TUX Magazine: iPod for KDE and K3b

In this month's TUX magazine KDE's Jes Hall explains how to get your iPod working with amaroK. It also includes a comprehensive guide to KDE's CD burning application K3b. Available in HTML is a review of Kubuntu. TUX is a magazine for new GNU/Linux users and available as free PDF download.

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by Fast_Rizwaan (not verified)

K3b is very useful and much more useful than Nero (on windows). I wonder how could we make a bootable cd in k3b using the boot.img or boot.ima image files? A million thanks to k3b developers!

by Morty (not verified)

If k3b supports the imageformats of the boot.img or boot.ima image files and those images are bootable the CD's become bootable, just like when you burn a bootable iso image. It all depends on the image, if the image is bootable then the burnt CD becomes bootable. You have to burn as image, not burn the image file onto the CD. Use Tools->CD->Burn CD image...

by Amadeo (not verified)

I already burned a useless cd with an image as a file... K3B should pop up a warning if the project file contains just an image file, and you tell it to burn it...

by Meneer Dik (not verified)

Then add your vote to Bug 64560. I reported this problem long ago.

by LB (not verified)

Although I _really_ like K3B, calling it more useful than Nero is something I don't agree with. Even basic things, like burning IMG files isn't possible with K3B. Not to mention all other formats (e.g. MDF files). Also it's not possible to burn WMA-files to an audio cd. These I consider basic features which K3B doesn't have.

by ggabriel (not verified)

don't use wma, use mp3 instead.

by maestro_alubia (not verified)

don't use wma, don't use mp3, use ogg vorbis (or flac) instead.

by Janne (not verified)

Considering how poorly ogg (or flac) is supported on portable players, I for one can't really use it at all.

by Matthew (not verified)

this thread is probably long dead, however, if you have a supported player, RockBox firmware replacement for iRiver, iPod and others DOES support both FLAC and Ogg


by Travis Wilson (not verified)

But then you don't have support for wma, so we are just running in circles.

by Fast_Rizwaan (not verified)

K3b version 0.12 supports wma!

by LB (not verified)

Cool, thanks for the update, and IMG files?

by Morty (not verified)

If you bother to explain what IMG files are, perhaps you may get some answers. Is it some kind of strange undocumented proprietary format, seeing limited use by a singel program on some platform? I for one have never seen or heard of it before.

by LB (not verified)

I'm sorry but an IMG file is a common and open format (UDF) and all the burn progs I have checked (6) support them.

ISO files are based on the iso9660 standard
IMG files are based on the udf standard

IMG files are related to DVD's as ISO files are related to CD's

If your Linux kernel supports UDF file system you can mount an IMG file to the loopback, just like ISO's

IMG files are common in places where DVD images are shared, most well known example of course is BitTorrent, 98% of all the DVD that are shared are based on IMG files.

by Morty (not verified)

As far as I know cdrecord has supported this for a long time, since K3b uses it I'd guess it should work. Have you tried burning it the same way you would a iso image?

by LB (not verified)

The problem is that K3B doesn't allow me to select IMG files, but I could try to rename it to ISO and see what happens.

by Morty (not verified)

Not even if you set the filter to all files, as opposed to iso?

by LB (not verified)

Oops, sorry of course this is possible, maybe it just works in K3B but the name of the menu and filter fooled me and made me believe it's not possible.

by Metatron (not verified)

As far as i know, .img files are just containers for any kind of disk. An Image can be made of 1,44MB, 2,88MB discs or CDs,DVDs oder even Hard Disks. An .ISO file is also just an .img file with a different extension. .IMG stands for Image by the way.

by Rainer (not verified)

You mentioned that it is possible to mount IMG files via the loopback - I tried it, but it with mount udf and it says wrong fs type - how can I mount a IMG file?



by ac (not verified)

You mean like PNG or GIF?

by Kaptain Kwerkie (not verified)

LOL, Just dump the windows applications all together. After all bill gates is rich enough, and screwed up those o/s long enough. Not to mention all of the companies; he has screwed over to become this rich! If anything we should pirate all windows app's and post them for those herds of misinformed people.

by Robert (not verified)

Is IMG just some wierd proprietary perversion of a cd image file by any chance?

by ac (not verified)

I have little clue what the grandparent thinks an IMG boot file is, but, in my pre-cd experience, it was the extension most would give to a bootable floppy image. I remember using rawwrite to make boot floppies from files named like boot.img, floppy.img, or rescue.img as recent as 2003. I wonder if this is the same IMG being discussed.

by Stefan Heimers (not verified)

If it's a boot floppy, you can enable floppy emulation for the CD with k3b. Just go to "Project"->"Edit Boot Images"->"New..." and add your boot.img floppy image.

