KOffice 1.3 Released

KOffice 1.3 has been released today. See the
release notes,
and the complete list of changes.

KOffice 1.3 consists of the following applications:

Big improvements have been made in KOffice 1.3 with respect to
interoperability with other office file formats. It is now for
example possible to import as well as export OpenOffice.org
documents. Also new is the ability to import PDF files into KWord
and make changes to the document. Support for Microsoft document
formats has improved as well.

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by cirehawk (not verified)

I tried the steps you suggested, but no luck for me on compiliing. After downloading the ebuild and trying to run "emerge koffice-1.3.ebuild digest", I get an error message stating that no masked or unmasked packages exist to satisfy the dependencies for digest. Running your second command failed as well. I'm really anxious to try 1.3. Any suggestions?


by Donalbain (not verified)

donalbain@norman:~> kword
kdecore (KIconLoader): WARNING: Icon directory /home/donalbain/.kde/share/icons/crystal/ group not valid.
kdecore (KIconLoader): WARNING: Icon directory /home/donalbain/.kde/share/icons/crystal/ group not valid.
koffice (lib kofficecore): WARNING: /home/donalbain/.local/share/applications/kde-kword.desktop: no X-KDE-NativeMimeType entry!
koffice (lib kofficecore): ERROR: Couldn't find the native MimeType in kword's desktop file. Check your installation !

How can I fix it?
Thanks. D.

by Waldo Bastian (not verified)

Remove /home/donalbain/.local/share/applications/kde-kword.desktop


by Eric Laffoon (not verified)

> Remove /home/donalbain/.local/share/applications/kde-kword.desktop

> Cheers,
> Waldo

God bless you Waldo! I have been having trouble running Kword built from CVS for some time and had no idea about this directory. I removed it virtually everywhere else. It's up like a charm! Time to build the latest. ;-)

by Lukas Tinkl (not verified)

It is worth to mention that this bug was fixed in KDE, so it won't happen anymore with 3.2. Moreover, we added a workaround in KOffice as well, in case somebody runs into the same problem with older KDE libraries.

Hi Waldo!

Great! Works like a charm!

(And also thanks for all your work on KDE! It's such a pleasure to work with it! 3.1.95 looks very very promising!)


Any idea how to solve that problem in Mandrake 9.2 ?

koffice (lib kofficecore): ERROR: Couldn't find the native MimeType in kword's desktop file. Check your installation !

by Nicolas Goutte (not verified)

You could look in the archives of koffice and koffice-devel mailing lists: http://lists.kde.org

It seems that we start to understand what the problem is that it would be fixed in KOffice CVS HEAD (but not much protable back, as it is a too intrusive change.)

Have a nice day!

by ac (not verified)

Seems to be out RSN...
Can anyone give "us the crowd" a hint when it will come out...

by another ac (not verified)

You don't need a hint - there's a public release plan.


For those too lazy to copy/paste the link above, the release date is the 2nd of Febuary (of course, it might change between now and then but let's hope not :)

by Max Howell (not verified)

The girl constantly moans about me forcing OpenOffice on her (well it's not forced, she can buy her own computer with MS Office if she likes, or Crossover even ;-).

Having just tried out new KWord I have high hopes she'll not be moaning anymore. I love the default simple look and the fact that it has all the functions she (and I) need for general word-processing.

Looking forward to trying out the rest of the suite.

ps any way to set it to save to OOo format by default?

by a.c. (not verified)

>Having just tried out new KWord I have high hopes she'll not be moaning anymore.

hummm, I will probably be shot for this (was off at /. recently), but are you sure that is what you wish to do? :)

by Max Howell (not verified)

heh, ;-)

KOffice - ruins life in the bedroom.

by Nicolas Goutte (not verified)

No, there is not a way to use OO file formats as default.

I would not even recommend to always save as OOWriter in KWord, as for example table support is missing.

(saving in RTF would be better but there OOWriter has some known problems.)

