OSNews.com: KDE 3.3 Beta 1 Experiences

OSnews.com features a "non-typical" review of KDE 3.3 Beta 1. It contains the observations of what the user Osho GG saw when he updated from KDE 3.2.3 to KDE 3.3 Beta 1. The story examines the central parts of KDE and some major applications.

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by Anonymous Coward (not verified)

This is the 10000000st review wishing that Plastik were the default style. It's really sad that there is a small but powerful group of core developers that is preventing this from happening. I wish there would be a public vote on this.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Core developers? More likely the documentation writers/translators.

by Markus Büchele (not verified)

There is a saying: There is no fighting about taste (or so - sorry, I am not a native English speaker). The original version goes like that: DEGVSTIBVSNONESTDISPVTANDVM ;-)

This is why I would like to thank the responsible people for staying with Keramik which I do appreciate very much. I like its colours and its liveliness. I like the frames that grow around the active window.

By the way, if I remember well, wasn't there quite a hype when the first versions of Keramik were released?


by anon (not verified)

> By the way, if I remember well, wasn't there quite a hype when the first versions of Keramik were released?

Yeah, but then we realized it sucked for daily usage. It's the bulkyness factor. It's one of those styles that you either love or hate. That's not a good trait of a default style.

by ac (not verified)

I guess I don't understand the problem with Keramik. I don't know what is meant by "bulky". To me Keramik is simple, unobtrusive, inoffensive, and boring. Plastik is a little more distracting/flashy for my tastes, which is why I like Keramik better.

To me, the job of a desktop environment is to step back and let the user run the apps in a productive manner. Keramik seems to do the job better than any other theme I've tried so far. IMO boring and simple SHOULD be the default--it's business-friendly. If people like a little visual clutter they can change it.

Everyone seems to say Keramik is ugly as if it doesn't need explaining. I for one would like a tactful discussion of its shortcomings, because I can't think of any myself.

by banjo (not verified)

I see Keramik as being obtrustive, distracting, and too exciting (in a bad way). Just look at scroll bars and menus. They're all huge and 3D-ish. I never saw it as being a very nice first impression.

Plastik, however, is very subtle and sleek, in my opinion.

by AC (not verified)

> To me Keramik is simple, unobtrusive, inoffensive, and boring. Plastik is a little more distracting/flashy for my tastes, which is why I like Keramik better.

You seem to be opposite from 90% of people. We find Plastik to be simple and inoffensive, while Keramik is flashy and "heavy".

I for one like thinkeramik. Between plastik and keramik, plastik is better by a great deal.

by ac (not verified)

Maybe I need to look at Plastik again. I recall it being pretty much a Luna rip-off, and Luna is pretty much the worst theme I've ever seen. Maybe I'm remembering the wrong one, or maybe it's improved. I'll give it another go, but frankly I don't see Keramik's pseudo-3d effects as any worse than the overused gradients elsewhere.

Then again, I still can't get used to the close button not being in the upper left corner, a decade or so after it migrated to the upper right corner. Sure KDE allows me to change this (for which I am extremely thankful) but I can't understand the advantage of moving it in the first place.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Maybe you need to check style names before continuing to post. Keramik is the Luna rip-off.

by Luciano (not verified)

Wasn't it meant to be an "Aqua" ripoff?
Whatever - I prefer it to the dull Plastik. At least widgets are clearly visible. With Plastik, I everything seems surrounded by fog.

by Lee (not verified)

Sounds like your monitor is set too bright or something... ;)

by ac (not verified)

Just checked and Plastik is indeed the Luna rip-off. Keramik is the Aqua/"Windows Classic" fusion rip-off. I'm glad you were so polite about this, but I do wish you had been less wrong.

Anyway, just checked out ThinKeramik and it is indeed very nice and low-profile. Perhaps a new favorite, I'll have to try it out for a while. But no, upon second glance, Plastik is just as bad as I remember.

by John Upper Left... (not verified)

I couldn't agree more with the close button on the upper left. The important bit is that the close button shouldn't be grouped with minimize and restore/maximize to avoid accidently closing a window.

by Joe Schmoe (not verified)

I do the exact opposite. I put the minimize on the upper left, so my most used functions are the top corners.

by Xanadu (not verified)

Are you talking about the widgets or the Win-decos? Personally I hate the Plastik win-decos, I use ThinKeramik for that and use Plastik for widgets. (ThinKeramik with the title bubble on small) *THAT*, IMHO, is the best combination. I just thought I'd ask / voice my opinion.


by anon (not verified)

Most of the core developers *want* a move to plastik. However, it's simply *impractical* to do in KDE 3.3, because of documentation. Distros that change the default away from keramik on their own (which uh at least, Mandrake, SUSE, Xandros have done within the last year), have the resources to regenerate hundreds of screenshots in their own documentation. We don't until KDE 4.0.

by Norberto (not verified)

We -users- could help with the screenshots :)

I mean, ask 4/5 users of any language to take screenshots at 800x600 (or 1024x768) in a given color-scheme, submit them to webmasters and voila! Problem solved.

