KVim Stable Release 6.1.141

After two release candidates and 5 months after KVim 6.0, the KVim team is pleased to announce the release of the best version of KVim ever. It provides many new features and improvements: a new GUI for Qtopia systems, a new KDE toolbar, full DCOP support, much improved support for internationalisation and encodings, and improved portability. Read the full announcement here and check the screenshots.


I've tried the new KVim. Nice job even if I'm rather a very basic user of vim and not in position to give a learned opinion.

I'm wondering why in KVim and GVim there are no horizontal slider but only vertical sliders. If you change the font size to 14 of an opened file, you get an enormously large window much bigger than my screen.
If it's possible, keeping the window the same size and getting an horizontal slider would be much nicer.

But maybe it is a problem with vim more than with KVim.

Thanks for the work,

By Charles at Tue, 2002/10/08 - 5:00am

dunno for sure, but vi in general wraps lines for display purposes.

By me at Wed, 2002/10/09 - 5:00am

it is disabled by default.
you can type:

set guioptions=mrbgtT

to get it. there is also a menu option in kvim, but it does not stay across sessions (normal).


By emmanuel at Wed, 2002/10/09 - 5:00am

btw, put it in your ~/.vimrc so that it stays between sessions.

By emmanuel at Fri, 2002/10/11 - 5:00am

I can't tell from the site.. I could be blind, but I'm not seeing it. My current version of kvim can't handle remote files via an ioslave (i.e. fish). Does it handle them now? That would rule my pants.

By Black Napkins at Tue, 2002/10/08 - 5:00am

...since sliced bread!

I mean that!

I awaited kvim ever since the first announcement, use it for a couple of weeks now, and am as happy as ... as ... well go figure ;-)

Many, many thanks to the developers!


By tomte at Wed, 2002/10/09 - 5:00am


By Mathieu Jobin at Wed, 2002/10/09 - 5:00am

you know when you know a project is mature?
i'm not upgrading from rc2. it works well enough already :O)

thanks very much!


By emmanuel at Fri, 2002/10/11 - 5:00am