Have a nice day!

by OI (not verified)

Tried the KOffice 1.3 beta on mandrake 9.2
Really promising stuff guys.

by Jeremy (not verified)

Boolean is really nice to have when you are making big Truth tables. Open Office does Boolean very well, and all you need to do is set the atomic trith values, then assign the formulas to the other columbs and boom, you get a truth table in 5 minutes....got to love that.

please kspread folks...get the boolean cell format in soon so I can use koffice!!!

by Lukas Tinkl (not verified)

You know how to use zero's and one's and eventually format them to display strings 'True' and 'False', right? :)

by ac (not verified)

Not wanting to troll, but:

OpenOffice is cross platform.
KOffice is not cross platform.

How can KOffice compete if it works on only some desktops?

by Joergen Ramskov (not verified)

How cross platform is MS Office? ;)

AFAIK, KOffice will make the OO.o document format the default format and they say it can already import and export to it (don't know if it's complete?). If they are using the same document format, it doesn't matter that much what office suite you're using.

Another pretty interesting new feature is this: "Also new is the ability to import PDF files into KWord and make changes to the document."

I'm not aware of any other Office suite that can do that?

> Another pretty interesting new feature is this: "Also new is the ability to import PDF files into KWord and make changes to the document."

That must be the best feature of the year among all possible word processors.

by Joergen Ramskov (not verified)

Sounds like it's not quite ready yet:

by raphael (not verified)

depends on how you see it; KOffice was recently ported to MAC ... and KDE works on Cygwin, so I guess KOffice works in Cygwin also (?)
This makes KOffice work on: Linux, MAC and Windows. KDE also works on Solaris - so now you have it everywhere where OpenOffice.org runs. And KDE also runs on some other UNIX systems AFAIK. Seen this way you have KOffice running on more platforms than OOo.


by James Richard Tyrer (not verified)

Does anyone know if KOffice will run directly on Windows using U/WIN?


by JohnFlux (not verified)

Openoffice is not integrated into the desktop, it has to create its own widget set, and can't reuse kde components.
KOffice is and can.

How can OpenOffice compete if it has to redo everything poorly?

by Derek Kite (not verified)

By being better technology?

Let me ask a question. Can you use OOWriter as a part in your application? Easily?

You can use the various KOffice components in applications you build. KWord, KChart, etc. They are designed that way. The KDE framework is designed for that sort of thing. Just look at the huge numbers of vertical apps available for windows, and you see the advantage of a component based architecture.

Using KWord as a word processor under another desktop environment gives you a nice word processor. Within KDE, it becomes a very powerful component of a very powerful desktop.


by Laura (not verified)

Oh dear.. I keep getting this:
"checking for KDE... configure: error:
in the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE headers installed. This will fail.
So, check this please and use another prefix!"

I'm using this:
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/kde --libdir=/usr/lib/kde3

Which is where my kde installation is, and the location of the kde3 libraries.. what am I doing wrong?

Laura. Having blonde moments again.

by duderonomy (not verified)

Did you install from binary packages like rpm's? If so, perhaps need to install the development packages as well.

If you have already installed these (or installed from source), the only thing I can think of is how odd it is that kde is in /usr/local and the kde libs are in /usr/lib instead of /usr/local/lib. Then again, that may be normal. I wouldn't know since I put kde in /opt. :)

by Nicolas Goutte (not verified)

Check your $KDEDIR and $KDEDIRS environment variables.

(However it could be other problems too.)

Have a nice day!

by Maynard (not verified)

Is thre any place I can find an up to date list of all the worksheet functions Kspread supports right now. I think their site is more a marketing thing than something really informative. This type of info should be there.

The source data include project schedule, CVS commit info, bug database, and billing data. From these it would be nice to create presentations and web-pages. There are three somewhat different presentation audiences, short $/hour-oriented executive summary for senior management, schedule-oriented presentation for the customer, and gory details for project team meetings. The presentation material should be put to intranet and extranet for archiving purposes and to benefit the people not present in the meetings.

The obvious solution could be Perl/Python scripts generating the KPres/KWord XML and HTML (PHP?) files. In the more indirect solution the scripts call the KPart functions or DCOP.

Would this be possible in near future?

by God Level (not verified)

Huups? No paint program?

So I will have to use Tuxpaint?