Kernel Cousin KDE #13 Released

Kernel Cousin KDE #13 has just been published. In this week's issue: Avery label templates for KWord, improvements to Kicker, and a new personalizer wizard to make configuring KDE easier. You can read the full article here.

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by Steve Hunt (not verified)

I'm happy that they have a Flash Plugin for Konqueror Embeded. It would be neat to be able to see Flash animation on a PDA. However, I still can't get the flash plugin to work in the desktop version of Konqueror :-(

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

Flash works perfectly on Mandrake 8.0, both in Konqueror and Netscape. I never knew what I was missing before. Flash is apparently so much better than web/Java ever was. Fast loading, and those (vector?) graphics are just so damn sharp! :-)

Anyway, does your flash plugin work in Netscape at all? Is nsplugins (nspluginscan, nspluginviewer) properly compiled/installed on your system? Is Konqueror detecting the presence of the flash plugin?

by Steve Hunt (not verified)

Actually, I use Mandrake 8. It works fine in Netscape, it doesn't work in Konqueror. Oh well. Yes, it detects the plugin. It's no big deal, I don't really view that many Flash pages anyway :-)

by David (not verified)

Is the lesstif RPM installed? Just a thought as I guess the KDE2 RPMs had lesstif as a dependancy but you never know. Try and rpm -Uvh the lesstif RPM from the CD if it installs re-try flash, it it is already installed, I have no idea.

by Evandro (not verified)

install the kdebase-nsplugins package.

by Wouter van Kleunen (not verified)

I had the same problem, and I know what to do about it. The mime type is set incorrectly. Go to you konqueror config, File Assocations, and set futuresplash and X-shockwave-flash to the embedded Netscape plugin viewer. It works (a little) for me....

by ozp (not verified)

kdebase nsplugin is installed
Flash plugin is detected but It does not show on the screen the flash video.

I have mandrake 8

I need this working, because I do see a lot of flash sites

I did not find the embebed netscape plug in in the configuration of konqueror


by xujun (not verified)

Excuse me ,can you tell me how can i get the Flash Plugin for Konqueror Embeded

by Jeevan (not verified)

Hi , I also want the same. Did you get one??

by Toppy (not verified)

Hey all.. I had the same problem with Flash 5.0. I could get Flash to work in mozilla but not in konqueror. Yes, my konqueror is setup to use Netscape plugins 'cuz my java plugin is working. I downloaded the Flash 6 beta and now is working along with I don't get it, but if you're having problems try the new version. Use the installer they give you.

Using: Red Hat 8.0 (yes RH 8.0) with RH 7.3 plugin from Macromedia

by Julien Olivier (not verified)


In fact Java doesn't use the Java plugin in konqueror so, maybe, you haven't activated the NS plugins even though you think so because you think it uses java plugin.

Do you follow me ? :)

by APW (not verified)

There was a nice screenshot here -->

Does anyone on the board know what window manager or kwin decoration is being used?

I'm afraid that I'm just not keeping up with the latest, but enquiring minds want to know...

by David Watson (not verified)

I'm guessing it's probably an IceWM skin. KWin has a nifty IceWM plugin that can use any IceWM theme :).

by David Watson (not verified)

Yep - I just checked and it's a theme called liQuid. You can get it from (well, actually the sourceforge mirror - just go to, then click on "sourceforge mirror", then go into the icewm directory - it's in there).

Once you have it, just put it in your KWin IceWM themes dir (just go to the KControl KWin IceWM config page, and click on the link to open konqy in that location). You will need to be running 2.2alpha2 or better.

by zoneur fou (not verified)

busted links etc ...

plus I think the main kde site could use some nicer screen shots ...

by Rob Kaper (not verified)

Yah, needs some maintainance. I suppose I could look at the broken links and fix those, but I wouldn't go much further than that, the content is really Tackat's domain.

Indeed, I should update my screenshots. On the other hand, they don't always need to show "nice". I try to show some of the themability but also some of the other features.

> I suppose I could look at the broken links
> and fix those, but I wouldn't go much
> further than that,

No no, if anyone would like to maintain feel free to volunteer.
This includes bugs, design and content of course. :-)


by Carbon (not verified)

Could someone please provide a few screenshots of KPersonalizer?

by Aaron J. Seigo (not verified)


by Aaron J. Seigo (not verified)


by Jon (not verified)

The one thing I would improve about KPersonaliser would be this section -- to be able to change the presets right here. Just because I seem to like a style that noone else likes :) (normal KDE with focus follows mouse, basically).

I know, I can change it in the control centre at the end...

by Tackat (not verified)

> I know, I can change it in the control
> centre at the end...

