert with ubuntu and novell, to market the hell outta gnome so it will be possible in the future.

by Anonymous (not verified)


by The Badger (not verified)

Whether the commenter is misrepresenting Red Hat's strategic position or not, the technical aspects of Red Hat's KDE packages speak for themselves: bizarre application defaults (yes, let's use some broken GNOME document viewer instead of kpdf), missing applications in the default install (Kontact replaced with Evolution). It surprises me that you don't get Nautilus as the default file manager, although it actually is the default if you open directories in Firefox. And this is their Enterprise Linux, not some Fedora version that you can claim is "unpolished" or whatever other excuse comes to mind.

Red Hat have been doctoring their KDE packages for a very long time, and the resulting deliverables can't usually be regarded as improvements. I guess that's why the independent KDE package scene is so vibrant, although the dependency chasm between the two sets of packages was so wide when I last ran Red Hat it was quite a scary move to make the switch.

by vm (not verified)

Go to http://kde-redhat.sourceforge.net and read the disclaimer.

by vm (not verified)

Do you think that a major linux distro such as redhat, which is making more profits than any other linux company, wouldn't hire their own people to package KDE for their distro ? Does it have to be packaged by independent people eager to see KDE available for fedora/redhat ?

I live in Raleigh, NC and have been to RH HQ several times - don't call me a troll. I have met many RH developers at Triangle LUG also.

by forrest (not verified)

Can someone explain what this DT_GNU_HASH thing is about?

by Kevin Kofler (not verified)

Dynamic linking (runtime linking of shared libraries) is twice as fast, which means dynamically-linked programs (i.e. pretty much all programs in Fedora) start up faster.

by JC (not verified)

and crash twice faster ;o)

by Artem S. Tashkinov (not verified)

Does anyone experience the same issue? http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=133920

The problem is that my KDE is unable to intercept 'Win + Key' keys combination.

This is how it happens: in Keyboards Shortcuts kcm module I choose to modify any global shortcut and e.g. press Win + Esc. I see "Win + " on the screen but when I press 'Esc', the only 'Esc' key got entered into the "Primary Shortcut". And yes I've already tried enabling "Multikey" mode with no success. It looks like my X.org 7.1 server doesn't treat Win key as a modifier - so it doesn't allow "Win" key to be pressed together with any other key.

Please, give me an idea how to solve this problem.

by Morten Slott Hansen (not verified)

I had the exact same problem with my FC5 and I never found out what the problem was. If I used kontrolpanel and changed a few keys and pressed apply then things would work. Or if I restarted X things most often also worked.

It aint exact sceince but it just might help untill someone comes along with a bulletproof soolution :-)

In the mean time I will try and find out why my core 2 CPU messes things up in FC6 :-(

by Dovydas Sankauskas (not verified)

I had this issue too with FC5. Win + didn't work for a while, but now it seems all right. It looks like it started to work after I did "yum upgrade" some time ago.

by szlam (not verified)

FC6 broke ALSA support for my SB Audigy LS. Visor (Sony Clie) connectivity still doesn't work. Upgrade broke KDE startup - ``yum update'' fixed the issue. Upgrade hangs randomly on my HP/Compaq laptop. Yuck.