What are we waiting for?

by ac (not verified)

We are waiting for kde 4.
It is not a good idea to keep shifting the look and feel of a desktop within minor release version.
Minor versions releases should be cosistent.
As said; it is quite easy to change the default style to something else, and so,e distro`s have done that already.

So, what is the problem?

by cm (not verified)

> Minor versions releases should be cosistent.

Only small things like speeling errors can be fixed.

SCNR ;-)

by Oliver Stieber (not verified)

Can't you use dcop to script all the screen shots? It would make a lot of sense, and make sure all screen shorts were upto date.

by Nicolas Goutte (not verified)

Contact your I18N team:
I am sure that many would not mind getting some help.

Have a nice day!

by Lee (not verified)

I would suggest development of some script to generate the required shots in whatever theme you want. Makes no sense to manually create screenshots for something that changes programmatically.

by Nicolas Goutte (not verified)

You would still have 1000s of screenshots to do, to *verify* and to put in the corresponding documentation. (And the same for each translation.)

Have a nice day!

by John Consistenc... (not verified)

If having the default style in the documentation screenshots is so important, isn't it even more important that applications are also up to date? That said I agree that changing theme all the time is not that good of a good policy.

by AC (not verified)

If most of the major distros don't use keramik anyways, does it really matter what style the docs are in?

by Mikhail Capone (not verified)

Well, I guess it's about putting your best foot forward. Especially for potential new users.

by David (not verified)

Plastik needs improvement, and a lot of TLC. KDE 4.0 and onwards will be a big thing, with new screenshots needing to be done, and this will be the correct time. KDE can't change its default theme every other minute.

by AC (not verified)

> Plastik needs improvement, and a lot of TLC

I agree. I'd like to see Plastik fix the ages old "little dots in the corner of kicker" bug, as well as tone down the gradients *slightly*. Other than that, even it's current state, it's better than keramik. I however, agree, that KDE 4.0 is the best time to make the change from keramik to whatever should replace it, plastik or not.

by tomislav (not verified)

Keramic was my love on the first glance. But Plastic is now my true love (although it could have tinier window bar IMHO). I don't see a real problem. Changing the theme is only couple of clicks... I don't understand the fuss about that...

by Slartibartfast (not verified)

I agree. Plastik is very nice, but the windec is slightly too "fat" for my liking.

by Bad Mood Bitch (not verified)

"Keramic was my love on the first glance. But Plastic is now my true love."

Men! All pigs!

by that guiser (not verified)

exactly what I was thinking. better not mention that I am on the other side, too. *fg
(you are not hetero, are you? scnr..)

by Erik Hensema (not verified)

The window bar scales automatically with the font you use. Simply choose a smaller font, and the title bar will become smaller.

(note: I don't have a clue what the default font for the title bar is, I have upgraded my KDE from 3.0 to 3.3b1 (in small steps ;-))).

by Fast_Rizwaan (not verified)

Plastik is like Luna theme with Gradient effect removed. Why don't you have gradient effect for plastik, that would of course look good. Indeed that looks.

C'mon, be brave, accept that "Plastik = Luna - Gradients". Because you don't like Windows XP, that doesn't mean you deny everything...

Plastik looks bugger all like Luna. I can use Plastik - I can't use Luna.

by Mikhail Capone (not verified)

Agreed. It's a similar design, but the implementation is better and more usable. I can't wait until Plastik is the default theme and they drop the ugly metallic gradient in the kicker.

by uniqueuser (not verified)

The only problems with Plastik is there is no AA for the curves (or it's just the curves) and the button mouseover makes me want to puke green vomit.

by Ian Monroe (not verified)

I don't like Keramik's window decoration, but I do rather like its widgets. The Glow window decoration is great, I certainly prefer it over Plastik. Don't know if it should be the default though, as it does in fact glow.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Glow needs to support the menu button.

by John WinDecor A... (not verified)

Yes, that is also true, the plastik win decor sucks :-/

by Damon Lynch (not verified)

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by TimLinux (not verified)


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by Lee (not verified)

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by Andras Mantia (not verified)

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by Eric Laffoon (not verified)

Hey, I'll admit I was a little surprised to find this post here, but I sure appreciate Damon's heart for helping out. What can I say? I was personally astonished how much of this article talkback is consumed by the discussion of styles, which I think is pretty superficial, but I'm not going to be critical of that. ;-)

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by ZennouRyuu (not verified)

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by Mikhail Capone (not verified)

What I'd really appreciate are pagers like in XFCE; you can drag windows from one pager desktop to the other.

It's much more efficient than right click -> to desktop -> desktop #

It'd add polish.

Unless someone can tell me that they are working on it, I suppose that I'll go look to add a wish on bugs.kde.org

by Alex (not verified)

kpager can do this

by Mikhail Capone (not verified)

So I just discovered, but it's still not what I'm looking for since it can't be integrated with the kicker (I don't use that function quite often enough to leave kpager laying around, taking real estate).

Anybody else interested in the issue should check out (and vote):



by Anonymous (not verified)