Maybe for KPersonalizer 2.0. For the current version it's just meant as an easy solution to make it possible for newbies to easily customize the look&feel according to their needs. As kcontrol isn't really newbie-proof with it's 1001 options and tuning-settings kpersonalizer provides a simplified version.


by maxwest (not verified)

this looks just great.
i had a good laugh about the window and the apple.

let's throw the apple out of the window :-)

great work


by ik (not verified)

did you see the "factoid of the day" hint already in the konqueror custom style sheet tab in kde 2.2 alpha yet ? :)

by Aaron J. Seigo (not verified)


by Matt (not verified)

I'm stunned by the graphics! It so good it makes me want to USE the program, if only to see what picture that comes next. Perhaps one of the most stylish productions to ever hit the Linux/Unix world. Yes, I'm in awe. :)

Good job!

by Matt (not verified)

How slow is a "slow" processor and how fast is a "fast" processor?

by Julio (not verified)

KDE could test the processor speed and suggest what effects would be enabled. Don't show many options for newbies, unless you put a 'suggested' option.

by Tackat (not verified)

> KDE could test the processor speed and
> suggest what effects would be enabled.

That's what is already on the TODO-list :)

by Aaron J. Seigo (not verified)


by Carbon (not verified)

Hey, thanks!

imho, perhaps "standard" or "simplified" would be better then boring.

Too late now - there's a message freeze leading to the beta release :)

by kde-user (not verified)

I love that wording "boring" .. keep it in. It is a direct slate of M$, so leave it in :)

by KDE Fan (not verified)

Let's not resort to bashing M$ now.. True they bash linux but let's be the good guys and get ahead by superiority.. not childish trash talking.

by Torsten Rahn (not verified)

The current entries are only dummy-entries which will be replaced by the final themes before the final release. Due to the fact that the artists also need some time after the code is done the messages in this step of the kpersonalizer might change. We'll try to make this not too painful for the translators, though.


by Carbon (not verified)

Awesome. This is once again an example of what I love most about Open Source : ask for a change and your response will almost always be : "We're already working on it", or "Check CVS, it's already there"

One more thing - if these are 'themes' (I don't know, because I haven't tried them), why aren't they on the KControl/Look&Feel/Themes section (and vice versa)? If there're *Not* themes, you need to choose a different name to avoid confusing people.

by Aaron J. Seigo (not verified)


by kdeFan (not verified)

Wow! I just want to say that the screenshots look amazing... very slick and professional. I love the idea of this wizard and offer my congratulations to all those responsible.

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

> the screenshots look amazing

...and, in the continuing vein of the most annoying and repeated question about screenshots (yes, the app looks great, but I can't help but ask...) what theme are you using?

I personally vow that if I ever post a screenshot, I'll mention in the message what theme/ color scheme I'm using at the time (KWiX right now, default colors).


by Antialias (not verified)

He uses Mosfet's megagradient style and window decoration theme is probably IceWM for KDE one.

by Aaron J. Seigo (not verified)

widget style: megagradient
color scheme: default KDE2
window decor: ice-wm theme ""

by me (not verified)

I don't know who has made those graphics, but I strongly assume that tackat is to blame for this.

Tackat, you're a god! KDE would be half of what it is today without you!

I think people don't credit him (and graphics artists in general) enough. It's really hard to imagine how many icons and other graphics he has already created. If we imagine KDE has about 100 icons (i really have no clue how many there are), they have done each version in 22^2, 32^2, 48^2, each one in locolor and hicolor (am I right?).

I'm afraid of multiplying these numbers!

Thank you, graphics-guys! ;)

by Carsten Pfeiffer (not verified)

Yeah, and as tackat seems to be bored at the moment, he's working on 64x64 icons ;)

The images on the left of the wizard are from qwertz.

by someone (not verified)

> Yeah, and as tackat seems to be bored at the moment, he's working on 64x64 icons ;)

I hope he doesn't forget to re-include lowcolor icons.

by Torsten Rahn (not verified)

> Tackat, you're a god!

Well, I'm only the icon-god ;)
Qwertz is the awesome-large-images-god.


by Robert Gelb (not verified)

Wow! KPersonalizer has tremendous graphics. How come Konq and other KDE apps have such bland ones?

by Carbon (not verified)

How can you say that with a straight face looking at the awesome Konqueror startup screen? Those certainly aren't bland.

On the other hand, the KPersonalizer graphics are just plain _neat_! They're quirky, but in a highly professional sort of way. Thanks again, almighty omnipotent KDE Artists of the land of the immortal!

by Robert Gelb (not verified)

I didn't mean the startup screen. I meant the toolbar buttons & the like. I generally compare KDE to MacOSx or WinXP (in beauty) and at the moment it doesn't compare favorably. Configurable icon sets would be great (like in the old AmiPro), but for the time being a snazzier set for Konq would be great.

by David G. Watson (not verified)

There ARE icon themes that you can download, just not many of them yet. Check out KControl->LookNFeel->Icons.