If it's a raw DVD image containing an ISO or UDF filesystem, go to "Tools"->"DVD"->"Burn DVD ISO Image".

by LB (not verified)

It's indeed a raw DVD image containing an UDF filesystem, if you go to "Tools"->"DVD"->"Burn DVD ISO Image" you can't select IMG files. Will try to rename it to ISO and see what happens. Maybe this is easy to fix and is it only necessary to adjust the filter and rename the menu option.

by gardo (not verified)

.IMG files are actually supported. just click on burn cd/dvd iso image, choose the image to burn. if you cant see your .IMG file just change the filter to "All Files" instead of iso9660 and select your .IMG file.

by fabi (not verified)

can somebody help me and explain how to burn wma with k3b?
greets fabi

by whacker (not verified)

indeed, it is supported and has been for as long as I can remember, just select the .img file where you'd select the .iso.
A little trial & error session could've saved you the moaning ;)

by Old Guy (not verified)

I still have a Win98 partition on my computer mainly because, well, i paid for it, and Nero's drag and drop feature with rewritable CD's is gonna be about the only thing i will miss about windows, as i don't plan on updating to longhorn. But otherwise K3B does everything Nero does. A pop-up notification if you are trying to burn in the wrong format would be great, tho.
You can download Nero for Linux for free if you have a reg number for nero 6, but mine is 5.5, and i don't think it would be worth paying for Nero when K3B already has it covered. And I don't know if Nero for Linux has drag and drop.

by Morty (not verified)

What are you meaning when talking about drag and drop, the ability to format a CDRW and use it much the same way you would use a floppy? Available from all applications? In that case it's only a implementation of UDF filesystemdriver (sometimes called packet writing) for windows, and that's defiantly not included in Nero for Linux.

On the other hand the Linux kernel have had such driver for years, sadly it is still considered unstable and experimental and not installed by defalt on most systems. If you are running a fairly recent 2.6 kernel and your CDRW drive supports Mt Rainer it's not to hard to setup, otherwise it's little harder but not impossible. More info: http://lists.suse.com/archive/packet-writing/

by ac (not verified)

Speaking of amarok, what happened to amarok.kde.org? /dev/null?

by Mark Kretschmann (not verified)

Rejoice, it's back now :) If it isn't, you'll just have to wait a couple of hours until your DNS cache is updated.

We're very sorry about the long downtime, but for the most part it wasn't our fault. I'll probably blog about the whole story soon.

by jens dieskau (not verified)

echo " amarok.kde.org" >> /etc/hosts

by furanku (not verified)

That just gives me the portal of some web space provider.

by Ian Monroe (not verified)

Thats because you went to IP address instead of following the instructions. :)

In the amarok help I find only one useless sentence "covering" the iPod topic. Why is this info given to a closed magazine exclusively, while amarok users don't get a hint.

Sad thing, this is also true for many, many hyped features in KDE apps.

I have just found a article about this feature. It says that you just need to mount your ipod to /mnt/ipod and restart amarok. I dont know about the required version and cannot test right now.

Article (german):

Great work of the amarok team. Would be nice to have a windows version of it.

by Xorphan (not verified)

i'm trying to burn a windows xp install cd i have all the files and the boot img.

but when i burn i get an error: CDBOOT: can not find NTLDR

/mnt/stuff/pro-dame.mdf on /mnt/cdrom type iso9660 (rw,loop=/dev/loop0)

and the information you find like... here: http://filext.com/detaillist.php?extdetail=MDF

Let's say, there are only 2 kinds of CD/DVD images: ISO and BIN